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    1. The architect of Berlin's new main train station won a lawsuit against Deutsche Bahn AG in a court decision that forces the German s tate - owned rail company to replace the building's ceiling with his original design. Architect Meinhard von Gerkan sued Deutsche Bahn for distorting his plan by exchanging his ceiling, designed to resemble a cathedral's nave, for one made of flat metal des igned by another architect. German copyright rules protect the integrity of work by artists and architects.
    2. In his ruling, judge Edmundo Rodríguez Achútegui recognized that Calatrava’s rights as author of the bridge had been infringed, but he ruled that the public utility of the addition took precedence over this private right. “In addition to constituting a singular artistic creation suitable for protection, the work is public one, offering a service to the citizens, and thus satisfies a public interest,” he said. “If we weigh these interests, the public must prevail over the private.

      This seems like a much more reasonable ruling than the one in the Deutsche Bahn case.