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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Through living relations, the world speaks itself. The world becomes its own language for anyone who wishes to listen. [...] In perceiving we always participate in the world, which thus starts to speak. And through speaking we not only resonate to the world, but we actually transform it.
  2. Mar 2023
    1. NAPFs combine the opportunistic use of bodies of law, the spatial demarcation of the firm's corporate structure, and economic activities occurring in bounded local spaces. These firms do not use bodies of law as external resources, but integrate legal and spatial scaling into their everyday operations. Legal affordances are a privilege supported by a transnational interpretative community of professionals that promotes their widespread recognition through “embedded spaces of social practice” (Faulconbridge, 2007; Harrington and Seabrooke 2020). Legal affordance differs from legal provision, which is a granted right and commonly viewed as fixed and static external resources. As we clarify below, NAPFs use legal affordances to construct what David Harvey (1973, 2006) referred to as relational space that empowers their capacity to exploit other people's assets and avoid regulatory burdens.

      Distinction between legal provision and legal affordance is useful at a general level - although the opportunistic use is not as distinct from legal provision as they say, given that no law is in practice ever really static. But the construction of 'relational space' for extractive purposes is paradoxical and disturbing.

  3. Jun 2019
    1. We need to shift from thinking about methods as processes of gathering data toward methods as a becoming entangled in relations. This requires a commit-ment to methods in which experience gives way to experi-mentation, where it “becomes a field of variations in which to experiment with the questions of how felt difference might register in thinking” (McCormack, 2013, p. 11).

      The two don't seem distinct to me. Gathering is always already an embodied, entangled act of relationality.