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  1. Apr 2022
    1. To access your Linux files in Windows, open the Ubuntu terminal and type explorer.exe . (include the punctuation mark). This will open the linux directory in Windows Explorer, with the WSL prefix “\wsl$\Ubuntu-18.04\home\your-username”.Now, you’ll notice that Windows treats your Linux environment as a second network.
      • Accessing WSL files from Windows in the WSL terminal: explorer.exe .
      • Accessing Windows files from WSL terminal: cd /mnt
  2. Dec 2021
  3. Jun 2021
    1. This means that the request had pass to the external network but did not come back...

      Good to know to check if it works well on proxy in this way: Run below command in one terminal: sudo tcpdump -n -i en0 host

      And run below command in another terminal: dig @ www.google.com

  4. Jul 2020