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    1. "Fertility Regulating Vaccines," World Health Organization, 1993.

      Title: Fertility Regulating Vaccines

      Subtitle: "Report of a meeting between women's health advocates and scientists to review the current status of the development of fertility regulating vaccines."

      Event: Geneva, Switzerland 17-18 August, 1992

      Publisher: World Health Organization

    1. For almost half a century, the average number of children per woman has been around 1.7, well below the replacement level of approximately 2.1 needed for a constant population size. This causes every new generation to be smaller in size than the previous one, resulting in a dwindling share of young people in the population, a process sometimes referred to as “dejuvenation”. It also leads to an increase in the so-called grey pressure, that is, an increase in the ratio between the over-65s and people in the age group 20 to 65 years.

      'grey pressure' is a genius term and these are good demographic numbers right here.

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