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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Eine Studie der Rhodium Group zeichnet ein Zukunftsbild, das vielen Dekarbonisierungsprognosen - außer bei Stromproduktion und Autos - krass widerspricht. (Es liegt deutlich über den SSP2-4.5-Szenario des IPCC.) 2100 wird danach der Erdgasverbrauch bei 126% des jetzigen liegen. Flugzeuge werden 2050 77% mehr fossilen Treibstoff verbrauchen als jetzt, Schifffahrt und Industrie etwa die heutige Menge. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/feb/09/biggest-fossil-fuel-emissions-shipping-plane-manufacturing

      Rhodium Climate Outlook: https://climateoutlook.rhg.com/

      Rhodium-Artikel zur Prognose: https://rhg.com/research/global-fossil-fuel-demand/

  2. Jan 2024
    1. Die Preise für erneuerbare Energien liegen inzwischen weltweit nahezu überall deutlich unter denenbfür fossile Energie. Allerdings sind die Profite bei fossilen Energien wesentlich höher. David Wallace-Wells analysiert diese Situation ausgehend von Brett Christophers' im Februar erscheinenden neuen Buch und von aktuellen Zahlen über die Profite der Öl- und Gasfirmen und die fossilen Subventionen.Nötig sind staatliche Interventionen und vor allem der Verzicht auf fossile Subventionen. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/10/opinion/profits-green-energy.html

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Oct 2023
    1. Die Internationale Energieagentur IEA hält eine Begrenzung der globalen Erhitzung aufgrund des schnellen Wachstums bei den erneuerbaren Energien für sehr schwierig, aber noch möglich. In ihrem Jahresbericht kommt sie zu dem Ergebnis, dass der Höhepunkt der Nachfrage nach Kohle, Gas und Öl bis 2030 erreicht werden wird. Die Energiepolitik der wichtigen Staaten ist aber bei der Umstellung auf Erneuerbare bei weitem nicht so ehrgeizig, als es nötig ist. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/grace-aux-energies-bas-carbone-limiter-le-rechauffement-climatique-reste-possible-affirme-lagence-internationale-de-lenergie-20231024_YF7ZJA7WBFACRFIVCBRONJPKAA/

      World Energy Outlook 2023: https://origin.iea.org/reports/world-energy-outlook-2023

      Mehr zum World Energy Outlook 2023: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%22report%3A%20World%20Energy%20Outlook%202023%22

  5. Sep 2023
    1. Social tipping points and physical tipping points are interrelated. With environmental stress, the former could arrive before the latter, and then cascades develop. Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023: https://www.cliccs.uni-hamburg.de/results/hamburg-climate-futures-outlook.html
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        • Hamburg climate futures outlook 2023 report supports need for something on the scale of the planned TPF
  6. Feb 2023
    1. In the first edition of the Hamburg Climate Fu-tures Outlook published in 2021
      • = First Edition of Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook (2021)

        • : Question: Is it plausible that the world will reach deep decarbonization by 2050?
          • Answer: No
      • = Second Edition of Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook (2023)

        • : Question: What affects the plausibility of attaining the Paris Agreement temperature goals?
    2. Hamburg Climate FuturesOutlook

      = Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023

  7. Apr 2022
    1. Rejecting “pretensions of natural equality” as morality tales for children, Galton asserted that measurements of the “head, size of brain, weight of grey matter, number of brain fibres, &c.” followed “the law of deviation from an average” and so did innate “mental capacity.”

      =! Natural inequality for all life forms but equal Natural selection for survival of fittest

      • [f] we are born with natural inequalities as natural selection wants us to be survival of the fittest.
      • It's not about discrimination, these are selfish man-made ethical rules for which he discriminates earlier and later applies. but character for nature is not like that.
  8. Feb 2022
    1. இது வரை உங்கள் சிந்தனைகள் எப்படி என்னை ஆழமாக ஊடுருவி அன்றாடம் நான் பார்க்கும் விடயங்களை நானறியாத ஒரு கோணத்தில் அடைந்து என்னை வேறொன்றாக மாற்றுகிறது என்று நினைத்திருக்கிறேன். இதைவிட ஒருபடி மேலே போய் ஒரு நரம்பியல் சார் அறிவியல் பின்புலம் கொண்ட வாசகர் சமீபத்தில் உங்கள் சிந்தனைகளை சிலாகித்து தான் அறியாத ஒன்றை உங்கள் வெண்முரசின் எழுத்துக்களின் மூலம் கண்டதாகச் சொன்னது நினைவிற்கு வந்தது.  இப்படி அறிவியலும் தத்துவமும் சந்திக்கும் புள்ளியை நீங்கள் தொட்டுவிடுகிறீர்கள்.

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  9. Dec 2021
  10. Feb 2021
    1. Even worse, Shadow Stat's numbers show so much inflation the past 25 years that, as Jim Pethokoukis points out, it implies the economy hasn't grown at all during that time.

      Important Point

      Real economic numbers validate a 25 year period (or more) of manipulated inflation and low growth economy. INCOME INEQUALITY statistics and recent studies ALL validate fuzzy math, rosy picture for the 1% and stagnant dismal picture for average Americans. Trump based his entire campaign and Presidency on Making America Great Again

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  11. Dec 2020
    1. The demise of Ecco Pro was blamed by many (including the publishers of Ecco Pro themselves) on Microsoft's decision to bundle Outlook with Office at no extra charge. And while that was undoubtedly part of the problem, Ecco Pro also failed by marketing itself as merely a fancy PIM to lawyers and others then lacking technological sophistication sufficient to permit them to appreciate that the value and functionality of the product went so far beyond that of supposedly "free" Outlook that the two might as well have originated on different planets.

      Ecco Pro's demise was attributed to Microsoft's decision to bundle Outlook with Office at no extra charge.

      This, even though, in terms of products, they could not have been more different.

    1. Those were a few of the problems that could have brought down Ecco Pro. In the end, however, it was one massive problem: There was a company down the street that was developing a product that would make Ecco Pro obsolete. Microsoft would release Office ’97 on November 19th, 1996. Among the many components of the new suite of products was a personal information manager called Outlook. Eight months later, NetManage would release its last update of Ecco Pro, version 4.01. Development of the software effectively ceased after that.

      Price claims ECCO Pro was terminated because it couldn't compete with Microsoft Outlook, released in 1997.

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