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    1. Among the people who died from COVID-19 reported by the NHC, 11.8% of patients without underlying CVD had substantial heart damage, with elevated levels of cTnI or cardiac arrest during hospitalization.
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    1. ェやコーヒーハウス・シャノアールを展開しているシャノアールが、2019年9月28日(土)に、窯焼きスフレオムレツとスフレク


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    1. Picture #27 https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/ The women holding the torch while sprinting up the stairs demonstrates a form of female empowerment and valiant courage.

    2. Picture #30 (https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/) Robert F. Kennedy is shown lying on the floor after being shot three times by a man named Sirhan. The Picture is intense because of what had happened the lighting and the coloring only makes it more harrowing.

    3. Picture #29 https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/ Robert F. Kennedy as shown in the picture can be seen having the same charisma as his brother John F. Kennedy.

    4. Picture #24 https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/<br> The picture which is shown illustrates the horrors that were faced during the civil war in Nigeria, the war itself for freedom as shown in the photograph draws in negative externalities which cause damage to those who stand aside such as children. From what i gather when can suppose that there were over 1,000 casualties within a day in Nigeria at the time.

    5. Picture #14 The atlantic

      https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/ the world has no leader it's as if it collapsed, Individuals apart of the civil right groups had just lost a revolutionary leader his death aroused anger and chaos.Their leader had spoken from heart and thought, I think of it like this, violence just brought further retaliation from those who followed someone who represented change.

    6. I am a man The atlantic (https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/01/50-years-ago-in-photos-a-look-back-at-1968/550208/) The picture shows a group of protestors who're overall african american. The fascinating thing about the picture is that their is contrast shown between the black protestors and the white protestor, They're wearing a sign "I'm a man" while the white man isn't, I believe it underlies a message that a white person didn't have to fight to achieve status as a man, while black individuals had to remind the world that they're human. The other soldiers outfits are darkened while one soldier's outfit is white this is another example of contrast shown, the white man with the protestors direction is pointed towards the man in white in-between the soldiers this to me symbolizes status the white man is usually seen at a higher status and the man in white is the commander being above the other soldiers which i found interesting. The differences between the people in the image makes the picture more powerful and true to its meaning.

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    1. However, as research on these has shown encouraging results (for example, implicit transfers from the PDS reduced one-fifth of the poverty gap in 2009-10), an explicit case needs to be made for dismantling them.
    2. It turns out that the data was about two decades old — latest estimates suggest that the corresponding figure was only 5 per cent or so in 2011-2012, possibly even less today.
  13. Nov 2016
    1. Color scans range from MUCH larger to COLOSSALLY larger than a functionally equivalent black-and-white scan.  A 10 page document scanned at 300 dpi black and white might be 0.8 MB; that same document in 24-bit color could be 10, or 30… or even 60 MB!
    1. En el plano internacional, la incertidumbre sería absoluta, lo único que se podría esperar sería que los asesores presidenciales le disuadiesen de tomar decisiones impulsivas, como iniciar una guerra comercial con China o cambiar alianzas estratégicas que desembocasen en un acercamiento a la Rusia de Putin y un alejamiento de sus aliados tradicionales y las políticas de la OTAN.
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    1. obviously with some memory or other of the satisfaction which that used to bring him in earlier times.

      I chose to write about this particular scene because I thought it was a pivotal moment of melancholy and almost acceptance from Gregor regarding his bizarre and unfortunate predicament. In Muir's translation, the line is written as "Obvioulsy in some recollection of the sense of freedom that looking out of a window always used to give him." On the other hand, Johnston writes the same scene as "Obviously with some memory or other of the satisfaction which that used to bring him in earlier times." I do admire both translations of this section, but I believe that between the both of them, the Johnston translation really didn't do the gravity of the scene justice. I say this because Muir's translation refers to Gregor's inner feeling as being "in some recollection of the sense of freedom that looking out of a window always used to give him", whereas the Johnston translation merely describes it as "some memory or other of satisfaction". I believe that only Muir's translation really accurately captures the deep emotional turmoil, whereas the Johnston translation just simply writes it off as "satisfaction".

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    1. "How many film versions of Treasure Island have been made?"

      My screencst version of Treasure Island: "The Maps of Treasure Island"


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    1. Tu privacidad es muy importante para nosotros

      Al parecer esta frase no pudiera ser tan cierta.. esto queda bajo nuestra responsabilidad y no de facebook, pero no lo podríamos saber con certeza

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    1. Data were collected in a series of focus groups,photo diary review sessions, interviews, and participa-tory observations conducted during summer 2001. Allobservations were documented in astory format(fol-lowing Erickson [20])

      I wonder how much like User Stories these are? Did the idea for them develop in practice before being used in academic research?