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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Areas of Integrated Governance

      Major areas of integrated governance for enterprise architecture looks like Integrated Project Management Framework



  2. Sep 2020
  3. Aug 2020
    1. "Off-line" vs "On-line". The RAT's focus is to get to a final state, and then ship it, all at once. During the working process, the thing we're working on is "off-line". It's not in the field and no one is using it

      This is a common problem when trying to do agile with enterprise clients.

      Can end up in a bubble where we are working on requirements that have been passed down - from how long ago? and then take even longer until users are actually using it.

  4. Jan 2020
  5. Dec 2019
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  • Aug 2019
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  • Apr 2019
    1. In all cases, the surviving monarchies of Southeast Asia have power and influence that potentially or in reality exceed that described in constitutional terms. This has come about chiefly because of the continuity of the archaic sacred and cultural symbolism of monarchy, which the monarchs themselves have cleverly perpetuated—as well as the patronage derived from their considerable wealth.

      This is another argument that led me to the skepticism of the argument that the constitutional monarchy is a dead governmental system and that the monarchy is nothing more than figureheads to the world when in reality, this is not the case with Southeast Asia. I find it fascinating that Japan does have an emperor that rules silently and he still is more authoritative than the UK monarchs.

  • Jan 2019
    1. 塔塔首席數字官C.R. Srinivasan表示:「《發展周期》像是對企業發出的警告,提出了由於革新的出現組織中不同層面開始浮現的『理想與現實』間的差距,他還表示:「這種差距表明,企業決策者和各個部門主管應該主動向企業 CEO提出其面對物聯網和人工智能技術時遇到的困難。」

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>Tata 释出的这份调查报告《发展周期(The Cycle of Progress)》枚举了企业在区块链应用上面临的主要障碍,但这并非警告——我们有必要正视不同层面的差距。事实上无论是在公司内部还是在更广的社会层面,这种异步感早已存在,甚至可以说,恰恰是这种异步感造成了人们认知上的差别,庞大的生态体系因此得以建立、维系。<br/><br/>如今,这些巨型组织的内部孵化出了一股新生力量——他们面对新技术的诱惑蠢蠢欲动,又无法轻松甩掉旧资产的包袱,还要和那些持不同意见的高管和股东们做对抗。但这样的拉扯并不一定是零和游戏,在这争斗中不同派别也能射出良性互动的微光,亦向现状抛出问题——既然我们做好了迎接新技术到来的外部战略准备,为何不改变自下而上的内部交互方式?

  • Oct 2018
    1. Inputs: the investment dollars and employee time devoted to innovation, along with the number of ideas that are gener­ated internally each month or sourced from customers, suppliers, and other out­siders. Throughputs: the number and quality of ideas that enter the pipeline after initial screening, the time it takes for those ideas to move from concept to proto­type to reality, and the notional value of the innovation pipe­line. Outputs: the number of innovations that reach the market in a given period, the percentage of revenue derived from new products and services, and the margin gains that are attributable to innovation. Leadership: the percentage of executive time that gets devoted to mentor­ing innovation projects, and 360-degree survey results that reveal the extent to which execu­tives are exhibiting pro-innovation behaviors. Competence: the percentage of employees who have been trained as business innovators, the percentage of employees who have qualified as innova­tion “black belts,” and changes in the quality of ideas that are being generated across the firm. Climate: the extent to which the firm’s management processes facilitate or frustrate innovation, and the progress that is being made in remov­ing innova­tion blockages. Efficiency: changes over time in the ratio of innovation outputs to inputs. Balance: the mix of different types of innova­tion (product, service, pricing, distribution, operations, etc.); differ­ent risk cate­go­ries (incremental improvements versus speculative ventures); and differ­ent time horizons.

      Some nice metrics for innovation in enterprise.

  • Nov 2017
    1. an environment unlike anything they will encounter outside of school

      Hm? Aren’t they likely to encounter Content Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Intranets, etc.? Granted, these aren’t precisely the same think as LMS. But there’s quite a bit of continuity between Drupal, Oracle, Moodle, Sharepoint, and Salesforce.

    2. institutional demands for enterprise services such as e-mail, student information systems, and the branded website become mission-critical

      In context, these other dimensions of “online presence” in Higher Education take a special meaning. Reminds me of WPcampus. One might have thought that it was about using WordPress to enhance learning. While there are some presentations on leveraging WP as a kind of “Learning Management System”, much of it is about Higher Education as a sector for webwork (-development, -design, etc.).

  • Sep 2017
  • Aug 2017
    1. This has much in common with a customer relationship management system and facilitates the workflow around interventions as well as various visualisations.  It’s unclear how the at risk metric is calculated but a more sophisticated predictive analytics engine might help in this regard.

      Have yet to notice much discussion of the relationships between SIS (Student Information Systems), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

  • May 2017
    1. Competitive Enterprise Institute

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

    2. Competitive Enterprise Institute

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

    3. Competitive Enterprise Institute

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

    1. “An individual building, the style in which it is going to be designed and built, is not that important. The important thing, really, is the community. How does it affect life?” I.M. Pei
  • May 2015
    1. Engineers who worked on a lot of open source projects had high levels of creativity
    2. Developers felt more ownership over their work, and pride in it
    3. Open source developers work well together because of their similar ways of thinking
    4. Peer pressure from GitHub—having their name on a project—was a big motivator for engineers to work harder and not let the community of users down.
    5. If they leave, they're likely to keep working on the project, so you're still getting value for free!
  • Mar 2015
    1. Any contributor to our open source projects is already familiar with a bit of software that we use internally and would require less training if they joined the company.
    2. suffers from an over protective legal organization
    3. respecting open source licenses to making it easier for engineers to open source code and ensuring we’re giving back to the open source projects we depend on