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    1. Abraham Wald
      • example
        • survivorship bias
          • Abraham Wald was a statistican who was tasked by the Allied war effort with understanding how to make the Allied war planes function better.
          • And he was presented with a series of airplanes that had bullet holes throughout them as they had gone from bombing runs over Nazi Germany.
          • And he looked at them, and he saw that there were
            • holes in the wings,
            • holes in the tail,
            • holes in the nose of the plane.
          • And the general said to him, you know, "Based on your statistical expertise, where should we put extra armor?
          • Where should we reinforce the plane?"
          • And most of the people thought they should put them where the bullet holes were.
          • Abraham Wald took one look at this, and he said, "If you put armor over the places where the holes are,
            • you're going to make the planes get shot down more."
          • Because the reality was the places that didn't have bullet holes were the most crucial.
          • The places that had been shot in
            • the fuselage,
            • the middle of the plane where the engine was,
          • those were in Germany, they didn't survive,
            • they were wrecks.
          • So they never made it back to be analyzed.
          • So survivorship bias is a bias where we look at the wrong kinds of data because we only look at what survived.
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    1. Yesterday’s Delta Boeing 717 flight DL1943 from Detroit to Atlanta became a 22 minute trip from Detroit to Detroit when there was a bird discovered flying around the cockpit. And it wasn’t the first time a bird flew around the cockpit that day on that plane.

      What the heck?

  6. Oct 2017
    1. British air carrier Monarch Airlines is completely grounded, canceling all flights and stranding flyers across Europe after entering bankruptcy.

      Fly an established airline, people...

  7. Jun 2017
    1. However, Virgin Atlantic has slowly been undoing these access limits. Today it was announced that Delta SkyMiles Diamond and Platinum Medallion members flying in economy or premium economy on Delta or Virgin Atlantic out of Heathrow will once again have Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access.

      Finally, yay! No. 1 Lounge was horrible!

  8. May 2017
    1. When pilots stopped using “Morse” code and switched to voice operation, they used the word “Roger,” which was the phonetic designation for the letter “R,” which was previously the abbreviation for “received.”


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    1. Seats in the back of the plane, behind the trailing edge of the wing, had a 69 percent survival rate, while seats over the wing and in coach had a 56 percent survival rate. The front 15 percent of seats had a 49 percent survival rate, analysts found.

      Next thing you know, they'll be charging more to sit in the back!

    1. American Airlines responded quickly to the incident on Friday night, removing the flight attendant in question and posting the following statement on its website:

      That is the least they can do. The very least.

    1. Which brings us to the biggest lesson from this survey: If you're mad at an airline, don't complain only to the airline. Complain to the Department of Transportation, too.

      Important to note this.

    2. "While [the airlines] aren't delaying too many flights, they're canceling a lot of them," says Brent Bowen, one of the report's authors and professor and dean of the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

      This is a secret.

    1. “The current measures are not an acceptable long-term solution to whatever threat they are trying to mitigate. Even in the short term it is difficult to understand their effectiveness. And the commercial distortions they create are severe,” said IATA director general Alexandre de Juniac.

      Hard to understand what any of this achieves...

  10. Mar 2017
    1. “It blew my mind,” recalled Giacobbe. He hadn’t called Alitalia directly in years. He was accustomed to almost always relying on Skyscanner for the best deal.

      Always try the airline directly.

    1. Ready to fly, drive and take the train to work? Airbus and Italdesign have taken the wraps off an incredible pod design that combines all three into the last vehicle you could ever need. The Pop.up system is a concept that combines artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and Hyperloop into a futuristic machine designed to traverse cities at speed.

      Future of transport?

  11. Feb 2017
    1. A PWM ticket you can score a free upgrade and you do earn MQMs and more.

      Good to know.

    2. The solution is pick Tuesdays or Wednesdays or for your best chance Saturdays are glorious for upgrades.

      This is good to know.

    3. Clearly Platinum is a “sweet spot” still, but unless you are Diamond you will not get the best shot at an upgrade.

      Yep, but can't depend on getting Diamond year after year!

    1. The journey of Qatar Airways flight QR920, which spanned a staggering 9,032 miles and ten time zones, was hailed as a new milestone for both global aviation and New Zealand as a whole.