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  1. May 2024
    1. signing the message in the context of the graph for integrity

      That's weird. User's not in chare of creating an event (as user-generated event is not a complete event in Matrix model, it lacks causal history).

      Relying for creation of an event on a server means you need to be online in order to use apps.

      Better: let user's device be enough, so user can create events offline, sync it later. Server is dumb - just relaying it to user's friends.

    1. Schwere Überschwemmungen haben im Süden Brasillens mindestens 13 Todesopfer gefordert. Die Strom- und Trinkwasserversorgung war für Zehntausende unterbrochen. Es wurde der Katastrophenzustand ausgerufen. Präsident Lula führte die Überschwemmungen auf die globale Erhitzung zurück. Sie setzen eine Serie von Extremwetterereignissen in Brasilien fort, die auf das Zusammenwirken von Klimaveränderungen und El Niño zurückgehen. https://taz.de/Unwetter-in-Brasilien/!6008323/

  2. Apr 2024
    1. One helpful supplement for this approach is the use of “Events” in the course calendar. Events show in thesyllabus and can enforce non-assignment materials (such as readings or topics)

      I need to investigate this.

    1. mbine weekly drought and heatwave information for 26 climate divisions across the globe, employing historical and projected model output from eight Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 6 GCMs and three Shared Socioeconomic Pathways. Statistically significant trends are revealed in the CDHW characteristics for both recent observed and model simulated future period (2020 to 2099). East Africa, North Australia, East North America, Central Asia, Central Europe, and Southeastern South America show the greatest increase in frequency through the late 21st century. The Southern Hemisphere displa

      Wenn sich die globale Erhitzung fortsetzt, wird die Anzahl kombinierter Dürren und Überflutungen zunehmen. Dabei gehört Mitteleuropa zu den besonders betroffenen Regionen. https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2219825120 (via CarbonBrief)

  3. Jan 2024
    1. Greek plays are not just about entertainment; they are invitations to the audience to discuss political events.

      Greek plays are either tragedies or comedies. There is a much deeper meaning to them than just entertaining the public. Keeping this in mind when reading the stories gives them a much deeper meaning.(https://www.worldhistory.org/Greek_Theatre/) To know the full extent of what they were really meant for is important to the readers. For this specific play, the meaning behind the story is that the men in charge are operating from an excessively limited perspective as they ignore their partners' informed advice. This is a huge political controversy to this day. Women are very overlooked in society especially considering how far back this is dated. Back when this play was written women were given tasks like cooking and cleaning and had little to no rights so this was a good political example of how they were treated and overlooked.

    1. Moravec’s view is that the robots will eventually suc-ceed us—that humans clearly face extinction.

      Joy contends that one of Hans Moravec's views in his book Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind is that robots will push the human species into extinction in much the same way that early North American placental species eliminated the South American marsupials.

  4. Dec 2023
    1. they're probably about 15 or 20 major long-term stresses that you can identify that are affecting 00:09:43 Humanities outcomes for Better or For Worse and Trigger events which which are much less predictable
      • for: stats - major stressors of the polycrisis, trigger events

      • stats: major stressors of the polycrisis

        • profile of a crisis
          • a crisis occurs when
        • a major stressor occurs
          • there are between 15 and 20 of them
        • and combines with much less predictable "trigger" events
          • also called stochastic or random events
    1. To enable servers to push data to web pages over HTTP or using dedicated server-push protocols, this specification introduces the EventSource interface.

      So they're kind of like webhooks, but from the server to the client instead of one server to another server?

  5. Nov 2023
    1. In a partially ordered system it is still possible to enforce a to-tal order on events after the fact, as illustrated in Figure 2. Wedo this by attaching a logical timestamp to each event; Lamporttimestamps [45] are a common choice.
    2. However, other eventsmay be concurrent, which means that neither happened before theother; in this case, different replicas may process those events in adifferent order [10].
    1. that the said Indians shall have all favour, Friendship & Protection shewn themfrom this His Majesty's Government.

      the Wabanaki confederacy will have protection and peace shown to them by the British Crown. As Dyllan said, this reiterates the importance of peace within these negotiations. I also find it interesting that the last document merely states that they cannot ally themselves with anyone but the British, and here they specifically state that they will also offer them protection.

    2. That a Quantity of Bread, Flour, & such other Provisions as can be procured, necessary for theFamilys, and proportionable to the number of the said Indians, shall be given them half yearlyfor the time to come; and the same regard shall be had to the other Tribes that shall hereafteragree to Renew and Ratify the Peace upon the Terms and Conditions now Stipulated.

      This could be a sort of control or assurance by the British government under the agreed alliance, indicating a shared interest in the provisions each has to offer when taking into account the opening of trade regulations.

    3. It is agreed that the said Tribe of Indians shall not be hindered from, but have free liberty ofHunting & Fishing as usual:

      In the other document, it stated that trade between the Indigenous and the British would be regulated under the Massachusetts government. In this document, it states that they now have full permission to hunt and fish as they please. This could be an indication of the British recognizing Indigenous sovereignty, while also benefitting from Indigenous trade.

    4. 2. That all Transactions during the late War shall on both sides be buried in Oblivion with theHatchet, and that the said Indians shall have all favour, Friendship & Protection shewn themfrom this His Majesty's Government

      he language used through the text seems friendly and warm. Through this text were are able to see that there is recognition that both sides were I the wrong and that not once side acted less violently than the other. It also shows understanding to the opposing side and that they do not want to stay enemies but rather they hope to reconcile and make peace

    5. 2. That all Transactions during the late War shall on both sides be buried in Oblivion with theHatchet, and that the said Indians shall have all favour, Friendship & Protection shewn themfrom this His Majesty's Government.

      The language of this treaty is far warmer than the previous

    6. 1. It is agreed that the Articles of Submission and Agreement, made at Boston in New Englandby the Delegates of the Penobscot Norridgwolk & St. John's Indians, in the year 1725 Ratified &Confirmed by all the Nova Scotia Tribes, at Annapolis Royal, in the month of June 1726, & latelyrenewed with Governor Cornwallis at Halifax, & Ratified at St. John's River, now read over,Explained and Interpreted, shall be and are hereby from this time forward Renewed, Reiterated,and forever Confirmed by them and their Tribe; and the said Indians for themselves and theirTribe and their Heirs aforesaid Do make & Renew the same Solemn Submissions and promissesfor the Strickt observance of all the Articles therein contained as at any time heretofore hathbeen done

      The term submission suggests a surrender by the Wabanaki, however by renewing the previous treaty I agree with Thomas in his assessment of this being a compromise by the British as well, as the terms of said treaty were not fully restrictive and still prove to be of some benefit to the Wabanaki

    7. That the Indians shall use their best Endeavours to save the lives and goods of any PeopleShipwrecked on this Coast, where they resort, and shall Conduct the People saved to Halifaxwith their Goods, & a Reward adequate to the Salvadge shall be given them.

      In another interesting point of positivity. The British are also encouraging the Indigenous to help people shipwrecked, not only to save the lives but also the goods, of which they will be rewarded adequate to the Salvage.

      Again the focus is not on fighting and killing, but working together in peace and harmony to encourage better relations between the people.

    8. Indians shall have free liberty to bring for Sale to Halifax or anyother Settlement within this Province, Skins, feathers, fowl, fish or any other thing they shallhave to sell,

      Again trade and commerce is still a focus of the people, as good trade can help maintain positive relations, and make it more profitable for both sides to remain at peace than go to war. Saying the Indians have free liberty to bring sale to halifax and other provinces furthers this point by using positive language to indicate the Indians can trade much more freely, further bolstering relations.

    1. Saving unto the Penobscott, Narridgewalk and other Tribes within His Majesty's Provincesaforesaid and their natural descendants respectively All their Lands, liberties and properties notby them Conveyed or sold to, or possessed by any of the English Subjects as aforesaid As alsothe Privilege of Fishing, Hunting and Fowling as formerly.That all Trade and Commerce which hereafter may be allowed betwixt the English and Indiansshall be under Management and Regulation, as the government of the Massachusetts Provinceshall direct.

      Trade and commerce are allowed between Indigenous and British, under the regulation and management of govt of Massachusetts.- restricting free trade, also puts Wabanaki at a disadvantage as the British are controlling the situation.

    2. will never Confederate or Combine with any other Nation to their prejudice

      British are ensuring Wabanaki neutrality in the event of military action taken against the Crown. This language reflects a restrictive alliance, as they do not directly ally themselves with them, they are being restricted to allying themselves with anyone against the British.

    3. Miseries and Troubles they have Involved themselves in, and being Desirous to berestored to his Majesty's Grace

      Unlike the other document this one takes a much harsher approach and suggests that the British believed that the indigenous groups were at fault.

    4. That all Trade and Commerce which hereafter may be allowed betwixt the English and Indiansshall be under Management and Regulation, as the government of the Massachusetts Provinceshall direct.

      Definitely restrictive language here- though upon a first glance not necessarily negative per say. There isn't anything inherently wrong with regulating trade though there can be an issue by placing it in the hands of a Government under the control of the crown.

    5. If any controversy or difference at any time hereafter happen to arise between any of theEnglish and Indians for any real or supposed wrong or Injury done on either side, no privateRevenge shall be taken for the same, but proper Application shall be made to his Majesty'sGovernment upon the place for remedy or redress there of in a due Course of Justice

      This is an important step to take within the treaty. Basically it is stated that no private revenge shall be taken if a wrong or injury is done, and that the Government and Course of Justice will deal with the issue. As the treaty is meant to maintain peace between the British and the Indigenous, it makes sense that the clause is worded this way to try and deescalate any conflict that does happen so the actions of a few disgruntled individual doesn't spark yet another war.

    6. Trade and Commerce which hereafter may be allowed betwixt the English and Indiansshall be under Management and Regulation, as the government of the Massachusetts Provinceshall direct

      This is restrictive in a few ways, as with the Management and Regulation of trade between English and Indians having to go through the Government of the Massachusetts Province, this means that any trades and commerce must go through the Government before it can be allowed, restricting the ability to trade freely.

    1. however Care will be taken by the Government That no Encroachment shall bemade on you and that they do not any wise Injure you but treat you as Friends and goodNeighbours

      garrisons and houses were set up by the British which the Penobscot wanted to be removed, which would show them the true nature of peace boasted by the British. In 1736 St George would later be taken over by the British against the Penobscot's wishes. In the article the British state they do not want to give up the houses, and that they will remain trading hubs, under the promise of peace and amity. They are using this as a way to retain what they want most while framing it as an act of assurance, which we know later to not be true.

    2. Fifthly. That Commerce and Trade shall be regulated and carryed on from time to time as shall beprovided by an Act to be made

      Trade and commerce: regulated under the Massachusetts government as seen previously in the 1725 Boston Treaty. Territory and land is a huge motivator, from the British perspective they want a monopoly over trade, and the Indigenous want to retain their homelands.

    3. The Penobscot Tribe sent Belts to those Tribes, & they sent their Belts to the PenobscotTribe for a Confirmation of their Agreeing to what shall be Concluded, wch Belts are lodged withour Chiefs wch is equivalent to a Writing or Articles under their Hands.

      The Penobscot tribe sent wampum belts to the tribes and vice versa, agreeing to the terms being discussed. Indigenous groups would solidify official matters and treaties with belts, different than written treaties done by the British. Indication of how matters of treaties were conducted within Indigenous communities.

    4. As you have read over to us several of the former Treaties with our Forefathers, We think itwould be better to come wholly upon a new Footing, for all those former

      This to me suggests that the Penobscot's value the stability of a treaty and the promises to uphold it- by acknowledging that previous treaties have been broken due to hidden ill intentions this demonstrates that they .take the premise of a new treaty very seriously and do not wish for it to be an empty promise

    5. That in the mean time no Settlements shall be made by the English beyond Sagadahock andAmoroscogging Rivers and above Merrymeeting Bay within this Province before their just Right andTitle hath been duly inquired into and made manifest and the Indians have had the full knowledgeand Understanding of such Right and Title

      Another restriction of territory for the british in this case where no settlements can go beyond particular points, and stating the Indigenous understand this as well as any settlements beyond these points would result in a violation of the treaty and possibly more hostility.

    6. Indians We desire to be informed what is meant by the Words former Settlements, whether theEnglish design to build Houses further than there are any Houses now built or Settlements made.Comrs When We come to Settle the Bounds We shall neither build or settle any where but withinour own Bounds so settled, without your Consent.Inds We understand it well now It is best to understand well what is said.[ 196 ]

      Within this particular portion, we see again that the discussion of land being a major talking point, with the Comrs stating that they will remain within their lands and boundaries as a part of the treaty, seeing that pushing forward could have consequences and a renewal of hostility if not taken seriously.

    7. Secondly. To forbear all Acts of Hostility and maintain a firm and Constant Friendship with theEnglish

      The second portion of the treaty further reinforces the idea of ending hostilities and making non aggression a focus of their relations, with friendship with the English being required.

    8. Firstly — Acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of the Crown of Great Britain and their Subjectionthereto

      Seeing as this is positioned first in this article, we can see at least in this instance the highest priority is for the Indigenous to accept the Sovereignty of the Crown of Great Britain, recognizing the authority they have in these lands.

    9. We told the Indians of the Cessation who came in the Cannoe to acquaint us they hadkilled some English, they said they knew nothing of it, if they had, theywould not have done the Mischief.

      In another instance, we do see some confusion on the matter. As information travels much slower than in the modern day, we can see that allegations of the killing of in this instance English, being something that if brought forward with the kidnapping of the English Lad, that it would further sour relations, and that information regardless of it's true or not could potential be used as a cause for war, a "False Flag" sort of situation as I think it's called.

    10. We can reckon three days after Loron set out from the Penobscot Tribefor Canada that mischief was done.

      As part of these treaties we also have to understand the conflicts that make up the hostilities. Here we see that Mischief was done that sparked hostility and could be used as a grounds for war if things are not resolved.

    11. We desire you as being nextNeighbours to ye English would go on heartily & with good Courage in making Peace And whatever you shall conclude upon We will agree to, For there is Nothing impossible for God to perform,And we wish there may be a good Conclusion of the Matter to all Parties concern'd

      Again we see another instance of the focus of peace between all the peoples. War is not preferable to an all out conflict and these treaties are made to ensure the peace.

  6. Oct 2023
    1. if wewanted to go to England to live there, what would we be told, if not to have us removed, andwe for the same reason we do not want the English to live in ours we hold only from God andthat we will dispute with all the men who want to live there without our consent

      This part of the reading helps us understand that even though the indigenous people were letting the europeans settle on their land doesn't mean that they were naive or happy about what was happening, rather they were very much well aware and against the situation

    2. Do not believe that we do not regard you as a great man; but put us all before God: if wewanted to go to England to live there, what would we be told, if not to have us removed, andwe for the same reason we do not want the English to live in ours we hold only from God andthat we will dispute with all the men who want to live there without our consent

      It is clear the Mi'kmaq are aware of the prejudice towards them by the British, and they use that to reverse the situation for perspective, it is clever, and draws on the hypocrisy considering England n(like many other European countries) have had their land encroached on in the past...

    3. You ask the reason why we took those of your nation, we tell you that it is you who are thecause; that it is you who have taken Canceau and Aldin, because before you were in ourcountry everything was at peace, but as soon as you arrived everything was at war there byyour threats to chase us from our property that our Fathers left us whose even we have noknowledge;

      This is an interesting point as it clearly points out why Antoine and Pierre Couaret, as well as the rest of the Minas, decided to capture the Aldin. The state that everything was peaceful prior to their arrival. This passage shows that the Mi'kmaw were beginning to resist the French and showed their defiance by capturing their trading vessels.

    1. Your residence at Port Royal made little shadow and for a long time I left you alone.But now this considerable theft you have made forces me to open my mouth. I willsoon come to see you. Perhaps you will well receive what I have to say. If you hear meand speak as you should, and you use the proper words, I will know that you only wishfor what is good and that everything will turn out well. I will not say more so as to nolonger split the head with my words. I send you greetings, my lord.]

      This paragraph explains that the Mi'kmaq people were very open to the French settling in Port Royal, however they felt that the french are now starting to take over and it is effect the way of living for the Mi'Kmaq people people, they did not like that they wee being forced to take refuge on their own land.

    2. But I know I am worth more than an earthworm and I know how to defendmyself if I am attacked

      The British expansion and establishment of Halifax (Kjipuktuk) in 1749 resulted in 2 years of conflict and hostility between them and the Mi’kma’ki people. This later culminated in the signing of a treaty in 1752. Feelings of hostility however did not conclude.

    1. What extent of my Lands has he not already seized after almost entirely destroyingme there, and now he wants to become master of what remains, where the smallnumber of us who escaped his fury have remained. According to the English, you havelet him do this

      acknowledgement of the treaty that they were not present for

    2. [For almost as long as I can remember, I have been at war with the English. Howmany times have they defeated me? Without your majesty’s help and protection, wewould have almost certainly been destroyed.

      Highlights the relationship between the French and the Abenaki well, and suggests they have allied to fight the English in the past

    3. I sincerely hope what he says is not true, and that he wants to deceive me. His goal isto become master of all the Land, but he places all of this on you.

      In regards to the English. It appears that the natives fear destruction at the hands of the English without support from their French allies. Which as we know is a significant issue that both the French and the Natives would have to unite on. With the French-Indian War happening a few decades later, I definitely see this as a precursor to that event as the Natives feared destruction at the hands of the British without French support. Which unfortunately still came to pass.

    4. [When I reflect on what you send me each year, and the help that your officers provideto me in your name, I am shocked and think to myself: “Thank God! Is it true that thegreatest of kings sees me as his child!”

      One of the things we must remember when it comes to Native and European influence is that the Europeans often traded goods and weapons in exchange for valuable goods the Natives can apply. As Firearms and Imported War Horses become more common, the Natives who recognized their value would want to ensure they had them, as it not only gave them an advantage when conflict occurs with other Tribes, but also meant that the tribes who did engage with trade with the Europeans stood a better chance if other europeans sought to push them out.

    5. For almost as long as I can remember, I have been at war with the English. Howmany times have they defeated me? Without your majesty’s help and protection, wewould have almost certainly been destroyed

      This also speaks to the allyship between the Abenaki and the French. They would often send their allies to fight on their behalf. Also highlights the hostilities between the Abenaki and the British.

    1. islands which thou wantest to seize

      Could this be referring to Canso Island? It was a site of Mi’kma’ki settlements long prior to the Utrecht treaty of 1713. This was a site of great dispute as the French sought to claim ownership as the British began to make settlements here, claiming it as part of Nova Scotia. The Mi’kma’ki saw this as an infringement on their territory, which, along with the sites along the rivers mentioned in the document along with the forts established by the British, would have culminated into a greater threat. It would also be the site of Mi’kma’ki resistance to British expansion.

    1. https://udenver.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuceuspzkuE9VomnEaGva1HH1ra_iS4Eua?ref=jessestommel.com#/registration

      Some related ideas that are suggesting some sort of thesis for improving the idea of ungrading: - We measure the things we care about. - In Education, we care about learning and understanding, but measuring these outside of testing and evaluation is difficult at best (therefor ungrading). - No one cares about your GPA six months after you graduate. - Somehow we've tied up evaluations and grades into the toxic capitalism and competition within US culture. Some of this is tied into educational movements related to Frederick Winslow Taylor and Harvards Eliot. - Hierarchies instituted by the Great Chain of Being have confounded our educational process.

  7. Sep 2023
    1. https://lacountylibrary.libnet.info/event/9097350


      Presenter Lawrence Mak broke down types of notes into the following three categories:<br /> - general notes (projects, ideas, journals, recipes, budgeting, homework, etc.)<br /> - lists (groceries, reading, gifts, to dos, assignments) - reminders (birthdays, bills, maintenance, health)

    1. https://libcal.library.upenn.edu/event/11148297

      9th-century copy of Boethius's Latin translation of Aristotle's De interpretatione, referred to in the manuscript as Periermenias, with the shorter of two commentaries that Boethius wrote on that work. Replacement leaves added in the 11th century to the beginning (f. 1-4) and end (f. 45-64) of the manuscript, in addition to providing the beginning and end of the Boethius (which is probably lacking 2 gatherings between extant gatherings 6 and 7), include the Periermeniae attributed to Apuleius in the medieval period, a poem by Decimus Magnus Ausonius on the seven days of Creation, a sample letter of a monk to an abbot with interlinear and marginal glosses, and other miscellaneous verses, definitions, and excerpts. Dot Porter, University of Pennsylvania, has determined that two groups of leaves are misbound; leaves 5-12 (the original order appears to have been 5, 9, 10, 6, 7, 11, 12, 8) and leaves 53-64 (the original order of the leaves appears to have been 61, 62, 53-60, 63, 64).

    1. The same thing applies with lead assignment rules Salesforce – you can define which users will be assigned leads that come from your website and which users will be assigned leads that come from social media.

      By automating this process, businesses can ensure that leads and cases are handled promptly and by the most suitable team members, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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    1. Tinderbox Meetup - Sunday, May 7, 2023: Connect with Sönke Ahrens live, the author of How to Take Smart Notes

      Sunday, May 7, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)<br /> 9 AM Pacific Time<br /> Zoom link for the meetup: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8850659900?pwd=ZE9ROUs1czNiK2FTTStjTUJuVkIydz09 4

      Agenda This one is going to be fun! Sönke Ahrens, the author of How to Take Smart Notes 12 will join our meetup on May 7th. Let’s start a thread on what we’d like to review with him. The meetup is not for a couple of weeks. If you have the time, I highly suggest you grab a copy and give it a read.


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    1. Publishers can create interactive stories on the platform and incorporate them in their website.

      I love this! It is similar to Prezi or VoiceThread.

      Do you also support collaborative editing (public or with invited collaborators)? If yes, a high-resolution world map could be used for collaborative pinning of local events, meetups, news, videos, and so on, such as radio.garden or YouTube Geofind.

    1. Genealogy Garage: Researching at the Huntington Library

      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/0f2j2K6JWGg" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
      • Julie Huffman jhuffman@lapl.org (host)
      • Stephanie Arias
      • Anne Blecksmith
      • Li Wei Yang
      • Clay Stalls cstalls@huntington.org


      Huntington Library

      Visit checklist

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    1. In contrast, poverty is something that most Americans will experience fora short period of time as a consequence of very “normal” occurrences—theloss of a job, the birth of a child, the transition to adulthood, the dissolutionof a marriage, and so on.

      Is it not coincidental that these life events are also some of the most stressful one will face in life? They're stressful enough on their own, but the added financial stressors add to the problems.



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    1. Adam Kucharski. (2020, December 13). I’ve turned down a lot of COVID-related interviews/events this year because topic was outside my main expertise and/or I thought there were others who were better placed to comment. Science communication isn’t just about what you take part in – it’s also about what you decline. [Tweet]. @AdamJKucharski. https://twitter.com/AdamJKucharski/status/1338079300097077250

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    1. If a developer wants to handle the error inside the component and also wants to have it bubble up, they can use this.fire('error', e) within onerror.
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    1. ns often accounting for the highest

      Don t miss any climate action events in 2021, this climate change conference will focus entirely on supply chain decarbonisation. Throughout the conference, we’ll focus on the practical steps that businesses can take to shift mindsets from ‘less harm’ to ‘more good’.

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    1. We should test for events emitted in response to an action in our component. This is used to verify the correct events are being fired with the correct arguments.
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    1. Events AAA and BBB are mutually exclusive (cannot both occur at once) if they have no elements in common.

      Events \(A\) and \(B\) are mutually exclusive (cannot both occur at once) if they have no elements in common.

      Events \(A\) and \(B\) are mutually exclusive if: $$P(A∩B)=0$$

    1. I asked Seyal if Pinterest had ever considered a feature that let users mark a life event complete. Canceled. Finished. Done. “We would have to have a system that thinks about things on an event level, so we could deliver on the promise,” Seyal said. “Right now we just use relevance as a measure.” But had Pinterest considered that, in the long run, people might be more inclined to use the app if it could become a clean space for them when they needed it to be, a corner of the internet uncluttered with grief?

      This would be a great feature for IndieWeb creators to consider.

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    1. Für die Klimakommunikation aber ist es jetzt Zeit für eine Schwerpunktverschiebung: weg von der Frage der Generierung von Aufmerksamkeit, Interesse und Verständnis für das existenzielle Thema und hin zur Kommunikation von Lösungen, zur Beteiligung an Debatten und zur Ermutigung zum Diskurs, zum Engagement – und zum Wandel.