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  1. Feb 2017
    1. If you would well receive it, there are many friends, unseen by physical eyes, that are gently encircling those that have come forth to contribute, to support, to abide in the creation of this work. And what is this work, but to create a medium of communication?

      Jeshua's friends joining with him in this work.

    2. For in Truth, I come not alone to join in communion with this, my beloved friend, in order to communeicate with you through a medium that you understand, and that you accept.

      He is not alone when he gives these messages.

  2. Jan 2016
    1. Why do you think that I said to my disciples, “Follow thou me”? Because it gave them the opportunity to make the choice, from within themselves, for their own reasons, for their Sanity. And why do you think I said to “sell everything that thou hast, and follow me,” or to forget about the mother who needed to be buried because she had died? Because the ego always has loose ends to distract one from waking up. Just one more thing to take care of. One last thing to do within the context of the dream. One last thing to do from the three-dimensional frame of reference.

      Raj reveals himself as Jeshua!

  3. Mar 2015
    1. Beloved friends, these things are of critical importance. For anyone who enters into a so-called “spiritual path” must eventually face and deal with their deep need for forgiveness, which is an expression of the soul’s deep desire to be forgiven. For there is no one who walks this plane who has not been touched by the poison of judgment.
    2. And so, therefore, in this hour, beloved friends, we would wish to share with you the power of forgiveness — how to cultivate it, how to refine it, how to understand the depths of it that can be revealed to you as you forgive seventy-times-seven times, how to bring up within you that which has not yet been forgiven, but perhaps forgotten. We would speak also, in this hour, of what perception is, and what projection is.
    3. And as I grew in age, I began to discover that the old teachers who spoke of the need to, “Forgive seventy times seven,” knew something quite profound that had even become lost within the tradition, the Jewish and Essene traditions, of my day. For, you see, to forgive means “to choose to release another from the perceptions that you’ve been projecting upon them.” It is, therefore, an act of forgiving one’s self of one’s projections. And as we begin to forgive, even unto seventy times seven times, each time you forgive you take yourself deeper into the purity of your own consciousness. You begin to see how profoundly you have been coloring, and therefore affecting, all of your relationships, through the simple act of not being aware of the power of projection.

      Definition of Forgiveness

    4. But something began to compel me. How might I discover how to see only that Shimmering Radiance? Would it be possible for me to see my brothers and sisters as my Father sees His Children? And, in Truth, I discovered that the way to see with the Eyes of Christ begins with the acceptance that I, as a creator, created in the image of God, indeed, literally choose every experience, and call it to me; that I create the veils through which I view Creation.
    5. I began to discover that if I looked with innocence upon all things, a Light began to shine through the things I was looking at. And as I rested more and more in this innocence, more and more, the Light would shine.
    6. And I began to shift gears slightly. I began, even, to be seen as someone who was rebelling against the teachings of my Essene elders. For I began to move away from striving for God, from striving for perfection, and began to cultivate within myself the process of allowing. I discovered that if I looked upon my perceptions, my feelings, my behavior, exactly as they were, without overshadowing them with my own interpretations — if I could teach myself to embrace things with innocence — veils began to be dissolved from my mind. For when I was nine years old, I had already learned to be fearful of thinking, or speaking, or acting, in a way that was not in conformity to the prevailing wisdom of that time, even within the Essene community, which had already become rather rigidified. There was already much dogma. And dogma always leads to bickering.
    7. When I was of nine years of age, I began to awaken to exactly what I am describing to you. And as my father would take me to sit with the elders, and as he would read from the Torah to me, I began to be compelled by something within. Something began to speak to me, that underneath all of the perceptions that I could create of another, there was something Radiant and Shimmering waiting to be discovered. I began to feel very different from my peers. I began to be preoccupied with inner things. And when I listened to the elders speak, I would often feel as though I had drifted far away from where they were. And pictures would come to me, and thoughts would come to me, and feelings would come to me that I didn’t understand, that I hadn’t assimilated into my being.

      My perception of others veil what is True about them, true beyond the body and belief in separation. It is my perception that must be relinquished if I want to that Truth.

    8. If I search throughout all of creation, if I search through the many mansions that exist within the domains of my Father’s Creation — and that Creation is infinite — try as I might, I cannot discover anything that can truly describe you. I cannot find that which is of greater value than you. In Truth, I cannot discover anything that speaks more eloquently of the Love that God is, than your very existence. Therefore, in Truth, I look upon you constantly, and marvel at the Radiance of my Father’s Love.
    9. It is, then, through you that I come to discover all that God is. And as a man, when I walked upon your plane, I began to realize that the greatest gift that I could ever receive would only come to me as I chose to surrender every perception that I might conjure up about you, my brother or sister, that would veil the Truth that is true about you always.
    10. And, indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. If I speak in the language of your world, I cannot find those words that can convey to you the Love which I feel for you. I cannot find the words that can convey unto you the Love I feel, that God has for all of us. If I search the languages of your world, I cannot find a concept, a word, an idea, a philosophy, a dogma that can contain, in Truth, the Mystery that is closer to you than your own breath and awaits your discovery.