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  1. May 2019
    1. gentlemanlike manner.

      "A man of birth; a man of extraction, though not noble; between the gentlemen and the peasants" (Johnson)

    2. retrospections

      "A survey or review of past acts or events, esp. with reference to a particular subject or sphere" (OED).

    3. her return through London, and there relate her journey to Longbourn

      Journey from London to Longbourn:

      • Longbourn is an estate in Herfordshire
      • Hertfordshire is a county in England, United Kingdom
      • earlier it is stated that Longbourn is near the state near the town of Meryton
      • Meryton is an imaginary town in the novel.
      • Netherfield is a real town that is nearby.
    4. abhorrence

      "detestation, hatred, repugnance. Also: a feeling of repugnance or loathing" (OED).

    5. philosophy.

      "In extended use: a set of opinions or ideas held by an individual or group; a theory or attitude which acts as a guiding principle for behaviour; an outlook or world view" (OED).

    6. scruple

      "A thought or circumstance that troubles the mind or conscience; a doubt, uncertainty or hesitation in regard to right and wrong, duty, propriety, etc.; esp. one which is regarded as over-refined or over-nice, or which causes a person to hesitate where others would be bolder to act. Often, scruple of conscience" (OED).

    7. annexed

      "Added, attached, or appended as subordinate or supplementary; subjoined; rendered subject" (OED).

  2. Apr 2018
    1. Mr. Collins was only a clergyman

      Being a clergymen as a living meant a guaranteed income and home for the lifetime of the clergyman lucky enough to be appointed to one. Since the incumbent did not receive a wage or sully his hands with works per se, it was considered a gentlemanly profession and many younger sons of gentlemen pursued the church as their career."

      (Grace, Maria. Vicars, Curates, and Church Livings. Random Bits of Fascination. Web.)

    2. Why should he have it more than anybody else?”

      Until the the Married Women's Property Act of 1882, women could not have this privilege—and even then, you had to be married and have your husband's name! Mrs. Bennet has every right to fear the possibility that Charlotte and Mr. Collins could threaten the Bennet family and kick them out of their home.

    3. Day after day passed away without bringing any other tidings of him than the report which shortly prevailed in Meryton of his coming no more to Netherfield the whole winter

      According to and article titled Courting the Victorian Women, "Courtship was considered more a career move than a romantic interlude for young men, as all of a woman's property reverted to him upon marriage". Mr. Bingley traveling is discussed as everyone's business, and "reports" are updated of his whereabouts. It's not that the town where the Bennet's live is gossipy, but rather so many young women are hoping to marry Mr. Bingley and wait for the opportunity to run into him conveniently, or can know how many times he has gone to see Jane Bennet etc.

    4. impertinence

      n. "unmannerly intrusion or presumption; insolence" (OED)

    5. Sir William Lucas himself appeared, sent by his daughter to announce her engagement to the family.

      The tradition of a daughter being married well off, is such an event that Sir Williams came over to the Bennets just to declare the news. This is significant because according to Sparacus Educational, there was "the idea was that upper and middle class women had to stay dependent on a man: first as a daughter and later as a wife". Sir William Lucas is now free from the burden of providing for Charlotte, and has passed on the responsibility of caring for her to Mr. Collins. His excitement of the engagement isn't to boast getting rid of her, however, but his relief that his daughter will be sheltered and taken cared of when he's dead and no longer can (especially since Charlotte was already growing old and not described as pretty, which made people assume her fate was doomed).