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    1. I was able to go to Learning without frontiers in January 2011 in 2012.

      But this opening has been closed off within the university.

  5. Jul 2016
    1. Boundary Catalysts

      If you are wondering what some of these boundaries might be, then check out this pen pal workshop for more guidance on boundaries between pen pals and prisoners. Here are a few of the listed boundaries if you want it quick:

      "Having trouble deciding if you want to visit your pen pal, or should you send money or packages, or how to respectfully set sexual boundaries? This workshop will open up the challenging conversation about setting personal boundaries as well as developing/maintaining respectful, accountable relationships through letter writing with pen pals inside prison walls."

  6. Dec 2015
    1. The blurring of boundaries between the body and the city raises complexities in relationto our understanding of the human subject and the changing characteristics of humanagency.

      Maybe this is to say we shouldn't be blurring the lines of the boundaries so much then? Sounds a bit like playing with fire..

  7. Oct 2015
    1. it tells us little about sales of actual ebooks

      Or about the broader context for reading. Often strikes me that we still take the “book” concept as a given. Texts come in many forms but we’re stuck with this model of packaging texts by length. Much of literary postmodernism had to do with breaking free of those boundaries on our thinking. But eBooks often reproduce the linearity and boundedness of pre-hypertext “books”. Landow’s book was first published in 1991. What happened in the last 25 years?

    1. They succeed in doing so largely because the states underwhich they operate are the “soft-states,” in that despite their oftenauthoritarian disposition and political omnipresence, they lack the nec-essary capacity, the hegemony and technological efficacy, to impose full

      control over society."

      It's the people that push the boundaries who find out just how strong/weak they really are. It is more about the atmosphere of a disciplinary society aided by the people's fear that's being enacted throughout societies instead of actual and legitimate control.

  8. Sep 2015
    1. Other studies have focused on how ritual activities can create or recreate community boundaries

      community boundaries are usually present in village settings

    2. This research has been important in breaking down conceptual boundaries between tradi- tional disciplinary approaches to the built environmen

      Example that challenging tradition can be a good thing

    1. historical political boundaries of the native Americans

      We view the world in these simplified 2D representations of clearcut political entities. Fredrik Barth and Benedict Anderson have said quite a few important things about these issues of maps and boundaries.

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