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    1. We use the em dash to create a strong break in the structure of a sentence. We can use these dashes in pairs, as we would use parentheses—that is, to enclose a word, or a phrase, or a clause (as we’ve done here)—or they can be used alone to detach one end of a sentence from its main body.
    2. on Hyphen, em dashes and en dashes.

    1. hyphen, em dash, en dash


      1. combine words making compounds.

      e.g., well-being advanced-level school-aged 16-year-old

      Em Dash

      Em is a typographical unit of measure.

      1. Use the em dash to create a strong break in the meaning and structure of a sentence. They can be used in pairs like parentheses, or alone as a way to detach the end or beginning of a sentence from the main body.

      En Dash means as "through", often used to describe a range of numbers 2–27, 30–35 years old.

      In the associated press style there is advice to use a space in between the dashes.

      When to use em dashes versus comma vs. em dashes.

      Parentheses, can sometimes be interpreted to downplay importance of information.

      Commas, okay to use unless you have more commas in the sentence, and doesn't draw particular attention to info — doesn't emphasize it enough.

      Em Dashes, indicate that information is important or are useful when commas don't work.

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    1. It will find there is "very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools",

      The reporter interviewed Professor Russel Viner, president of Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health. Apparently, a study was conducted through April to June which collected information of 20,000 students and 100 teachers yet there is no link to this study, did not get peer reviewed or published. It is all just claims at this point. We have no knowledge if these are private schools or public, if there were any safety measures in place, if this included online classes vs in class.

      However, according to CDC and the respected studies it cited, there seems to be lower transmission rates among children and transmission from child to family, but this remains inconclusive. There still needs to be more evidence to be gathered.

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