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  1. Sep 2020
    1. In particular, this takes a different approach from CSS Shadow Parts, which allows a component consumer to target selected elements, but to then apply arbitrary styles to those elements.
    1. This specification defines the ::part() pseudo-element on shadow hosts, allowing shadow hosts to selectively expose chosen elements from their shadow tree to the outside page for styling purposes.
  2. Aug 2020
  3. Oct 2017
    1. digitaltracesalsogetcirculatedandrepurposedandinthisregardhavesociallivesbeyondthefeedbackloopsoftheirplatforms.[28]Thus,notonlyistrackingincipienttothefunctioningofspecificconventions,butthedatageneratedhasextensitysuchthatitcantravelbeyondandbetweenconventions.
    2. Popularlyknownasthe‘quantifiedself’,datatracesproduceacompulsiontonotonlyself-trackbutsharethisdatasothatsubjectscanmonitorthemselvesinrelationtoothersbutalsocontributetoresearchon,forexample,healthconditions.Ironically,whilegovernmentprogrammesforsharinghealthdatahavebeenscuppered,thesharingofhealthinformationthroughprivateorganizationssuchas23andMe(DNAprofilingofmorethan700,000members)andPatientsLikeMe(healthconditionsofmorethan250,000members)areproliferatingandpromotingdatasharingforthepublicgoodofadvancingmedicine.[62]Governmentsandcorporationsalikecalluponcitizensubjectstosharedataaboutthemselvesasanactofcommongood.Throughdisciplinarymethodstheycompelcitizensubjectstoconstitutethemselvesasdatasubjectsratherthanmakingrightsclaimsabouttheownershipofdatathattheyproduce.

      Hay simplemente datos que no registramos y tenemos la tendencia dejar una sobra digital pequeña en lugar de una grande. Los data selfies son maneras de reapropiar las narrativas sobre los datos y pensarnos de otras maneras desde ellos, en lugar de dejar esas lecturas sólo a quienes nos mercantilizan.

  4. May 2017
    1. Doth any here know me? This is not Lear: Doth Lear walk thus? speak thus? Where are his eyes? Either his notion weakens, his discernings Are lethargied--Ha! waking? 'tis not so. Who is it that can tell me who I am? Fool Lear's shadow.
  5. Oct 2016
    1. This image, as it is repeated, becomes associated with Hiroshima and nuclear disaster.

      I found this a little disturbing but true. For an image it becomes a powerful one when there is nothing left of a person except the shadows on the wall.

  6. Sep 2015
    1. You will also have to tell AngularJS what part of the directive's HTML template that is to contain the transcluded HTML

      cf. The concept of 'slots' in the Shadow DOM spec.

  7. Oct 2013
    1. Moreover, everything that resembles something else must necessarily be inferior to that of which it is a copy, as the shadow to the substance, the portrait to the natural face, and the player's acting to the real feeling

      It sounds like Plato's cave metaphor