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  1. Jan 2021
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  3. Dec 2019
    1. I always seem to know what I don't want to do, even if I persist with it for some time, but have never been able to work out what I do want.

      You may be better off for this. I feel like I'm in much the same situation Colin, but I've had the misfortune of knowing what I wanted to do in my 20's, having a reasonable start at it and then later changed paths. I think it feels worse knowing how the other part felt and not being able to regain that with a new path/career.

    2. For some time I have wrestled with the notion that I am not where I should be, indeed that I am not where society expects I should be. I try not to let age define me but frequently find it hard to escape the nagging feeling that I should have done more, been more successful, achieved promotions and had a career rather than a series of jobs.

      You're not the only one. It's compounded further having had our parent's generation before us where one could have had a 50+ year career at the same company. Now, no one stays at the same company for more than 3 years and typically has 3 or more careers in a lifetime instead of one.

      I wonder if it will be better for the generations after us who grow up with that as the norm?

  4. Apr 2018
    1. Mr. Collins was only a clergyman

      Being a clergymen as a living meant a guaranteed income and home for the lifetime of the clergyman lucky enough to be appointed to one. Since the incumbent did not receive a wage or sully his hands with works per se, it was considered a gentlemanly profession and many younger sons of gentlemen pursued the church as their career."

      (Grace, Maria. Vicars, Curates, and Church Livings. Random Bits of Fascination. Web.)

  5. Jun 2016
    1. fully 65 percent of today’s grade-school kids may end up doing work that hasn’t been invented yet.

      This isn't breaking news. I'm currently doing a job that wasn't "invented" when i was in grade school

  6. Dec 2015
    1. Imagine if we could actively facilitate conversations between college-bound high school students and professionals in the fields in which they believe they want to enter. Wouldn’t this have the potential to dramatically increase a student’s understanding of the industry before they commit an exorbitant amount of time and money towards it?
    1. The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at University of Mary Washington is hiring an Online Learning and LMS Specialist.

      We are looking for an innovative, pedagogically-engaged individual who will collaborate with faculty to harness the potential of our current LMS, Canvas, in online and hybrid learning environments. We are especially interested in someone that can think with and beyond the LMS, helping UMW explore ethical approaches to online learning and intersections between Canvas and the Domain of One’s Own initiative spearheaded by DTLT.

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