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  1. Aug 2019
    1. What’s happening is a kind of intellectual judo, in which the power and enthusiasm of contrary voices are turned against those contrary voices through a carefully rigged internal structure of belief.

      as with conspiracy theorists, however compelling evidence may be, they cannot be brought to reason, and their stance can even be strengthened as consequence.

    1. the Web has become a trenchant site of public conver-sations and expressions about race. And that the medium itself needs to be taken seri-ously for spawning neoteric forms of racism. Moreover, there is a paucity of academic studies exploring YouTube’s comment space. While this space is represented negatively, users actively posting comments remain a key mode of engagement on YouTub

      the trolls need to be taken seriously, 'neoteric' racism is abundant and insufficiently defined, much is observed but little is measured

    1. Online men’s groups have given space to members’ glorifi-cation of tragedies like the Isla Vista Killings, in which Elliot Rogerkilled 6 people and wounded 14 others, after communicating exten-sively online about his contempt for women (and people of colour)[1]. That rhetoric is believed to have attracted others, includingAlek Minassian, the alleged perpetrator of the Toronto van attackthat killed 10 and wounded 16 people [2]. Along with the #Gamer-Gate and #TheFappening controversies, which impacted hundredsof women [31], there are growing concerns that misogynyonlinehas some worrying qualities in scope and scale that women areunable to avoid [25]

      a case for taking the trolls seriously

    2. Feminist analysis of the manosphere concludes that there isanideological shiftaway from the men’s rights topics that usedto unite members toward more misogynistic and violent ideas.

      the path to radicalisation