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  1. Jun 2020
    1. The necessity ofskRbeing secure for sender authentication is due to HPKEbeing vulnerable to key-compromise impersonation.
    1. Only New Jersey and Delaware voted against Wilson’s compromise

      James Wilson (Pennsylvania) offered the 3/5ths idea

    2. ng hot June 11, 1787, South Carolina delegate John Rutledge

      Rutledge and Major Pierce Butler were apparently the architects of the 3/5th proposal in the Constitution.

    3. The only delegate who pounced on the three-fifths “compromise” was Massachusetts abo-litionist and future vice president Elbridge Gerry. “ Blacks are prop-erty, and are used [in the South] . . . as horses and cattle are [in the North],” Gerry stammered out. So “why should their representation be increased to the southward on account of t he number of slaves, [rather] t han [on the basis of] horses or oxen to the north?”



    1. It is not customary in Rails to run the full test suite before pushing changes. The railties test suite in particular takes a long time, and takes an especially long time if the source code is mounted in /vagrant as happens in the recommended workflow with the rails-dev-box.As a compromise, test what your code obviously affects, and if the change is not in railties, run the whole test suite of the affected component. If all tests are passing, that's enough to propose your contribution.
  2. May 2020
    1. It would be best to offer an official way to allow installing local, unsigned extensions, and make the option configurable only by root, while also showing appropiate warnings about the potential risks of installing unsigned extensions.