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  1. Oct 2018
    1. We have also begun developing an instrument to assess organizations' readiness to adopt Agile and DevOps. We would welcome opportunities to pilot this assessment instrument with your organization.

      How do we get involved in the pilot?

  2. Jan 2018
    1. There is only one codebase per app, but there will be many deploys of the app

      Typically Terraform violates the spirit of this principle. Though each deploy may be defined (typically as an environment) in the same repo, the codebase is different. We work around this making heavy use of modules to limit divergence between deploys.

  3. Oct 2017
  4. Feb 2017
  5. Jan 2014
    1. Is it because ops care deeply about systems while devs consider them a tool or implementation detail?

      What is the divide?

    2. When I look at the DevOps “community” today, what I generally see is a near-total lack of overlap between people who started on the dev side and on the ops side.

      I see this same near-total lack of overlap. There is a different language, mindset, and approach.