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  1. May 2021
    1. Unfortunately, the beholding will have to wait. We have barely exchanged greetings over Zoom when his voice breaks up, the screen freezes and the room falls silent. A quiet place, indeed.

      Note that the intro adds a 'complication' early on, which helps to hook the reader further and provide more colour.

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  8. Jun 2019
    1. istorH111infinehalth&spirit

      Same Hall as before with childbirth complications?

    2. Mrs.Hall,afterachildbedconnnement,hadaseverentofsicknessinconsequenceofanimposthumatedbreast.Shehasnowsofarrecoveredastoenjoycomfortablehealth,thoughshehasnotfullyregainedherstrength

      Mrs. Hall was bed-ridden after a birth complication of an "imposthumated breast". She had a "severe fit of sickness" because of it, but returned to comfortable health, although not strength.