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    1. Beauty-based discrimination is rarely addressed, but one such instance was the fuss about Facebook's "feeling fat" emoji. It was framed that Facebook was the guilty party here, but I would argue that the offended people were the guilty party, as they're the ones who made the leap from "fat" to "sub-human". In some cultures, being fat is acceptable or even desirable.
    2. People often talk about how colours are meant to contrast, by using colour wheels or by checking the HSV coordinates, but be aware that these tools are lies. The scale of computer colours is typically not perceptually uniform. Brown should be a narrow region for instance and blue should be a huge region. To see the proper range of each colour, consult a rainbow.
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    1. Miracles are part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement.

      How much humility would take for you to order all your guillotines to stop? So many efforts you have put to set this bloody operation going that now it's hard to even think of turning it on hold. Yes, results are outstanding, you've taken care of everything indeed, you even have been generous towards the sentenced for among all the types of executions you chose the most humane. The job gets done in seconds and with those "bastards" no more spoiling the party, the world you hope becomes a better place. In sounds of clanging blades you stand and look around The Justice Square... Behold what you have made.

      Of course the longest line to Justice Square is made of politicians, the traffic drivers are standing right behind, and you could see bad parents, terrorists, door dealers, lawyers and many others if you stand up on your toes. And yet at least for once you must have thinking: how many guillotines you'll need? It cannot be they haven't heard about your dreadful fame already but why o'why the line of guilties never ends?

      Any cycling situation, when you hit the same emotions despite the fact that scenery is not the same, is a potential siren call which when combined inevitably lead you to an extraordinary question: what if the source of all you see is placed in nowhere but within? What if you're occupying not the viewer's chair in movies but in projector's room instead? What if your eyes are not receivers but transmitters of the signal, would not this tell you why the death row at the Justice Square is full? What is the point beheading further when you have learned: the only damaged neck has always been but yours?

      This ... course ... is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. The means of the Atonement is forgiveness. C-In.1

      Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception, all are one. C-4.3

      Forgiveness is the central theme that runs throughout salvation, holding all its parts in meaningful relations, the course it runs directed, and its outcome sure. W-169.12

      The way to God is through forgiveness here. There is no other way. W-256

      hold no one prisoner. Release instead of bind, for thus are you made free. The way is simple. Every time you feel a stab of anger, realize you hold a sword above YOUR head. And it will fall or be averted as you choose to be condemned or free. Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your savior from the prison house of death. And so you owe him thanks instead of pain. Be merciful today. The Son of God deserves your mercy. W-192.9

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    1. Modes of perception and action also guide our mental as well as worldly representations of those spaces, how we think about them, how we think with them, how we communicate them.

      does it mean that certain actions will not be possible by people who lack those modes of perceptions?

    1. In 1953 I realized that the straight line leads to the downfall of mankind. But the straight line has become an absolute tyranny. The straight line is something cowardly drawn with a rule, without thought or feeling; it is the line which does not exist in nature. And that line is the rotten foundation of our doomed civilization. Even if there are places where it is recognized that this line is rapidly leading to perdition, its course continues to be plotted. ..Any design undertaken with the straight line will be stillborn. Today we are witnessing the triumph of rationalist know-how and yet, at the same time, we find ourselves confronted with emptiness. An aesthetic void, dessert of uniformity, criminal sterility, loss of creative power. Even creativity is prefabricated. We are no longer able to create. That is our real illiteracy.   Friedensreich Hundertwasser
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    1. In early occult and spiritualist literature, remote viewing was known as telesthesia and travelling clairvoyance. Rosemary Guiley described it as "seeing remote or hidden objects clairvoyantly with the inner eye, or in alleged out-of-body travel."
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    1. and the pre!.umption lhal direcl knowledge is available through revelation or perception.

      Because it states knowledge is available through perception, do we all having differing knowledge because individuals have their own perceptions? It seems as though individuals can not have a sense of shared knowledge unless we all have the same perceptions.

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    1. Notes

      The original, plundered by Napoleon in 1797 so it is no surprise the reproduction is seen as better than the original which is in the Louvre. When the reproduction was hung in its original setting — Palladio’s Refectory on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore — on 11 September 2007, the critic Dario Gamboni wrote: ‘It seems that many are still wedded to a fixed idea of originality… I would like you to consider that originality is rooted in the trajectory or career of the object — it is not a fixed state of being but a process which changes and deepens with time.’ For Gamboni, the reproduction in the Refectory was a more complete and authentic experience than the painting hanging in the Louvre. Taken from https://www.christies.com/features/Master-of-reproduction-Adam-Lowe-and-Factum-Arte-6776-1.aspx

    2. facsimiles have a bad reputation-people assimilate them with a photographic rendering of the original-and “digital” is associated with an increase in virtuality. So, when we speak of digital facsimiles, we are looking for trouble.
    3. knee-jerk reaction-“But this is just a facsimile”

      A copy can potentially increase the value and appreciation of the original, so we should not dismiss reproductions. Is the real value not attributed by its history

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    1. The result of this is easy to see: Those specifically requesting a lighter workload, who were disproportionately women, suffered in their performance reviews; those who took a lighter workload more discreetly didn’t suffer. The maxim of “ask forgiveness, not permission” seemed to apply.
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    1. The literature shows that the vast majority of students report open textbooks to be of the same or better quality than the commercial textbooks they have used.
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    1. he ego answered questionsabout the closeness among the alters on a 5-point Likert scale. For pur-poses of analysis, a tie between alters was considered to be present ifthey were classified as either very or moderately close

      Notice, the network is constructed through the perceptions of the ego. This is totally fine but it does require analytical attention.

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    1. “When we are trying to understand and explain what happens in social settings, we tend to view behavior as a particularly significant factor. We then tend to explain behavior in terms of internal disposition, such as personality traits, abilities, motives, etc. as opposed to external situational factors. This can be due to our focus on the person more than their situation, about which we may know very little. We also know little about how they are interpreting the situation.
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    1. exposed two groups to a series of visual perception learning exercises

      How does study this account for other cues of perception? e.g. listening and such. Isn't it biased against Visual only?

  17. Dec 2016
    2. The problem, then, is that people are involved with their thoughts and not with life. This creates a very great gulf in your experience.
    3. when you say, "I create my reality," what you are saying is that you are creating an interpretation of what you can experience. If you can only experience this much of life, and it is all your interpretation, then you see your range of perception is very limited. But your Knowledge, which you carry within yourself, is capable of opening your perception completely. Without so much incessant thinking, wondering, asking, pondering, manipulating, planning and scheming, and so forth, the greater part of your mind, your Knowledge, can begin to show you things. It is not difficult to have direct experience. You simply must not be doing anything else.
    4. The fact is you only create interpretations of reality. A better interpretation may be more pleasant temporarily, but you are still disassociated from yourself and life. It is this disassociation that must be bridged. Life is happening all around you, an incredible panorama. But you cannot experience it. Your Teachers are with you, helping you in amazing ways, but you do not know that they are there. There are genuine relationships waiting for you in life, waiting for you to be ready and desirous of them, but you must have the capability and the desire.
    5. When we speak of perception, we are speaking of your interpretation of the reality that you can experience. What you experience is interpretive. It is very rare that people have a direct experience of anything! Direct experience means that you are experiencing a reality that is beyond your interpretation. A very rare and great experience this is. It could be the common denominator of your experience, but in fact it is quite rare and phenomenal because 99.9% of your experience is interpretation of the reality that you can experience. When I say "the reality that you can experience," I mean that you can only experience a little bit of reality because of your limited capacity and range of perception. So, it is not merely the interpretation of reality at large; it is interpretation of the reality that you can experience.
    6. Most people's problems are hypothetical anyway. There is the problem and there is the interpretation of the problem, which can be quite different from the problem itself. People say, "I want to have a relationship in my life now," which may not be the problem. So, why should I try to resolve something that is not the problem? The problem is not that they do not have a relationship, but that they need to develop something else that is more important! That is very often the case, but people do not see that as the avenue that they must follow. They are lonely, so they want a mate. But, I say "stillness."
    7. Inner Listening is a subject that is very relevant to everyone here. It has practical application in every circumstance and with every person you might meet. In fact, if you become proficient in practicing the things that we will speak of, you will have an opportunity to be far more effective in all your engagements and will be able to perceive things that are extremely useful beyond the realm of normal perception.
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    1. I will tell you something else: You have friends to meet and greet you when you come out of this misperception of self whom you will enjoy re-recognizing. To hell with those who are still dreaming! You don’t have the perspective to know whether they are really asleep or not, and would you stay in your dream to save them from their dream if you knew they weren’t really asleep? You cannot afford to govern yourself according to your current perceptions. Maybe the lack is the crumbling of something illusory that doesn’t need to be reestablished. You will not know until you choose for Me/You.

      Wow Raj does not mince words here.

      So any perceived problem or challenge is just the crumbling of what needs to crumble so one can re identify with Self, Being...

      "You cannot afford to govern yourself according to your current perceptions."

    1. In the past, you have had a sense of my being present with you where you are in your perception of things. But in the last twenty-four hours, you have grasped that when we are speaking, you are actively present with me, I will say, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Fourth dimension, in the undistorted conscious experience of Being, even though almost none of it seems to be available to you, except for the presence of my words. This is, indeed, the way you make the shift. This is, indeed, the way you Graduate. This is, indeed, the way you relinquish an investment of trust in your perceptions, or in the three-dimensional-only frame of reference.

      Raj shares here how to graduate. Raj shares that when he and Paul are speaking they are in 4d, Beingness, and even though it may seem unavailable to Paul except through Raj's presence/words, the continues practice of tuning in with Raj facilitates the relinquishing of trust in 3d perceptions.

      S to I am hearing that we graduate by practising tuning into guidance which is in 4d and this supports the letting go of the fusion to 3d perceptions.

  20. Dec 2015
    1. RAJ: Whenever you are faced with a demand to give specific attention to some part of your infinitude and it presents itself as being “problematic,” it is simply the time and place for this aspect of You to be consciously incorporated into and as your conscious experience of being as Yours! You say you don’t want to be bothered, that this is not a good time because of other more pressing demands. But, Paul, your Being unfolds Itself as You according to divine Intelligence, Universal order and priorities. Every problem is your opportunity to be the Christ—that accurate perception of Reality (Your Being) that is not deluded in any way—and for that perception to become irrevocably “incorporated” into and as your Self-awareness. There is no more pressing need than that, because when seen, it becomes apparent that pressing needs are illusions of the partial view. They never existed as anything for you to sweat over and tense yourself up about.

      Quote: Every problem is your opportunity to be the Christ - that accurate perception of Reality (Your Being) that is not deluded in any way - and for that perception to become irrevocably "incorporated" into and as your Self-awareness.

      There is no more pressing need than that.

      Pressing needs are illusions of the partial view (3dRef).

    1. The personal sense of things becomes a sieve through which is run our experiences of our “others” and even our experience of the world. This causes a highly unnatural misalignment of our perception of them. You could compare it to intense inbreeding of animals, in which the breed becomes so refined as to no longer have a broad enough base to support it. It becomes weak and idiotic. This is why relationships based on a personal sense cannot stand, or withstand, the normal dynamics of Life. Having been so finely misaligned by having been put through the sieve of egotism and self-righteousness, the downfall of such personal relationships does not occur comfortably. They come apart only with great distress being experienced on the part of the one indulging in that personal sense.

      Why break ups can be so painful.

    1. That which makes abundance appear to be lack is entirely in the standpoint. It depends entirely on which end of the binoculars you are looking through. As I have said before, you have a habit of switching ends quite frequently. This is what is frustrating you. When you receive a telephone call, or a statement in the mail, which claims that your Supply is not omnipresent—some part of your universe is coming up short—you must recognize this as being totally false. Your Being is omnipresently present and active. Since that is the Fact, then it would be foolish for you to go out and attempt to correct that illusion on the basis of the phone call or statement. The attempt is made on the basis of a false assumption.

      This is an effective metaphor: what is perceived depends on which end of the binoculars you are looking through.

      It is important to be aware of claims that what is false is true so they can be effectively addressed. This is why mindfulness or awareness is such an important component of the journey of awakening.

      What tag to use?? An event has arisen that claims Paul is in lack when that is not possible in Truth - only in illusion. How best to tag things like this?

    1. Again, do not let your experience of being as Conscious Being become divided into many beings, externalized, “out there,” separate and apart from You. That is the illusion. The fact is that everything you see is going on as You, and you must understand that the You that you experience as “being alive,” “being conscious,” is the I that is Mind, God. The realization of this fact is what is called the Christ, the True Perception of Your Being. It is this True Perception of your Being which is dawning in your thoughts more forcibly than ever before.
  21. Nov 2015
    1. The same old story which is going on is that Reality, the Actuality, Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being, is what is going on and is what has always been going on in Its Totality. You must be very strict in your observance of what you know Actually to be true. Be willing to act, think, and respond from that standpoint. The need is to see the Actuality, not to respond or react to the partiality. Right now you are geared to spontaneously react to the way things appear. You are beginning to perceive that the necessity is to spontaneously respond to the Actuality as though that were the urgent need, rather than the limited, finite, three-dimensional view. I realize what I am telling you is not something new, but it is, nevertheless, the step that needs to be taken. It is the needed thing.

      Paul identifies a problem from his partial view of Being and Raj encourages him to change his perspective.

      Be willing to think and respond from what you know Actually to be true rather than to be fooled into believing what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is true.

      What???? Ignore my experience? Ignore what is coming to me through my physical senses and be willing to act only on a theory - an idea that has not yet been experienced????

      Question: We are taught two approaches, one, to live the truth and deny the illusion (5 minutes as Christ), and the other, to feel and embrace what we have always rejected and not wanted to even acknowledge. How does one do this? What does it even mean? The answer comes from living life and finding our way...

    1. You could say that when you have been actively engaged in living out your life from the position of the “screen” or the three-dimensional frame of reference, at that point you were taking time out from your Being, and that was where you were in error.

      I wonder that Raj is saying that Paul can 'perceive' that he is in 3d and perceptually he was not 'conscious' of his true Being....and this could be perceived as being in error...

    1. When observing them from the position of the image, we seem to be trapped into the story line. But, as we leave that position for the standpoint of being as Conscious Being, we apparently gain perspective. The story line appears to change and identify the Universal Harmonies of Being, which we could not see when we thought that we were one of the characters on the screen. It is in this process of leaving the basis of the image and uniting with and as the One Mind that the Reality of things begins to appear. This is why we have taken the last four weeks to effect this change of view. It is time for you to sop operating from the dimension of the image, and to begin functioning as Fourth-dimensional Man, being out from Mind. Until you thoroughly understand that nothing occurs at the point of the “image”—the three-dimensional frame of reference—until you realize that Cause does not reside at that point, out of habit you will be inclined to continue to try to rearrange things on the screen, to try to improve them, to try to make them more comfortable. And this will be a waste of time.

      This is a good description of Turtle Bay.

    2. Paul, the three-dimensional frame of reference is very much like the image on a motion picture screen. Where it appears to be full of meaning it, nevertheless, remains an image no more than a fraction of a millimeter thick on the surface of the screen. The meaning is not in the image at all, but is supplied within the awareness of the observer. If the observer dislikes something appearing on the screen, it is foolish for him to attempt to change the image in any way, because the meanings which he would like to alter are within him. What is faulty with that illustration is that, in a theatre, there is a projector—separate from the screen and the observer—which is projecting the picture on the screen. In Reality there is not a third aspect called a “projector,” which places the image on another aspect called a “screen.” In Reality, all three aspects are constituted of the one conscious experience of Being.
    1. When you are observing the three-dimensional universe, and you are interpreting it as existing and functioning on its own, then substance, as you are seeing it, has absolutely nothing to do with Substance as It Is. The flaw in your interpretation—the distortion of this partial or finite view—causes what is seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled to seem to be capable of sickness, decay, and death. These are dysfunctions which the Actuality of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is totally incapable of. The shift we have been discussing for the past few months involves a shift of the point of awareness from an objective placement to a subjective placement, wherein each and every Actual idea of Mind is experienced and recognized as being absolutely mental.

      3d Perception of Reality is a partial or finite view that includes the distortion of sickness and death that is not present in Reality.

      To shift perception from 3d Illusion to what is Real involves a shift in awareness from an objective to subjective placement where every Actual idea of Mind is experienced as being absolutely mental.

    1. t seems to you as though you have had a strenuous and purposeless day today. However, these are the idiotic ravings of ignorance, which would fool you into believing the exact opposite of what is unfolding in and as your experience as purposeful, dynamic, fulfilling and intelligent manifestations of your Being. As I have said before, you must learn to recognize that your Being is unfolding Itself at all times in perfect harmony with Its Nature. You must begin to accept this as the Fact, rather than what your imagination can come up with based upon what it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels. The Absolute Facts of your Being have never for an instant ceased operating, and never will. Therefore, anything other than this Fact is pure fiction, and you should not waste one moment on it. The only reason you don’t see it is because you are looking through your preconceptions about what is right for you. Then, when your Being unfolds Itself in a direction in which you are not consciously looking, it seems as though unfoldment has ceased altogether.

      Being is harmoniously unfolding at all times.You must learn to accept (Practice) this rather than the idiotic ravings of ignorance your imagination comes up with based on what it see, hears, tastes, smells, and feels.

      Any perception or experience other than that of unfolding Being is pure fiction (illusion) and you should not waste one moment on it.

      You don't see it because of your preconceptions (Beliefs) about what is right for you.

    1. I want to remind you that your Being is constituted of infinite Love. That Love constitutes the Substance of your total experience. I want to remind you of that, because the apparently external demands which you have been faced with have caused you to withdraw your attention from your awareness of that fact. As a result, you have not been feeling the loving kindness and the totally constructive and harmonious Nature of your Being as It is unfolding Itself as your conscious experience. Objectively speaking, Love is all around you, because Love is what constitutes your subjective Being. Whether or not you are temporarily caught up in the three-dimensional appearance of things, you are never removed from the ability to perceive the omnipresence of Love, because It is the warp and woof of all four dimensions. I want you to consciously and conscientiously open yourself up to the perception and the experience of the Love that constitutes your infinite Being, no matter from what apparent point or dimension you seem to be experiencing that infinitude.

      Being is made up of (constituted) infinite Love.Love is the substance of your experience - every aspect of it.

      3d demands (worldly demands) can cause us to withdraw our attention from the Fact that every aspect of our experience is comprised of Love.

      Love constitutes your personal experience of (subjective) Being. No matter what is going on in your experience you always have the ability to perceive Love.

      Practice: No matter what is happening in your experience, consciously and conscientiously open yourself to the perception and experience of the Love that constitutes your Infinite Being.

  22. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: You are incorrect, Paul. You are not able to see the good it has done, because you insist on looking in the wrong place. You insist on looking “out there,” rather than remaining solidly, steadfastly, and faithfully at that within point which you call the Place.

      Paul is faced with creditors demanding payment and he cannot pay them all. He's hoping his interaction with Raj during the past 4 weeks will bring resolution to the problem.

      Raj indicates his situation is excellent because it is showing Paul that what he thinks needs to be done is not correct.

    1. Paul, has it ever occurred to you that Being is . . . PAUL: [Nothing perceived.] RAJ: I want you to observe that you are still not positive that these communications are not just a figment of your imagination. When I begin to say something new, you immediately begin to race your mental engines to see what it is you can come up with that’s new, instead of relaxing and continuing to listen to what it is I am saying.

      Raj is beginning to say more and then it seems Paul is distracted by his thoughts, racing ahead in his mind to figure out what is new and loses the communication with Raj. He consciously drops into 3d communication in his thinking mind and out of 4d where this type of communication is occurring. Pauls doubt about the reality of the communications seems to have also played a role.

    1. This is exactly what is going on now, both in your individual experience and in the experience of the World. it will be the same World it has always been. But, you will have an enlightened view of it.

      Enlightenment = a change is perception of something that has not changed. The perception has changed.

    1. Paul, there most certainly is an intent or purpose, a Divine Purpose, being fulfilled today. However, it is far from what it appears to be from a three-dimensional standpoint. I know that you have really no more idea what is going to happen as the day finishes out than you do when you begin a healing session, than you do when we begin a conversation, or than you do when you lay out the Tarot cards. Do not let that concern you. Just stay where you are and observe the Divine Purpose fulfill Itself. You have trusted me before when you weren’t even sure I was real. I am saying now, again, “Trust me.” And I can see that you do trust even more.

      Things are not the way they appear.

      We have no idea of how the next moment will unfold.

      Trust and observe Divine purpose fulfill itself.

    1. They succeed in doing so largely because the states underwhich they operate are the “soft-states,” in that despite their oftenauthoritarian disposition and political omnipresence, they lack the nec-essary capacity, the hegemony and technological efficacy, to impose full

      control over society."

      It's the people that push the boundaries who find out just how strong/weak they really are. It is more about the atmosphere of a disciplinary society aided by the people's fear that's being enacted throughout societies instead of actual and legitimate control.

  23. Sep 2015
  24. May 2015
    1. a disadvantage compared with the anthropologist, the historian, let us repeat, has access to hardly any other sources than those that involve language

      Material sources: how might an individual have gripped the handle of this jug/balanced it on her head while walking a winding path, a rocky path, a forested path back to the village? What patterns would doing so have set up?

    1. ‘ skilled visions [which] are embedded in multi-sensory practices, where look is coordinated with skilled movement, with rapidly changing points of view, or with other senses such as touch’

      Or, how do you know what to look for, and do you know what to do when you see it?

  25. Mar 2015
    1. And so, therefore, in this hour, beloved friends, we would wish to share with you the power of forgiveness — how to cultivate it, how to refine it, how to understand the depths of it that can be revealed to you as you forgive seventy-times-seven times, how to bring up within you that which has not yet been forgiven, but perhaps forgotten. We would speak also, in this hour, of what perception is, and what projection is.
    2. And as I grew in age, I began to discover that the old teachers who spoke of the need to, “Forgive seventy times seven,” knew something quite profound that had even become lost within the tradition, the Jewish and Essene traditions, of my day. For, you see, to forgive means “to choose to release another from the perceptions that you’ve been projecting upon them.” It is, therefore, an act of forgiving one’s self of one’s projections. And as we begin to forgive, even unto seventy times seven times, each time you forgive you take yourself deeper into the purity of your own consciousness. You begin to see how profoundly you have been coloring, and therefore affecting, all of your relationships, through the simple act of not being aware of the power of projection.

      Definition of Forgiveness

    3. When I was of nine years of age, I began to awaken to exactly what I am describing to you. And as my father would take me to sit with the elders, and as he would read from the Torah to me, I began to be compelled by something within. Something began to speak to me, that underneath all of the perceptions that I could create of another, there was something Radiant and Shimmering waiting to be discovered. I began to feel very different from my peers. I began to be preoccupied with inner things. And when I listened to the elders speak, I would often feel as though I had drifted far away from where they were. And pictures would come to me, and thoughts would come to me, and feelings would come to me that I didn’t understand, that I hadn’t assimilated into my being.

      My perception of others veil what is True about them, true beyond the body and belief in separation. It is my perception that must be relinquished if I want to that Truth.

    4. It is, then, through you that I come to discover all that God is. And as a man, when I walked upon your plane, I began to realize that the greatest gift that I could ever receive would only come to me as I chose to surrender every perception that I might conjure up about you, my brother or sister, that would veil the Truth that is true about you always.
  26. Nov 2013
    1. For between two absolutely different spheres, as between subject and object, there is no causality, no correctness, and no expression; there is, at most, an aesthetic relation:

      Hm. Well, that's something, at least. Can we feel or sense or experience things beyond description with our sensory perception?

    2. drive toward the formation of metaphors is the fundamental human drive,

      language-learning as an innate characteristic of the human brain

    3. aesthetic relation:

      Reality as defined by aesthetics. That's fun.

    4. dissolve an image into a concept.

      Do we lose something in this dissolution?

    5. but we do know of countless individualized and consequently unequal actions which we equate by omitting the aspects in which they are unequal and which we now designate as "honest" actions.

      Well, how else are people supposed to function in a real world? Nothing's constant, so all we can do is make assumptions and generalizations in an attempt to make sense of our surroundings

    6. copy

      Implies that the sound is, somehow, directly related to the perception of something?

    7. first laws of truth


    8. within a proud, deceptive consciousness,

      anti-organic - mind as separate and almost entirely unrelated to the real, natural world.

    9. They are deeply immersed in illusions and in dream images

      Perceptions as world-defining

    1. And is it necessary to think them not men, but gods in all things?

      An issue with perceptions of past masters in all fields of study.

  27. Oct 2013
    1. how persuasion can be produced from the facts themselves.

      first form of persuasion is to determine how compelling or persuasive are the facts, and how the facts will be perceived by the audience.

    1. as if you had failed to do right rather than actually done wrong. You may be able to trust other people to judge you equitably.

      Persuading oneself that one isn't actually in the wrong. Rhetoric can be used to change one's own perspective, it seems.

  28. Sep 2013
    1. For the incantation's power, communicating with the soul's opinion, enchants and persuades and changes it, by trickery.

      Our world is shaped by perceptions, defined by words.