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  1. Mar 2015
    1. But something began to compel me. How might I discover how to see only that Shimmering Radiance? Would it be possible for me to see my brothers and sisters as my Father sees His Children? And, in Truth, I discovered that the way to see with the Eyes of Christ begins with the acceptance that I, as a creator, created in the image of God, indeed, literally choose every experience, and call it to me; that I create the veils through which I view Creation.
    2. When I was of nine years of age, I began to awaken to exactly what I am describing to you. And as my father would take me to sit with the elders, and as he would read from the Torah to me, I began to be compelled by something within. Something began to speak to me, that underneath all of the perceptions that I could create of another, there was something Radiant and Shimmering waiting to be discovered. I began to feel very different from my peers. I began to be preoccupied with inner things. And when I listened to the elders speak, I would often feel as though I had drifted far away from where they were. And pictures would come to me, and thoughts would come to me, and feelings would come to me that I didn’t understand, that I hadn’t assimilated into my being.

      My perception of others veil what is True about them, true beyond the body and belief in separation. It is my perception that must be relinquished if I want to that Truth.