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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Many linguistics books have used Genie's case study as an example to illustrate principles of language acquisition, frequently citing it as support of Chomsky's hypothesis of language being innate to humans and of a modified version of Lenneberg's critical period hypothesis, and her work with Genie provided the impetus for several additional case studies.
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    1. Noam Chomsky

      Political dissident and linguist extraordinaire. His Wikipedia page is here.

    1. Iwasbeingsarcastic.Yeah.WhatIwastalkingabout,yeah,notonlysarcas·tic,butalsowrong

      Seen just here in this video.

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    1. Noam Chomsky: One of the most appropriate comments I’ve seen on Trump’s foreign policy appeared in an article in The New Republic written by David Roth, the editor of a sports blog: “The spectacle of expert analysts and thought leaders parsing the actions of a man with no expertise or capacity for analysis is the purest acid satire — but less because of how badly that expert analysis has failed than because of how sincerely misplaced it is … there is nothing here to parse, no hidden meanings or tactical elisions or slow-rolled strategic campaign.” That seems generally accurate. This is a man, after all, who dismisses the information and analyses of his massive intelligence system in favor of what was said this morning on “Fox and Friends,” where everyone tells him how much they love him. With all due skepticism about the quality of intelligence, this is sheer madness considering the stakes.
  7. Apr 2019
    1. April 15, the day when you pay your taxes, gives you a good index of how democracy is functioning. If democracy were functioning effectively, April 15 would be a day of celebration. That’s a day on which we get together to contribute to implementing the policies that we’ve decided on. That’s what April 15 ought to be. Here it’s a day of mourning. This alien force is coming to steal your hard-earned money from you. That indicates an extreme contempt for democracy. And it’s natural that a business-run society and doctrinal system should try to inculcate that belief.
    1. He watched an hour-long lecture by Dr. Joy DeGruy on what she called “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” He listened to the work of Tim Wise, an activist who speaks on college campuses and with corporations on fighting racism. He watched Morgan Freeman’s National Geographic series, The Story of Us. He watched Noam Chomsky’s documentary on American wealth distribution, Requiem for the American Dream. He watched Ava DuVernay’s examination of incarceration, the Netflix documentary, 13th. “13th turned the light bulb on,” Stills says.

      This is lovely to read. Kenny Stills, American-football player, finds his viewing and reading material.

      Everybody should see "Requiem for the American Dream", available on Netflix.

  8. May 2017
    1. This is a technological solution for a technological problem, and it comes forth from a desire for mastery

      Sounds a bit like Foucault and Chomsky; using our current notions of justice to create an ideal society (or whatever they were yapping on about), fighting fire with fire

  9. Apr 2017
    1. It is the view of the anti-rhetoricians that this double task of inner and outer regulation can be accomplished by linguistic reform, by the institu-tion of conditions of communication that at once protect discourse from the irrelevancies and con-tingencies that would compromise its universal-ity and insulate the discoursing mind from those contingencies and irrelevancies it itself harbors

      Again, all I hear is Foucault warning Chomsky about danger!

    2. model of language abstracted from any particular performance, or in the project of Es-peranto or some other artificial language claim-ing universality,6 or in the fashioning of a Haber-masian "ideal speech situation" in which all assertions express "a 'rational will' in relation to a common interest ascertained without decep-tion,"1

      Sounds a bit like the Chomsky Foucault debate, using our language to create a language that is somehow above, or superior to our current method.

  10. Jan 2017
    1. man, in his animal ca• pacity, is furnished, like all other animals, by na-ture herself, with a language which requires neither study, art, nor imitation;

      This line of thinking seems like it'd have a lot of resonance with things like Chomsky's notion of Universal Grammar, but Sheridan's argument that this language needs to be refined through educating the nobler faculties would also have some interesting historical opposition. This is contemporary with Rousseau's Emile, which is basically the opposite of this.

  11. Apr 2016
    1. And now here I am defending Chomsky. Strange.

      Strange indeed, considering how Chomsky 2014 wasn’t defending the Chomsky of Syntactic Structures.