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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Donald points rightly to some of the classic monsterisation responses to AI. Although he imo misrepresents the EU AI Act (which in its proposal carefully avoids static tech regulation).

      Vgl [[Monstertheorie 20030725114320]]

  2. Mar 2022
    1. that although evil exists, people aren’t born evil. How they live their lives depends on what happens after they’re born

      So very true. Monsters are made, not born. Everyone is born into the sacred, but then life can transform the sACred into the sCAred. Pathological fear can motivate a host of pathological responses such as selfishness, alienation, greed, anger, control, abuse, othering,dehumanization, etc.

  3. Dec 2019
    1. Theseus

      Theseus was the mythical king and founder-hero of Athens. Plutarch's Life of Theseus makes use of varying accounts of the death of the Minotaur, Theseus' escape, and the love of Ariadne for Theseus.

    2. vampire

      Victor refers to the Creature as his vampire--a reanimated corpse. The vampire was a notorious figure in British lore in the period, which later be immortalized in John Polidori's The Vampyre (1819) a friend of the Shelleys and their guest at Villa Diodati in the summer of 1816, when Mary first drafted the novel.

    3. St. George

      Best remembered for the tale "St. George and the Dragon," a legend told by Crusaders, George became the patron saint of England.

    4. mummy

      Victor's use of the term mummy is ironic here, since he is not trying to preserve the body parts comprising the Creature so much as trying to reanimate them. The word "mummy" is used once more, in Walton's letter of September 12, where the Captain happens upon the Creature staring at Victor's recently deceased corpse.

  4. May 2019
    1. A true quantum leap.Introducing the first commercial trapped ion quantum computer. By manipulating individual atoms, it has the potential to one day solve problems beyond the capabilities of even the largest supercomputers.





  5. Sep 2018
    1. His righteous Altar, bowing lowly downTo bestial Gods; for which thir heads as low [ 435 ]Bow'd down in Battel, sunk before the SpearOf despicable foes. With these in troopCame Astoreth, whom the Phoenicians call'dAstarte, Queen of Heav'n, with crescent Horns;

      And I suspect this is when the evil of the fallen angels began to make them less like angels and more like monsters.

  6. Jul 2017
  7. Dec 2015