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  1. Jan 2024
    1. Noise

      Noise is anything interfering with clear communication; distractions that occur during communication that resolves in misinterpretation.

      Internal noise: psychological or physical problem someone is dealing with during communication

      External noise : Environmental components that cause distraction

      Semantic noise: a disturbance in the transmission of a message; interferes with interpretation of the message due to words having more than one meaning.

      A connotation: positive or negative emotional connection to a definition. connotative semantic noise is more of an emotional issue with the intended use of words.

      Denotation: the literal meaning of a word; denotative semantic noise: when we hear or see language we cannot define therefore we cannot interpret.

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    1. The way to do this with Capybara is documented on StackOverflow but, unfortunately, the answer there is buried in a little too much noise. I decided to create my own tiny noise-free blog post that contains the answer. Here it is:
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    1. Google Scholar is needed to access annotations in context "Listen to the noise: noise is beneficial for cognitive performance in ADHD"

    2. It has long been known that cognitive processing iseasily disturbed by noise and other distractors(Broadbent, 1958).

      Known for who? General populations? Specific subpopulations?

    3. Results: Noise exerted a positive effect on cognitive performance forthe ADHD group and deteriorated performance for the control group, indicating that ADHD subjectsneed more noise than controls for optimal cognitive performance

      Explains why studies on music at general population have conflicting results (ie, general decrease in capacity to focus with noisy environment). Wonder if this relates to atonal or discordant and dissonant music (free jazz, avant-guarde, etc) or polyrhythmic and odd metered time signatures

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    1. The estimated noise was then subtracted from the original signal, eliminating other undesired artifacts, and preparing the signal for further processing and analysis.

      Noise identification --> subtraction from mother wavelet

  8. May 2022
    1. In part in order to heighten his praise of Aldus as the ideal printer, Erasmus noted by contrast that most printers, given the absence of regulations, “fill the world with pamphlets and books [that are] . . . foolish, ignorant, malig-nant, libellous, mad, impious and subversive; and such is the flood that even

      things that might have done some good lose all their goodness.”198 The overabundance of bad books drowned out even any good bits that might be present among them.

      And we now say these same sorts of things about the internet and social media.

  9. Apr 2022
    1. I put some visual noise on the big screen if I’m not using it for work, usually an art film or a landscape documentary, muted.

      Perhaps I should be creating some beautiful visual noise myself?

  10. Jan 2022
    1. Updates/edits based on comments should preferably be reflected in the question itself. This way other readers don't have to weed out the whole comment section. You find the edit option under the question.
    1. According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, more than 37 million individuals aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. And there have been studies over the years in the hearing care field that indicate teachers report hearing problems at a higher rate than workers overall. Moreover, by some estimates, more than a quarter of teachers suspect they have a hearing problem but haven’t done anything about it.

      The numbers are staggering, but the last sentence tells so much. While many might suspect having a hearing issue, most do nothing about it. A simple hearing test will show the amount of loss - if any - and while the use of hearing aids can hold off much of the progression of hearing loss, not doing anything will only make it worse.

    2. In a frequently cited study, researchers found that 94 percent of teachers they surveyed said their classrooms were too loud and 65 percent complained of hearing issues, including tinnitus, which is that ringing in the ears commonly caused by noise.

      A noisy environment is not only an academic issue, but one of personal health for both the teacher and student.

    3. Beyond that, teachers themselves need to recognize their own hearing challenges and address them accordingly. When they’re exhausted at the end of the day, yes, much of that may be the result of the job’s rigors, they should also consider that straining to hear effectively could also be a contributor. Recognizing higher-than-optimal noise levels in a classroom, teachers should have their hearing checked regularly.

      This is key, but teachers also have to be cognizant of the hearing challenges facing each individual student. While the class generally learns as a whole, each individual has issues that need to be taken into consideration.

    4. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommends laying rugs and carpets, hanging curtain or blinds, and using soft materials like felt of corkboards on the walls. Paying attention to acoustics can help lower noise levels that contribute to hearing loss while improving conditions for those who already suffer.

      School classrooms are not designed for hearing - which is kind of strange in itself since most classroom activity revolves around the need for careful and effective listening.

    5. Studies have shown that noise in classrooms can top 85 decibels, which is the threshold above which prolonged exposure — like an entire school day — can lead to hearing loss.

      Again, from the student perspective, the noise can be very damaging, especialy added to the hallway noise and the excessive noise and echos present in the gymnasium.

    6. Teachers are communicators. But they can’t communicate what they need to in the classroom if they can’t hear what students say. And schools can be noisy places. Not rock concert noisy, but noisy enough to make communication a challenge and potentially impact teachers’ hearing.

      Not to say that even a minimal amount of hearing loss on the student's part will create a poor learning environment that will affect overall academic achievement

  11. Nov 2021
    1. The negative impact of loud noises on learning (i.e. impairing reading comprehension and memory, decreas-ing motivation, and other factors) is widely accepted in the literature (see e.g. Clark and Stansfeld, 2007). ‘Undoubtedly, it is a general hindrance to cognitive development in contem-porary urban environments, affecting any mode of learning, including home schooling. Therefore, the evidence presented in Figure 3 is alarming as it shows a high proportion of households suffering from noise, which appears to be more intense in many high-income coun-tries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Denmark, while it is milder in Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia and Croatia. The data also show that noise pollution affects disproportionately low-income households. For example, in the Netherlands 37.4% of house-holds below the poverty line reported suffering from noise compared to 25.5% of households above the poverty line. In Denmark, the difference is even larger for poor and non-poor house-holds (32.3% vs 16.1%). Yet there are also a few cases defying the general pattern such as Greece, Romania and Lithuania, where the incidence of households suffering from noise is more frequent among non-poor households.0510152025303540NetherlandsGermanyDenmarkMaltaFranceLuxembourgBelgiumPortugalCyprusUnited KingdomEU28SwedenAustriaSpainFinlandCzechiaGreeceRomaniaLatviaIrelandSloveniaSlovakiaHungaryLithuaniaPolandItalyBulgaria

      noise pollution

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    1. the bloody mount points. I couldn't believe that when I realised what was going on. I got the wire brush and dettol out and scraped it off my drive. Never, ever again.
    2. Plus, have you seen how many loopback mounting points it creates? "df" becomes very hard to use as it buries your actual drives with it's own. One for the daemon, one for GTK, one for Gnome, one for each of the snaps you have installed....
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    1. Template literals work well for long embedded DSLs. Unfortunately the syntax noise is substantial when you exit in and out of embedded arbitrary ECMAScript expressions with identifiers in scope.
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    1. Just as journalists should be able to write about anything they want, comedians should be able to do the same and tell jokes about anything they please

      where's the line though? every output generates a feedback loop with the hivemind, turning into input to ourselves with our cracking, overwhelmed, filters

      it's unrealistic to wish everyone to see jokes are jokes, to rely on journalists to generate unbiased facts, and politicians as self serving leeches, err that's my bias speaking

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    1. A final word: when we do not understand something, it does not look like there is anything to be understood at all - it just looks like random noise. Just because it looks like noise does not mean there is no hidden structure.

      Excellent statement! Could this be the guiding principle of the current big data boom in biology?

  21. Sep 2019
    1. Hearing is something most everyone does without even trying. It is a physiological response to sound waves moving through the air at up to 760 miles per hour

      Imagine the difficulty humans face just distinguishing one sound from another out of the myriad sounds constantly attacking our ears.

  22. Apr 2019
    1. If in observing the present state of the world and life in general, from a Christian point of view one had to say (and from a Christian point of view with complete justification): It is a disease. And if I were a physician and someone asked me “What do you think should be done?” I would answer, “The first thing, the unconditional condition for anything to be done, consequently the very first thing that must be done is: create silence, bring about silence; God's Word cannot be heard, and if in order to be heard in the hullabaloo it must be shouted deafeningly with noisy instruments, then it is not God’s Word; create silence! Ah, everything is noisy; and just as strong drink is said to stir the blood, so everything in our day, even the most insignificant project, even the most empty communication, is designed merely to jolt the senses and to stir up the masses, the crowd, the public, noise! And man, this clever fellow, seems to have become sleepless in order to invent ever new instruments to increase noise, to spread noise and insignificance with the greatest possible haste and on the greatest possible scale. Yes, everything is soon turned upside-down: communication is indeed soon brought to its lowest point in regard to meaning, and simultaneously the means of communication are indeed brought to their highest with regard to speedy and overall circulation; for what is publicized with such hot haste and, on the other hand, what has greater circulation than---rubbish! Oh, create silence!” Soren Kierkegaard, For Self-Examination 1851 p. 47-48 Hong 1990
  23. Feb 2019
    1. noise

      What is Locke's notion of "noise"? He seems to be using it with a negative connotation, where noise is meaningless and incomprehensible, a clamor of sound and incongruencies that prevent understanding.

      But noise does not necessarily have to be meaningless or incomprehensible--it just takes the right way of listening to make sense of it (Cf. Ratcliffe's Rhetorical Listening).

    2. Without this, men fill one another's heads with noise and sounds;

      Alluding to the Transactional Model of Communication, noise can external (e.g. words, sounds) or internal (e.g. anxiety, distraction). Noise is a barrier to clear communication, which in this sense, inhibits the progression of knowledge.

  24. Oct 2018
    1. If the SM58 noise floor is calculated at room temperature, the voltage output is 0.00000032 volts.

      This is equal to -130 dBV. The SM58 Vocal Microphone Specification Sheet says:

      Sensitivity (at 1,000 Hz Open Circuit Voltage) –54.5 dBV/Pa (1.85 mV)

      At this sensitivity, the self-noise would be 94 - (-54.5 - -130) = 19 dB SPL, which is pretty typical and certainly not "lower than can be typically measured".

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    1. filled with the uproar of men and horses

      noise and confusion of death

    2. loud cries

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    3. amid the whirling eddies

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    4. the banks rang again

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    5. The waters resounded

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    6. a great uproar

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander