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    1. micro9laments

      Microfilaments are also known as actin filaments; which, are protein filaments that are within the cytoplasm that form part of the cytoskeleton of an Eukaryotic Cell. They help in the process of cell movement via the actin working with another protein myosin that create muscle movements, cytoplasmic streaming, and cell division.

    1. In this way they have come to dominate what I call “the division of learning in society”, which is now the central organising principle of the 21st-century social order, just as the division of labour was the key organising principle of society in the industrial age.
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    1. The idea is that a divisor table is used to partition a dividend table and produce a quotient or results table.  The quotient table is made up of those values of one column for which a second column had all of the values in the divisor.
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    1. strume11ts

      New apparatuses with which to see and understand the world differently than did the Ancients.

      The connection to Barad becomes even more apparent below when Vico calls "critique" an instrument.

      Another instrument that Vico uses/alludes to is the act of classification ("set up a distinction," "the orderly reduction of systematic rules").

    1. correctness in pronunciation. as in diction and usage. is not an absolute. Language standards arc the property of the ruling class; thus the diction, usage. and pronuncia• lion of the power centers of capital cities tend to be the standards for a national Ian· guagc.

      This division of pronunciation and usage is particularly visible in terms of class. Mispronounced words are often frowned upon, but all this means is that the person learned this word by reading, rather than having the opportunity of hearing someone say it first.

    2. self-evident truths by careful division,

      This reminds me of Siegert's notion of creating barriers and categories ("cuts").

  11. Jan 2019
    1. humans, animals, and machines so intimately that it makesvery little sense to attempt to distinguish among these three categories

      There persists a need to categorize, classify, divide, arrange...

      This need was mentioned in the NOVA documentary, where people so often wish to fit findings into neat little categories only to find that there are often overlaps that muddy the water (or 'braided stream', if you prefer).

    1. writing about oneself appears clearly in its relationship of complementarity with reclusion

      Ong argues that writing in general (not just self-reflective writing) is isolating. In his "Writing Is a Technology that Restructures Thought," he says, "Writing is diaeretic. It divides and distances, and it divides and distances all sorts of things in all sorts of ways," one of which is the way the writer becomes reclusive and divided from the world when caught up in the act of thinking and writing.

  12. Nov 2018
    1. “If we can’t build what I think of as a pyramid of care with one doctor and many, many other people supporting a broad group of patients, I don’t think we’re going to be able to find the scale to take care of the aging population that’s coming at us,” she says. Caring for patients once they are discharged means including home nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, dietitians, hired caregivers, and others in the process, Dr. Gorman says. But that doesn’t mean overburdening the wrong people with the wrong tasks. The same way no one would think to allow a social worker to prescribe medication is the same way that a hospitalist shouldn’t be the one checking up on a patient to make sure there is food in that person’s fridge. And while the hospitalist can work in concert with others and run many things from the hospital, maybe hospital-based physicians aren’t always the best physicians for the task. “There are certain things that only the doctor can do, of course, but there are a lot more things that somebody else can do,” Dr. Gorman says, adding, “some of the times, you’re going to need the physician, it’s going to be escalated to a medication change, but sometimes maybe you need to escalate to a dietary visit or you need to escalate to three physical therapy visits. “The nitty-gritty of taking care of people outside of the hospital is so complex and problematic, and most of the solutions are not really medical, but you need the medical part of the dynamic. So rather [than a hospitalist running cases], it’s a super-talented social worker, nurse, or physical therapist. I don’t know, but somebody who can make sure that all of that works and it’s a process that can be leveraged.” Whoever it is, the gravitation beyond the walls of the hospital has been tied to a growing sea change in how healthcare will compensate providers. Medicare has been migrating from fee-for-service to payments based on the totality of care for decades. The names change, of course. In the early 1980s, it was an “inpatient prospective payment system.”
    1. on research and clinician-educators concentrating onclinical work and teaching. And the clinician-educa-tors may branch again, with some focusing on out-patients and others on inpatients. We also believethat the relation between quality and volume inthe performance of procedures may lead to anotherschism between medical specialists who primarily per-form procedures and those who do not
    2. Given the parallel pressurefor funding research,32 one can envision fewer triplethreats in the future, with researchers concentrating
  13. Jul 2017
    1. he labour power of a class of landless labourers -the proletariat

      This better defines the division of labors. People are divided by classes based on the number of properties they own.

    2. All non-communist modes have in common the production of goods by means of the domination and exploitation of one class by anot

      This establishes the division of labor, since there's always the dominant class and the subordinate class in society. One class force exploitation on another class.

    3. divisionoflabour

      The distribution of peoples' labor in the productive process. Organization depends on tasks, skill sets of laborers, and available means of production.

    1. Division of Labor

      This is a key component of capitalism that is unfavorable. Marx thinks this makes people estranged from the products they create and estranged from the process of production, thus causing the workers to no longer feeling associated with their labor. This also causes people to be less skilled, and not able to create whole products which thus makes them dependent on others. This can be connected as a mechanism of social control.

  14. Apr 2017
    1. eliberatelyandunavoidablystagestheincision,thecut,theintro-ductionofadifferencingzone,astructureofdifferancethatinbeingdividedmakesmeaningpossible

      More violent language, and the violent division which allows for creativity/meaning, as described by Anzaldua.

  15. Jun 2016
    1. day’sbiomedical journal article is the progeny of occasionallymassive collaborations, the individual members of whichmay have minimal involvement in the fashioning of theliterary end-product itself, with the act of writing beingdelegated to a subgroup or designated spokespersons. I

      the division of labour in a typical biomedical journal

  16. Feb 2016
    1. Y así las cosas, luego se disparó un cañón: como que se confundió todo. Se corría sin rumbo, se dispersaba la gente sin ton ni son, se desbandaban, como si los persiguieran de prisa.

      Los indígenas se dividían ante una amenaza.

    2. Pero los de Tlaxcala ha tiempo están en guerra, ven con enojo, ven con mala alma, están en disgusto, se les arde el alma contra los de Cholula.

      Quizás si no había esta animosidad y división entre Tlaxcala y Cholula, los dos grupos pudieran juntarse contra los españoles y vencerlos.

    3. Los dividieron en bandas, hubo división de grupos

      La división de las comunidades indígenas fue una estrategia militar de los españoles; dividir y vencer.

  17. Jan 2014
    1. When I look at the DevOps “community” today, what I generally see is a near-total lack of overlap between people who started on the dev side and on the ops side.

      I see this same near-total lack of overlap. There is a different language, mindset, and approach.

  18. Nov 2013
    1. confused dialectic itself with rhetoric, since in-vention, arrangement, and memory belong to di-alectic and only style and delivery to rhetoric.

      an interesting division