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    1. Once the breath has been released and the sound started, it may be possibleto play a succession of notes without the tongue interrupting the supply ofbreath. The result is an extremely smooth legato, and a group of notes playedthus is marked by a slur. But a legato effect can also be obtained by the use of aless explosive consonant than 't' to start the sound, such as 'd' or 'dh'. 'Legatotonguing' implies individually tongued notes but played as smoothly aspossible. Here it has to be added that tonguing techniques vary according tothe nature of the instrument. Legato tonguing, for example, is common withbrass instruments because a completely slurred legato would often beimpracticable, if not impossible.When notes are to be tongued separately but very rapidly (e.g. insemiquaver passages at fast speeds), more elaborate methods oftonguing areneeded. A succession of notes produced by the tip of the tongue - 'tttttt' etc. -would soon become tiring, so a 'k' sound produced with the back of the tongueis used in alternation: 'tktktk' etc. (double tonguing) or, in groups of three,'tkttkt' etc. (triple tonguing). Double and triple tonguing also make it possiblefor very rapid repetitions of a single note to be performed.An unusual kind of tonguing, occasionally required by 20th-centurycomposers, is created by rolling an 'r' on the tip of the tongue. This technique,known as 'flutter-tonguing', is generally indicated by the use of tremolo signs(e.g. J )and/or in words: the German Flatterzunge (abbreviated as Flzg.) isoften used. Flutter-tonguing is particularly suited to flue instruments such asthe flute, but it can be successful on others too, such as the trumpet andtrombone.
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    1. 请勿在调试模式和热重载功能开启的情况下做性能测试。 截止目前文档所示内容,你的应用应该运行在调试 (debug) 模式中,这个模式意味着在更大的性能开销下实现了更快速的开发效率,比如热重载功能的启用,因此你可能要面临较差质量的动画效果。当你准备分析应用性能或要打包发布的时候,你可能需要 Flutter 的 profile 或者 release 构建,相关文档,请查阅文档: Flutter 的构建模式选择。

      flutter 的构建模式

    1. 情景:单独下载了 Dart SDK

      执行: where/where.exe flutter dart

      出现提示 Flutter SDK 内的 dart 命令不在首位。

      则需要更新 PATH,将 C:\path-to-flutter-sdk\bin 放在 C:\path-to-dart-sdk\bin\ 前面(当前场景)。 重启命令行使修改生效,再次运行 where,此时来自相同目录的 flutter 和 dart 已经排在前面。

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    1. This is a Flutter plugin that bundles and wraps SQLCipher for Android, an open-source extension to SQLite that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files.

      Что обеспечивает плагин SQLCipher Database for Flutter ? Ответ: Прозрачно

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    1. Hi @UliPrantz This is not supported yet, when the feature is implemented, the ability to connect to a performance profiler would be added anyway, hence don't need separate issue for this Duplicate of #52258 Please follow up on that issue, I'm closing the current one as a duplicate. If you disagree, please write in the comments and I will reopen it. Thank you

      Поддерживает ли flutter профилирование веб-приложения? (Ответ: нет) По крайней мере для этой версии: [√] Flutter (Channel stable, 2.10.4, on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1586], locale ru-RU)

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    1. Doctor summary (to see all details, run flutter doctor -v): [✓] Flutter (Channel dev, 1.26.0-17.1.pre, on Linux, locale en_GB.UTF-8) [✓] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices (Android SDK version 30.0.3) [✓] Chrome - develop for the web [✓] Linux toolchain - develop for Linux desktop [✓] Android Studio [✓] Connected device (2 available) • No issues found!

      What happened with Ubuntu 20.04 at this point:

      $ flutter doctor Downloading package sky_engine... 839ms Downloading flutter_patched_sdk tools... 1,504ms Downloading flutter_patched_sdk_product tools... 1,469ms Downloading linux-x64 tools... 9.9s Downloading linux-x64/font-subset tools... 666ms Doctor summary (to see all details, run flutter doctor -v): [✓] Flutter (Channel dev, 2.6.0-11.0.pre, on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS 5.4.0-81-generic, locale en_GB.UTF-8) [!] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices (Android SDK version 31.0.0) ✗ cmdline-tools component is missing Run path/to/sdkmanager --install "cmdline-tools;latest" See https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line for more details. ✗ Android license status unknown. Run flutter doctor --android-licenses to accept the SDK licenses. See https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/linux#android-setup for more details. [✓] Chrome - develop for the web [✓] Linux toolchain - develop for Linux desktop [✓] Android Studio (version 2020.3) [✓] Android Studio [✓] Connected device (2 available)

      The solution for me was to go to Android Studio, fins SDK Manager whuch was under oprions in the right hand pane and install COmmand Line Tools from SDK Manager. I was then able to fix the licences issue too.

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    1. central idea is that you build your UI out of widgets. Widgets describe what their view should look like given their current configuration and state
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    1. In this post, we will know the differences between Flutter and Kotlin by considering multiple parameters. Before comparison, we must have an understanding of these technologies.
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    1. We should choose flutter technology if we have more option why because its fast performing and give a growing push to your ready-made taxi uber app.
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    1. It's super promising for web apps, just maybe not for web pages. I went from React to Svelte to Flutter for my current app project, and every step felt like a major upgrade.Flutter provides the best developer experience bar none, and I think it also has the potential to provide the best user experience. But probably only for PWAs, which users are likely to install anyway. Or other self-contained experiences, like Facebook games. It does have some Flash vibes, but is far more suitable for proper app development than Flash ever was while still feeling more like a normal website to the average user. It won't be the right choice for everything, but I believe it will be for a lot of things.
    2. Really? I've been using Flutter for about a week and Svelte seems an order of magnitude better designed. I find Flutter overly complicated.
    3. I also find that a lot of the complexity of Flutter can be avoided, and I mostly use it to define the UI as a more app-centric alternative to HTML/CSS.

      I mostly use it to define the UI as a more app-centric alternative to HTML/CSS.

    4. Svelte by itself is great, but doing a complete PWA (with service workers, etc) that runs and scales on multiple devices with high quality app-like UI controls quickly gets complex. Flutter just provides much better tooling for that out of the box IMO. You are not molding a website into an app, you are just building an app. If I was building a relatively simple web app that is only meant to run on the web, then I might still prefer Svelte in some cases.
    5. Others have already said how Flutter renders inside a canvas and how it's difficult/impossible for it to interact with other JS libraries (and why would you want to... the whole thing is so different that even the issues are solved by completely different libraries).
    6. I'm not familiar with Svelte. But the UI itself is handled in a custom canvas on mobile (and probably Desktop?) Though, on the web, it is HTML and CSS.
    7. Unfortunately it is not just the semantic that is broken. There are lot of things.For example if you look at some of the examples (https://flutter.github.io/samples/#/) - you can see that indeed there are some div and p tags but it is not entirely normal DOM elements. For example you can't even select text anywhere on the screen. And there are more and more little things like that.Just to be clear - Flutter for web is great, I'm happy it exists, but it is not comparable to React/Vue or Svelte.IMO Flutter for web is good to post live examples of Flutter code or maybe some last-minute-boss-request to make a web version of existing app, but for not for full-blown web app. :)
    1. Dart Web enables running Dart code on web platforms powered by JavaScript. With Dart Web, you compile Dart code to JavaScript code, which in turn runs in a browser
    1. Provider even includes its own BuildContext sub class, which is why we can work with Provider so seamlessly in the widget tree

      (As a Flutter noob,) I don't follow this implication. Why does having a BuildContext subclass mean that Provider behaves seamlessly in a widget tree? It would be able to extract data from BuildContext parameters passed to it, and pass that information to widgets nested in it without having a customized BuildContext subclass, wouldn't it (or is this besides the point)?

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    1.  Some of the top companies that use the flutter framework for creating their mobile apps include Alibaba, realtor.com, eBay, and Dream11, and so on. 
    1. Open Source flutter Apps permits you to make lovely native apps on iOS and Android from one codebase. The most goal of this repository is to seek out free open supply apps and begin contributive. Be at liberty to contribute to the list, any suggestions square measure welcome!
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    1. We all are familiar; nowadays, mobile and mobile applications are more predominant than ever. This extensive popularity has been gained with the fact that smartphones have become much cheaper and faster.
  16. May 2020
    1. Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development is an associate degree source, cross-platform mobile development framework from Google. It permits superior, stunning applications to be designed for iOS and Android from one codebase. It’s additionally the event platform for Google’s future Fuchsia OS.

      The Orientation of Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development Became Perfect App

    1. Launched by Google in 2017, Flutter could be a dynamic cross-platform development framework. These apps are developed from Flutter framework and they have extreme capabilities:
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    1. Lack of third-party libraries
    2. follows the reactive development architecture, but with a twist. The main thing to know about reactive programming is that it updates UI contents automatically when you update the variables in the code
    3. open source technology for creating native Android and iOS apps with a single codebase
    1. the relative differences in apk size would likely be smaller with larger apps. Flutter's overhead size is fixed
    1. They are both trying to extract common parts above platform, but Kotlin Multiplatform is interested in logic extraction when Flutter is interested in view definitions extraction. They concentrate on the opposite, and they might highly benefit from working together
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    1. with many a flirt and flutter,

      Copy and paste as one line http://ir.uiowa.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1832&context=etd<br> We are often startled by close, sudden, and unexpected encounters with birds when they fly away from their hidings spots. In a fraction of a second, the feeling is like the heart fluttering in rhythm with their wings as our minds try to contemplate where the bird is going next. This may be due to most birds having higher metabolisms that humans, as second to us might be like 20 seconds to them. Readers might not start to feel such sensory effects that Poe intended until they reach the purposefully capitalized "R" of the symbolic Raven as the bird figuratively flies over Poe's head and human senses and into his bed chamber, mind, and poem. Walt Whitman also uses similar bird mannerisms to produce heightening sensory effects in "A Word Out of the Sea": ...."From such, as now they start, the scene revisiting, As a flock, twittering, rising, or overhead passing, Borne hither—ere all eludes me, hurriedly,".... "every day the he-bird, to and fro, near at hand"...."Over the hoarse surging of the sea, Or flitting from brier to brier by day, I saw, I heard at intervals, the remaining one, the he-bird" .... "O night! do I not see my love fluttering out there among the breakers?" Both authors are moved enough to "speak" to the birds which symbolize their both authors' states of despair and mourning. Adam Cunliffe Bradford touches on this in his book, "Communities of death: Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and the nineteenth-century American culture of mourning and memorializing", "Whitman’s songs, spurred to life by the mockingbird’s aria and sung in response to it, necessarily weaves the previous melodic elements of both of these songs into his own transcendent aria" Bradford, Adam Cunliffe. "Communities of death: Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and the nineteenth-century American culture of mourning and memorializing." PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis, University of Iowa, 2010. http://ir.uiowa.edu/etd/647. **