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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Summary: In people with normal vision (or corrected-to-normal vision), visual performance tends to be better with light mode, whereas some people with cataract and related disorders may perform better with dark mode. On the flip side, long-term reading in light mode may be associated with myopia.

      Dark mode vs light mode

    1. If headaches and eye strain persist, go see an optician. I had the same problem about a year ago; it turns out I am long-sighted and require glasses. Since then, my headaches and eye strain have pretty much stopped.
    2. Many people perceive light mode as the cause of eye strain. But blue light, among other things, is actually the cause of it most of the time.
    1. But this eyeline matchto the deer might have other meaning for Chris.

      resistance after lock eyes, perceive

    2. here are several eyeline matches as we seehis surroundings: a foosball table, bocce balls. He fails to notice the deer’shead above the television until it is referenced at the end of the informationalvideo, with Roman Armitage’s obscure line “Behold the Coagula.
    3. nvestigatingwhether or not the creature has survived, Chris looks into its eyes; the deer

      noting the eyes to communicate vs sounds...visual...suveill/perceive...mutual surveillance...resistant surveillance/perception...coded perception



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    1. The American Academy of Ophthalmology asserts that dry eyes are more likely to be the result of decreased blinking. The AAO asserts that people blink 15 times per minute in normal circumstances (“normal” being relative, here) but only five to seven times per minute while staring at a screen. Solutions for preventing dry eyes can be as simple as reminding yourself to blink, or using artificial tear drops throughout your day as a preventive measure. It’s also possible that you’re blinking even less if your superclose to your screen.

      The true reason of dry eyes: rare blinking

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    1. Doth any here know me? This is not Lear: Doth Lear walk thus? speak thus? Where are his eyes? Either his notion weakens, his discernings Are lethargied--Ha! waking? 'tis not so. Who is it that can tell me who I am? Fool Lear's shadow.