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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Shirky has described the pre-Web era of publishing as working on a “filter, then publish” paradigm, subjecting text to editors and publishers before making it available; now, Shirky observes, the paradigm has flipped to “publish then filter.”103 In that sense, Shirky adds, “there is no such thing as information overload, there is only filter failure.”104

      Is das flipped classroom eigentlich auch schon ohnehin flipped - wie das publishing nicht erst gefiltert wird? Irgendwie (weiß noch nicht wie) glaube ich, dass diese Drehung auf der einen Seite auch im Klassenraum Wiederhall findet



  2. Jun 2020
    1. Just as journalists should be able to write about anything they want, comedians should be able to do the same and tell jokes about anything they please

      where's the line though? every output generates a feedback loop with the hivemind, turning into input to ourselves with our cracking, overwhelmed, filters

      it's unrealistic to wish everyone to see jokes are jokes, to rely on journalists to generate unbiased facts, and politicians as self serving leeches, err that's my bias speaking