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  1. Jun 2018
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    1. ingraft (Thus, the small-pox are happily convey’d;/) This ailment early to thy Negroe-train?
    2. sons of Guinea
    3. successive crops Of defedations oft will spot the skin: These thou, with turpentine and guaiac pods, Reduc’d by coction to a wholesome draught, Total remove, and give the blood its balm
    4. Then let the learned leach [275] Give, in due dose, live-silver from the mine; Till copious spitting the whole taint exhaust.
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    1. niccars/] The botanical name of this medicinal shrub is Guilandina.
    2. The South-Americans call them Miguas.
    3. Chigoes or Chigres
    4. WIth heartning food, with turtle, and which conchs; The flowers of sulphur, and hard niccars burnt
    5. yaw
    6. the Aethiop-kind
    7. Fell, winged insects, which the visual ray Scarcely discerns, their sable feet and hands Oft penetrate; and, in the flesh nest, Myriads of young produce; which soon destroy [260] The parts they breed in; if assiduous care, With art, extract not the prolific foe.
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    1. Yet, if due skill, And proper circumspection are employed, [250] It may be won its volumes to wind round A leaden cylinder: But, O, beware, No rashness practise; else ‘twill surely snap, And suddenly, retreating, dire produce An annual lameness to the tortured Moor.
    2. worm
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    1. Drave
    2. those poor slaves, Who, whilom, under native, gracious chiefs, Incas and emperors, long time enjoy’d [185] Mild government, with every sweet of life, In blissful climates? See them dragg’d in chains, By proud insulting tyrants, to the mines Which once they call’d their own, and then despised!
    3. With what intense severity of pain Hath the afflicted muse, in Scotia, seen THe miners rack’d, who toil for fatal lead? What cramps, what palsies shake their feeble limbs, [180] Who, on the margin of the rocky Drave, Trace silver’s fluent ore? Yet white men these!