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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Aug 2023
    1. Everything I'm saying to you right now is literally meaningless. (Laughter) 00:03:11 You're creating the meaning and projecting it onto me. And what's true for objects is true for other people. While you can measure their "what" and their "when," you can never measure their "why." So we color other people. We project a meaning onto them based on our biases and our experience.
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        • The "why" is invisible.
        • It is the thoughts in the private worlds of the other.
        • It is only our explication through language or other means that makes public our private world
        • We construct meaning in the world.
        • Our meaningverse is our construction. BUT it is a cultural construction,
          • it was constructed by all the meaning learned from others, especially beginning with the most significant other, our mother.
  3. Jul 2023
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5XqqylBW7M

      Building up Christopher Nolan's IMAX 70mm version of Oppenheimer.

      IMAX splices use zigzag cuts in the film to create more surface length to tape the film ends together.

      Christopher Nolan now holds the record for the longest IMAX film ever made. IMAX needed to extend the length of their platters to accommodate his prints of Oppenheimer for release in 2023.

  4. Apr 2023
    1. In other words, the currently popular AI bots are ‘transparent’ intellectually and morally — they provide the “wisdom of crowds” of the humans whose data they were trained with, as well as the biases and dangers of human individuals and groups, including, among other things, a tendency to oversimplify, a tendency for groupthink, and a confirmation bias that resists novel and controversial explanations

      not just trained with, also trained by. is it fully transparent though? Perhaps from the trainers/tools standpoint, but users are likely to fall for the tool abstracting its origins away, ELIZA style, and project agency and thus morality on it.

  5. Oct 2022
    1. imagining peeling an orange, and trying to flatten

      I really liked the symbolism used here. Even if one had trouble picturing just how distorted a map has to become in order to create a flat image from a round surface, I think we could all picture a peeled orange, and how little the peel would resemble the original shape if flattened out on the table. How could we create a rectangular peel from what was taken off? Right away, we're confronted with the difficulty map-makers experience when trying to convert the world onto a map. It's not a perfect analogy, but the comparison between the Earth's surface and an orange peel certainly helps us visualize the problem.

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    1. aggregate power will rival
    2. cloud technology, mobile devices, data analytics, and social networks to automate and connect city departments and promote eco-friendly practices
    3. By 2015, the United Nations (UN) estimated that there would be 22 mega-cities—those with populations of 10 million or more
    4. by 2030, the UN projects that some 4.9 billion people will be urban dwellers.
  17. Mar 2017
    1. Marcin and I's relationship has no doubt been enriched by visiting each other's homes and countries this year, a dream for many people who have extended online personal networks and the ties which bind us I feel are profound - perhaps because of the distance.  There is a part of Poland in me now.

      Being able to picture the person in a physical context in which one has walked.

  18. Mar 2015
    1. And so, therefore, in this hour, beloved friends, we would wish to share with you the power of forgiveness — how to cultivate it, how to refine it, how to understand the depths of it that can be revealed to you as you forgive seventy-times-seven times, how to bring up within you that which has not yet been forgiven, but perhaps forgotten. We would speak also, in this hour, of what perception is, and what projection is.