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  1. Jan 2021
    1. clear goals

      I find this to be particularly important, in part because if you have clear goals then you're usually less susceptible to distractions.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. nacarexpeditionagainsttheirenemies,thewarpipeissent.Thisistheinvitation.Ifit‘ieaccepted,thepartyispledgedtojoinintheexpedition.Thedifferentbandsseldomornevermakewaroneachother.Theyarelesssavageandferociousthanmanyofthetribeswhichhavebeenfoundonourfrontiers.Theyhaveseldombeenknowntocommitoutrageousactsofbarbarityexceptwhenprovokedtoit.Theyseekrevengeformurderbysheddingblood

      ojibwe war rituals involve no in-fighting, and revenge for members of their band's that are killed



  3. Jan 2019
  4. Nov 2018
    1. They believed that through their bones or ashes, the dead “consumed” whatever food or drink the living offered. So they built “libation tubes” into graves that directly connected living relatives to their ancestors below. The idea was that the liquid didn’t have to seep through the ground to get to their remains, and could instead flow directly to them.

      I've never heard of this before. Both cool and creepy.

  5. Sep 2015
    1. Ritual performances may also be viewed as the principal mechanism by which meaning in the built environment is activated (175) or as the key to investing domestic spaces with meaning and transforming their meaning

      Can what we build come alive through ritual performances?

    2. Other studies have focused on how ritual activities can create or recreate community boundaries

      community boundaries are usually present in village settings