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  1. Aug 2020
    1. That's exactly why I use xargs -0 in conjunction with find -print0. The latter prints filenames with a NUL terminator and the former receives files that way. Why? Filenames in Unix can contain newline characters. But they cannot contain NUL characters.
  2. Mar 2020
    1. . However, the data did not support a meresimilarity effect: Our results were robust to controlling for partic-ipants’ own moral judgments, such that participants who made adeontological judgment (the majority) strongly preferred a deon-tological agent, whereas participants who made a consequentialistjudgment (the minority) showed no preference between the two

      But this is a lack of a result in the context of a critical underlying assumption. Yes, the results were 'robust', but could we really be statistically confident that this was not driving the outcome? How tight are the error bounds?

  3. Nov 2019
    1. Null Components should never have children - they'd never be rendered.
    2. Aligning closely with the <Injector_ > naming convention, Null Components are denoted with a prefix and postfix _ (e.g. <_NullComponent_ />).
    3. The idea is that the additional prefix _ of a Null Component symbolizes that it adds even less to the DOM than an Injector. I picture the name falling through to become just the _, like the unused argument convention in javascript functions: const handleEvent = (_, id) => { console.log(id) } .
  4. Oct 2019
  5. Aug 2019
  6. Jun 2018