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    1. Washington Post-Artikel zum Sturm Daniel und seinen Folgen. Der Artikel behandelt auch das zugrundeliegende Wetter-Muster, das durch die globale Erhitzung häufiger werden könnte, und dessen Folgen von den hohen Temperaturen dieses Jahrs verstärkt wurden. Dasselbe Muster hat zu Starkregen in Spanien und einer Hitzewelle im mittleren Europa, vor allem in Frankreich geführt. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2023/09/05/greece-flooding-daniel-climate-europe/

  3. Aug 2023
    1. The US report, released in 2021, warned: “Intensifying physical effects will exacerbate geopolitical flashpoints, particularly after 2030, and key countries and regions will face increasing risks of instability and need for humanitarian assistance

      Die australischen Grünen wollen die Labour-Regierung zwingen, einen bisher ih wichtigen Teilen geheimgehaltenen Sicherheitsbericht vollständig zu publizieren. Sie gehen davon aus, dass die Regierung explosive Informationen über Sicherheitsrisiken durch die globale Erhitzung vor der Bevölkerung verbirgt. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/aug/04/declassified-climate-crisis-report-greens-labor-albanese

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    1. This isn't fantasy, anymore; it really happening. The floating city has six integrated systems: #zerowaste and #circularsystems, closed-loop water systems, food, net-zero energy, innovative #mobility, and coastal habitat regeneration. These interconnected systems will generate 100 percent of the required operational energy on-site through floating and rooftop #photovoltaicpanels.

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    1. Michael Bang Petersen. (2021, March 17). This is worsened as costs of #covid19 are not mentally similar to costs of side effects, even if the latter are less risky. People prefer controllable risks to uncontrollabe risks, even if less lethal (https://t.co/kSIcObWYmT). That is why you fear flying but not driving. [2/2] [Tweet]. @M_B_Petersen. https://twitter.com/M_B_Petersen/status/1372103708218159109

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    1. Certainly during the first few turns in a less developed game, you are taking more strategic gambles, and later you are more tactically choosing who will mail off their Form 1120 on time.
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    1. factors. Number one is like where, where the trader is at in their life. For me, this is what I'm doing full time. I don't have like a real income stream coming in, so I'm living off my savings.
    2. number two, if I see a huge opportunity in the market and I believe it's really about them, uh, then I would go in at risk.
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