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    1. Hospitalists are often referred to as the quarterbacks of the hospital. But even the best QB needs a good team to succeed. For HMGs, that roster increasingly includes nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs).
    2. “Any time when nurse practitioners and other providers get together, there is always this challenge of professions,” he says. “You’re doing this or you’re doing that, and once you get people who understand what the capabilities are past the title name and what you can do, it’s just amazing.”
    3. Recent State of Hospital Medicine surveys showed that 83% of hospitalist groups are utilizing NPs and PAs, and SHM earlier this year added Tracy Cardin, ACNP-BC, SFHM, as its first non-physician voting board member
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    1. Sir William Lucas himself appeared, sent by his daughter to announce her engagement to the family.

      The tradition of a daughter being married well off, is such an event that Sir Williams came over to the Bennets just to declare the news. This is significant because according to Sparacus Educational, there was "the idea was that upper and middle class women had to stay dependent on a man: first as a daughter and later as a wife". Sir William Lucas is now free from the burden of providing for Charlotte, and has passed on the responsibility of caring for her to Mr. Collins. His excitement of the engagement isn't to boast getting rid of her, however, but his relief that his daughter will be sheltered and taken cared of when he's dead and no longer can (especially since Charlotte was already growing old and not described as pretty, which made people assume her fate was doomed).

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    1. and what chains them to their present state of barbarism & wretchedness, but a besotted veneration for the supposed supe[r]lative wisdom of their fathers and the preposterous idea that they are to look backward for better things and not forward, longing, as it should seem, to return to the days of eating acorns and roots rather than indulge in the degeneracies of civilization.

      This can be considered to be quite an insulting progression of thoughts. The founders classify the indigenous populations as barbaric and wretched, deeming their conservative methods and practices preposterous. This leads me to question how much the founders valued respecting others' cultures and traditions; it seems as if they jump to conclusions without properly understanding or appreciating the indigenous population as a collective society.

      It's also quite ironic that the founders ridicule the indigenous populations for respecting and looking to their fathers for advice and knowledge, yet, expect future members of the University of Virginia community to consult this document for guidance.

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    1. The ability of story (prose and poetry) to trans-form the storyteller and the listener into some-thing or someone else is shamanistic

      I think this section is interesting in merging tradition and change. She celebrates language as offering the potential for liberation from a tradition of silence, but language is also a means of preserving her cultural heritage, such as the traditional figure of the nahual. This interest in both change and preserving tradition seems to result from the intersections of her sexuality, gender and ethnicity. There's a similar interest in tradition and change in Nervous Conditions, so I wonder if this is a common theme in postcolonial literature and theory. I don't think we've seen this shared interest in tradition and change in our previous readings.

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    1. When it is crowded, they don't complain, but customers often choose to stand in the aisles and on the steps when there is other space available.

      Regardless of the fact that other space is available, they chose to occupy an area of the bar that has some sort of significance to them personally or with the crowd they typically go to the bar with

    1. This research has been important in breaking down conceptual boundaries between tradi- tional disciplinary approaches to the built environmen

      Example that challenging tradition can be a good thing