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  1. Jun 2020
  2. May 2020
    1. In a basic configuration, GitLab runs a pipeline each time changes are pushed to a branch. If you want the pipeline to run jobs only when merge requests are created or updated, you can use pipelines for merge requests.
  3. Apr 2020
  4. Apr 2017
    1. var myChart = chart().width(720).height(80); Modifying an existing chart is similarly easy: myChart.height(500); As is inspecting it: myChart.height(); // 500 Internally, the chart implementation becomes slightly more complex to support getter-setter methods, but convenience for the user merits additional developer effort! (And besides, this pattern becomes natural after you’ve used it for a while.) function chart() { var width = 720, // default width height = 80; // default height function my() { // generate chart here, using `width` and `height` } my.width = function(value) { if (!arguments.length) return width; width = value; return my; }; my.height = function(value) { if (!arguments.length) return height; height = value; return my; }; return my; } To sum up: implement charts as closures with getter-setter methods.