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    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2022, January 9). There are many things I would not have believed about the pandemic pre 2020, but top of them is the fact that Western nations would completely ignore 24 months worth of actually implemented policies that were vastly more successful [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1480162136240398339

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    1. https://hedgehogreview.com/web-features/thr/posts/writing-a-life

      Jacobs suggests taking the idea of "walking a mile in another's shoes" to a higher level. He takes Herman Hesse's idea in The Glass Bead Game of the Castalian community's writing a Life in which people write an autobiography about seeing themselves placed in other times/places in history.

      Similar examples he includes:

      • Flannery O'Connor's story "Revelation" in which a woman chooses being remade as "white trash" or a Black woman.
      • Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin (1961)
      • White Like Me, a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Eddie Murphy
      • Soul Sister by Grace Halsell
      • Rachel Dolezal passing as black because she felt it was her identity
      • John Rawls' "veil of ignorance"

      Jacob suggests this could be a useful exercise for people to attempt, particularly as a senior exercise for university students.

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    1. Lezing: De eigen blik door Margo Neale Tijdens deze editie van Framer Framer mede georganiseerd door de Australische tijdschrift Artlink ter gelegenheid van de publicatie van de speciale uitgave Blak op blak, hield dr. Margo Neale, Senior Research Fellow van het National Museum of Australia, een inleiding over de historische positie van de Aboriginal kunstenaars in Australië. Deze lezing werd gehouden tijdens het programma De eigen blik / Blak op blak bij het ​​AAMU – Museum voor hedendaagse Aboriginal kunst in Utrecht, 30 mei 2010. Links Artlink Magazine AAMU - Museum voor Hedendaagse Aboriginal Kunst Netwerk Margo Neale Onderzoeker, adjunct-professor Magazine Hedendaagse Aboriginal kunst / Videoverslag: The view of Self / Blak on blak

      Quote from the video:

      here for the unaware, rather than the ignorant —Margo Neale

    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, February 1). @MaartenvSmeden @richarddmorey 2/2 Having conducted experiments on lay understanding of arguments from ignorance, in my experience, people intuitively understand probabilistic impact of factors, such as quality of search, that moderate strength. Rather than build on that, we work against it with slogan! [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1356228495714746370

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    1. So, whenever you hear the medieval argument “Trailblazer is just a nasty DSL!”, forgive your opponent, you now know better. The entire framework is based on small, clean Ruby structures that can be executed programmatically.
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    1. Jeff Bezos has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it all, so he figures he’d might as well spend it on spaceships. That’s what the Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, -1.04%   founder and chief executive told Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider parent Axel Springer, in an interview published over the weekend.
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    1. He had put the case (without mentioning names) to an eminent physician; and the eminent physician had smiled, had shaken his head, and had said–nothing. On these grounds, Mr. Bruff entered his protest, and left it there.

      So to say nothing is enough proof that there is no merit to this experiment? Isn't Ezra's thoughts inspired by textbooks/an intention to mimic the scientific process?

      I feel like such ignorance towards science is relevant today *cough*,*cough* people who refuse to wear face masks *cough*,*cough*

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    1. Taking pride in one’s ignorance and stupidity and refusal to engage in the world thoughtfully should be socially unacceptable
    1. In an article on Pinyin around this time, the Chicago Tribune said that while it would be adopting the system for most Chinese words, some names had "become so ingrained in our usage that we can't get used to new ones."
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    1. Often questions phrased specifically for ignorance of better methods. When there isn't a substantive contextual difference (like here), optimal solutions should get at least as much profile as the question-specific ones.
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    1. religion, morality, and the line arts and support the British constitution.

      If we know anything about ancient Rome, it's that the populous was religious, moral, lovers of the arts and law. /s

    1. If we argue falsly and know not that we do so, we s hall be more pillicd than when we do, but either way disappointed.

      Intent matters. Ignorance, though, can not be used as an excuse.

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    1. o one, or almost no one, fads to beheve 1n climate chan~Je out of sincere ignorance. Ttiey •choose-to d1sbeheve either for material gain or 1ust to be dicks.

      "If people were more aware of x, then they would realize they're wrong about y, and they would do z" is a line that is constantly repeated in my WGST classes, and I always look like an asshole when I argue that that's not how things work.

    2. To doubt Blum was to doubt the traditional edu-cational system and therefore the entire society. Nobody wanted to do it.

      This is the politics of ignorance at play. If you acknowledge that there is a problem, you must then address that problem. You must do something about that problem. If you don't want to do something, then you will choose not to acknowledge that there is a problem.

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    1. Social scientists refer to the feeling of imagining oneself to be a lonely minority when in fact there are many people who agree with you, maybe even a majority, as “pluralistic ignorance.”39 Pluralistic ignorance is thinking that one is the only person bored at a class lecture and not knowing that the sentiment is shared, or that dissent and discontent are rare feelings in a country when in fact they are common but remain unspoken.
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    1. Alas, what keeps us so'! Prejudice, ignorance and poverty.

      In addition, the societal construct at the time determined their livelihood. I especially like her word choice of "ignorance," because I think it can apply to both whites and African Americans: whites are ignorant of the struggles that African Americans face and cannot truly know/understand their experiences; African Americans are ignorant of their own capabilities and do not understand their true potential, as society's judgments of them have clouded their self-image and have influenced them to think less of themselves. I don't know if she intended this, but it has a somewhat psychological connotation in regards to self-perception in light of the rhetoric/environment/society at the time.

    1. In other words, he pro-poses either to dispel ignorance or to vanquish error

      A speaker's goal is to eliminate idiocy or carelessness, and how he goals about solving either one determines how he dispels the lies. Ignorant people need to be shown observable and repeatable evidence, careless people need their conviction to the lie to be broken. To Campbell, knowing the difference is crucial to the power of one's rhetoric.

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    1. As I said earlier, our dialoguing like this does constitute your connection with Reality, with Sanity, and you are now beginning to grasp why it is that the one who is dreaming must reach out, and why one’s Guide cannot enforce his or her presence upon the one guided. The one being guided has been engaging in the denial of Reality, the effective blocking of It, and that resistance cannot be penetrated. It isn’t actually a shell, but an insistence upon ignoring. And no one can penetrate an act of ignoring—you could say, an act of ignorance.

      I need to reach out to my guide because I have been in denial of Reality and blocking it, I have been insisting on ignoring it.

    2. This does, indeed, cause it to seem to be entirely up to you, which, of course, does not compute with the ego’s suggestion that That which is divine has ultimate power to penetrate illusion, and therefore if one’s Guide is not penetrating illusion, then we must not be Who we say we are. That is simply another part of the defense, another part of the justification for ignore-ance.

      The ego attempts to use the need for one to ask for guidance as evidence to prove that I am not Who I really am.

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    1. and then suspect that man is sustained in the indifference of his ignorance by that which is pitiless, greedy, insatiable, and murderous-as if hanging in dreams on the back of a tiger.

      Small, fragile, and tenuously suspended and preserved, encased in ignorance, by the same substance, ego, source of good and ill. It reminds me of the fable of a woman hanging from a cliff by a thin reed, tigers above and tigers below, and spying a ripe strawberry plucks and savors its sweetness, as a parable for life.

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    1. By such persons a gladiator, who rushes to battle without any knowledge of arms, and a wrestler, who struggles with the whole force of his body to effect that which he has once attempted, is called so much the braver, though the latter is often laid prostrate by his own strength, and the other, however violent his assault, is withstood by a gentle turn of his adversary's wrist.

      The ignorant are fearless. Is this why my writer's block has gotten worse in college? Now I know how much there is I can do wrong I'm afraid to even begin?