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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Platforms of the Facebook walled-factory type are unsuited to thework of building community, whether globally or locally, becausesuch platforms are unresponsive to their users, and unresponsive bydesign (design that is driven by a desire to be universal in scope). Itis virtually impossible to contact anyone at Google, Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram, and that is so that those platforms can trainus to do what they want us to do, rather than be accountable to ourdesires and needs

      This is one of the biggest underlying problems that centralized platforms often have. It's also a solid reason why EdTech platforms are pernicious as well.

  2. Sep 2020
  3. Jun 2020
  4. Jan 2017
    1. All human beings do this.

      It's interesting how this piece explores universality as well as context. There's a difficulty in determining biological universality, and it can result in misunderstandings and overgeneralizations, so awareness of the context, such as the location of these caves and their physical environments and shamanistic practices, proves important in understanding "pre-rhetoric." But I also think that there's a breaking down of the binary of science and art by using understandings of human biology and the physical environment of these caves in order to interpret the drawings.

  5. Feb 2014
    1. However, the mathematician regards his work as part of the very structure of the world, containing truths which are valid forever, from the b eginning of time, even in the most remote corner of the universe.