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  1. Dec 2021
    1. Healthcare Cloud Computing: Meaning, Advantages, and Implementation Pitfalls

      Check this article by Cleveroad to learn more about healthcare cloud computing.

  2. Oct 2021
  3. Jan 2021
    1. DevOps Services

      If you want to find DevOps consulting services, I suggest you checking Cleveroad.

  4. Nov 2020
    1. A Comprehensive Guide on the Dedicated Team Model: Explaining the Concept, Advantages, and Pitfalls

      Take a look at this detailed article by Cleveroad explaining what is dedicated team model.

    1. How to Choose a Technology Stack For Web Applications: Tips To Follow

      It is difficult to underestimate the impact of a properly chosen web tech stack on the project's general success. Read this article to learn how to choose a web development stack.

  5. Oct 2020
    1. How To Create A Robust And Legally Compliant Peer-to-Peer Payment App

      Useful post by Cleveroad on how to build a P2P payment app.

    1. Technical Co-Founder Equity: How Much to Give to Your Tech Partner?

      Read this article to learn everything technical co-founder equity.

    1. How to Find a Technical Co-Founder in 2020: Platforms, Hints, and Alternatives

      Read this article by Cleveroad to learn how to find a technical cofounder for a startup.

  6. Sep 2020
    1. Useful Tips And Ground Rules To Build Your Online Mentoring Platform

      Take a look at this guide by Cleveroad to learn how to build online mentoring platform.

    1. How to Create a Video Chat App: Explaining Features, Monetization, and Technologies

      Check this article by Cleveroad to learn how to create a video chat app.

    1. A Comprehensive Guide To Build Mobile Wallet App And Make It Highly Secure

      This article by Cleveroad will explain how to develop mobile wallet app and what advantages it will bring to your business.

    1. Mobile App Design Process: How We Build UI And UX

      Check this blog post by Cleveroad if you're wondering how to make app design.

    1. The Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry: Benefits and Use Cases

      Check this blog post by Cleveroad to find out all the details of how IoT is changing the healthcare industry.

    1. Medical Software Development: Benefits and Implementation Strategy

      Read this guide by Cleveroad to learn more about medical software development.

  7. Aug 2020
    1. Mobile App Design Cost: What’s the Price of UI/UX Design?

      Read this informative article by Cleveroad to know the price of UI/UX design.

    1. How to Create an Online Casino Website: Challenges and Must-Have Features

      This guide by Cleveroad will help you learn more about casino web development.

    1. How to Build a Food Delivery Website: Business Models, Features, and Cost

      Read this guide by Cleveroad to learn how to create a food delivery website.

    1. Explaining On-Demand Service Apps: Types, MVP Features, And Things to Consider

      Read this guide by Cleveroad to learn how to create on demand app.

  8. Jul 2020
    1. Cost of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

      Find out the cost of outsourcing mobile app development by reading this useful guide by Cleveroad.

    1. How to Find Programmers For a Startup and a Company

      Learn how to find programmers by reading this article.

  9. Jun 2020

      Get in contact with company if you're looking for iOS app development company.

  10. May 2020
  11. Apr 2020
  12. Feb 2020
    1. How Much Does It Cost to Build an Online Marketplace? [Full Estimate]

      For anyone who wants to know the cost of building a marketplace website, this guide shows the price feature-by-feature and the total cost across different regions.

  13. Jan 2020
  14. Dec 2019
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  16. Oct 2019
    1. In this post, I’m going to guide you through peculiarities of real estate web development and give you useful real estate website tips focused on the increase of conversions.
    1. There are many dependable software developers in the world. They can build software of any complexity keeping up with quality standards. And today, we will cover top developers in Norway, which are excellent and reliable professionals.
    1. choosing a software development company becomes a real challenge. Especially when you’re putting lots of money, time and effort into the project and want a qualified team to take care of it. That’s why we’ve made a guide explaining how to choose a software vendor.
  17. Sep 2019
    1. P2P payments’ popularity is gaining momentum, and it allows people to transfer funds easily and securely. The statistics speaks for itself. That is why P2P payment app development may become a good business idea. This article covers all necessary things like security issues, legal compliance, and features to take into account if you intend to create a custom P2P payment app and use proven mobile app development services.
  18. Jul 2019
    1. There are several different architectures that can be used by Android developers: Stable samples — Java Stable samples — Kotlin External samples Deprecated samples Samples in progress Of course, each of these samples should be used depending on the objectives, approaches, etc. Having explored them, we’ve come up with a more understandable approach and a less layered architecture for our projects. Utilizing this architecture, we’ll show how to develop a basic Android app.

      We explain the development process of Android applications using Kotlin. Our team describes Android application architecture as well as makes the Android Clean architecture easier to understand.

  19. Jun 2019
    1. It is difficult to underestimate the impact of a properly chosen web tech stack on the project's general success. The technology stack that powers your product does not only bring it to life but stand for its further maintainability, scalability, and many other factors. However, a lot of things should be taken into account before getting a perfect web tech stack and other web development services.

      There are a few popular web development stacks that may help you build a high-quality website, so to choose web dev stacks you need, you should study more about them and keep up with useful tips. Read this guide to know more!