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    1. indifference to human drivers

      Our week 8 module on Web 2.0 and the gig economy discussed this in more depth, and Barron alludes to this dynamic elsewhere in the article when describing both the typical user of an app like seamless and the typical profile of the gig economy worker who actually delivers their food - I appreciate the critiques of app design and user infantilization he is making here, but the article could have also discussed in more depth how these design choices help these companies to obfuscate and divert attention from the way they impact people besides the consumer. There is a whole class people whose primary interaction with these apps is on the back end- as struggling small business owners dependent on positive yelp reviews, delivery people, and rideshare drivers - maybe that is outside the purview of this article, but it would have been nice to see this angle explored a bit more.

    1. Department of State. (2021, April 6). .@SecBlinken: Stopping COVID-19 is the Biden-Harris Administration’s number one priority. Otherwise, the coronavirus will keep circulating in our communities, threatening people’s lives and livelihoods, holding our economy back. Https://t.co/uk20myyICI [Tweet]. @StateDept. https://twitter.com/StateDept/status/1379554511606280192

    1. Prof. Devi Sridhar. (2021, April 8). Biden-Harris Administration gets that it is COVID-19 itself hurting the economy (the virus circulating, not just the restrictions). Stopping COVID-19 is best way to get people’s lives & livelihoods back. [Tweet]. @devisridhar. https://twitter.com/devisridhar/status/1380095008787857409

    1. What is the right historical analogy for all this? Allen Farrington argues that Bitcoin is to the system of fiat currencies centered around the dollar what medieval Venice once was to the remnants of the western Roman Empire, as superior an economic operating system as commercial capitalism was to feudalism. Another possibility is that the advent of blockchain-based finance is as revolutionary as that of fractional reserve banking, bond and stock markets in the great Anglo-Dutch financial revolution of the 18th century.

      Historical context for bitcoin

  2. Apr 2021
    1. Σημειωτέον δε ότι η λεκτική αυτή παρομοίωση δεν είναι καν πατέντα του Σμιθ, αφού χρησιμοποιείται κατά κόρον ιδίως σε λογοτεχνικά κείμενα της εποχής του. Διατυπώθηκε, μάλιστα, η άποψη ότι η αναφορά του στο «αόρατο χέρι» γίνεται με καθαρά σκωπτική διάθεση.
    2. Και όμως, θα αρκούσε μια πιο διεισδυτική ματιά στο «κίνημα των απαλλοτριώσεων» και των «περιφράξεων» της εποχής του, που μετέτρεπε την κοινόχρηστη γη σε ατομική ιδιοκτησία, για να αντιληφθεί ότι ο καταμερισμός εργασίας και η αγορά είναι αποτέλεσμα κοινωνικών και πολιτικών διεργασιών.
    3. το πρόβλημα που απασχολούσε τις κυρίαρχες τάξεις της εποχής του ήταν πώς θα διατηρήσουν τους μισθούς καθηλωμένους σε αρκούντως χαμηλά επίπεδα, ώστε να είναι υποχρεωμένοι οι μισθωτοί να εργάζονται.
  3. Mar 2021
    1. Η αναζωογόνηση της ελληνικής ναυπηγικής βιομηχανίας βρίσκεται στο στόχαστρο αμερικανικών εταιρειών με την υποστήριξη της Αμερικανικής Αναπτυξιακής Τράπεζας, η Tesla έχει βάλει την Ελλάδα στους επενδυτικούς της προορισμούς, η Pfizer λειτουργεί hub στη Θεσσαλονίκη, η Microsoft θα ανοίξει data center στη χώρα μας, ενώ προετοιμάζεται να ακολουθήσει η Amazon Web

      Τι φυλάω για να δούμε τι από όλα αυτά θα υλοποιηθεί.

    1. decarbonization also creates opportunities, and investors are keen to put capital to work on these areas. Many of them directly involve, or are adjacent to, chemicals production, including battery materials, green hydrogen, and materials that can enable energy efficiency.

      Circular economies are good news for everyone

    1. Cintia, P., Fadda, D., Giannotti, F., Pappalardo, L., Rossetti, G., Pedreschi, D., Rinzivillo, S., Bonato, P., Fabbri, F., Penone, F., Savarese, M., Checchi, D., Chiaromonte, F., Vineis, P., Guzzetta, G., Riccardo, F., Marziano, V., Poletti, P., Trentini, F., … Merler, S. (2020). The relationship between human mobility and viral transmissibility during the COVID-19 epidemics in Italy. ArXiv:2006.03141 [Physics, Stat]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2006.03141

    1. Prof. Devi Sridhar. (2020, March 25). We will be stuck in an endless cycle of lockdown/release for next 18 months, if we do not start mass testing, tracing, & isolating those who are carriers of the virus while pursuing rapid research for antiviral treatment or vaccine. This is the message the public needs to hear. [Tweet]. @devisridhar. https://twitter.com/devisridhar/status/1242743618986745861

    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, February 17). The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the erosion of trust around the world: Significant drop in trust in the two largest economies: The U.S. (40%) and Chinese (30%) governments are deeply distrusted by respondents from the 26 other markets surveyed. 1/2 https://t.co/C86chd3bb4 [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1362021569476894726

    1. A successful stimulus must bring investment closer to the level of available savings. But the moment financial markets get a whiff that this is about to happen, they will push interest rates up to a level reflecting the better balance between savings and investment. Immediately, corporations hooked on low interest rates will face ruin; so will their bankers.

      Sudden death by stimulus.

    1. Ακόμα, σημειώνουν το παράδοξο της αύξησης του ΑΕΠ κατά 2,7% το δ΄τρίμηνο του 2020, όταν στο μεγαλύτερο διάστημά του υπήρχε lockdown, συγκριτικά με το γ' τρίμηνο του ίδιου έτους, που αφενός  δεν ίσχυαν περιοριστικά μέτρα και αφετέρου στη διάρκειά του καταγράφηκαν τα όποια έσοδα από τον τουρισμό. 

      Η απάτη της ΕΛΣΤΑΤ εγινε το Οκτ-Δεκ 2020, οταν ξεκινησε δηλαδή το 2ο και μακρύτερο lockdown, και πραγματικά βγαζει μάτι.

  4. Feb 2021
    1. Dr Phil Hammond 💙. (2020, December 6). In some parts of the country, 31% of care home staff come from the EU. Some areas already have a 26% vacancy rate. And on January 1, EU recruitment will plummet because workers earn less than the £26,500 threshold. A very predictable recruitment crisis on top of the Covid crisis. [Tweet]. @drphilhammond. https://twitter.com/drphilhammond/status/1335490431837200384

    1. There’s so much money that goes to the creditors to the top 1 percent or 5 percent that there is no money for capital investment, there is no money for growth. And, since 1980 as you know, real wages in America have been stable. All the growth has been in property owners and predators and the FIRE sector, the rest of the economy is in stagnation.
    1. So which seems likelier: that we're no better off than we were a quarter century ago, or that Shadow Stats is total bunk?

      Great Question

      This is an easy question to answer from my perspective. For me (age 62) and most of my peers, their kids and their peers, we are NO better off than we were a quarter century ago! A large part is the change from Industrial/Manufacturing to Technology and the outsourced labor and manufacturing. America has changed, this is FACT

    2. The intellectual cesspool of the inflation truthers

      Powerful Headline (words) from a Washington Post article under Economic Policy. WORDS.....! Words..... When you study Legal Theory you learn that "words" play a significant role in all aspects of social order.

      Controlling the rhetoric with consistent narrative

      This statement simply implies the use of consistent narrative (story) to allow control of the rhetoric. Narrative can be viewed as believable while Rhetoric is a general pejorative. When the rhetoric is mis or dis-information the narrative must be credible.

      Main stream media (MSM) has held a long-term standing across the world as being credible. This standing is eroding. It has eroded considerably over the last 25 years among critical thinkers and the general population has started to take notice.

      I question everything from MSM especially when narrative is duplicated with identical rhetoric across known government media assets. History is a wonderful thing when searching for Truth. Events in historical time periods can be researched, parsed and studied for patterns based on future evidence and outcomes.

      Information "Spin" is real and happens for one purpose, that purpose is to benefit a position, agenda, person, plan, etc., by manipulating (advertising, PR, propaganda) information. Spin is difficult to refute without hard facts. Spin has a short-term shelf life, but that is all it needs to chart a new course, set the "ball" in motion so to say.

      History allows Truth to overcome Spin.

    3. The Quest for Truth

      The quest for Truth is everywhere and not limited to the economic topics linked here. This is just a topic that started a thought process where I had access to a convenient tool (Hypothesis) to bookmark my thoughts and research.

      Primary thought is: The Quest for Truth. Subcategories would provide a structured topic for the thought. In this case the subcategory would be: US Economy, Inflation

      The TRUTH is a concept comprised of inconsistencies and targets that frequently move.

      Targets (data, methods, people, time, semantics, agenda, demographic, motive, means, media, money, status) hold a position in time long enough to fulfill a purpose or agenda. Sometimes they don't consciously change, but history over time shines light and opens cracks in original narrative that leads to new truth's, real or imagined.

      Verifying and validating certain Truth is very difficult. Why is That?
    1. 21st Century Economics (USA)

      Economic Theory of a Market Economy, Characteristics, Pros, and Cons

      Americans and the World believe or want to believe that the United States is built upon a Market Economy.

      Historical context validates a classic Market Economy theory as directed by our Founding Fathers and Constitution. We clearly do not have a pure Market Economy today (2021).

      • To Big to Fail - (Bailouts)
      • Farm Subsidies
      • Political Influence (money, lobbying, tenure)
      • Government Agencies
      • Military/Industrial Complex
      • Federal Reserve (Central Banking)
      • Social Security
      • Medicare
      • Other

      Most Americans lump (through education) the concept of economics and government together, into 3 basic categories; Capitalism, Socialism and Communism.

      The U.S. is a Capitalist Nation with a corresponding market economy.

      Is this statement Fact or Hypothesis ?

      Can we still rely on textbook economic models in the 21st Century?

    1. Πρώτον, οι κυβερνήσεις πρέπει να καταργήσουν όλους τους κανόνες και τις ρυθμίσεις που εμποδίζουν τη συσσώρευση κέρδους, το οποίο θα πρέπει να είναι αφορολόγητο. Δεύτερον, οφείλουν να πουλήσουν όλη τη δημόσια περιουσία σε ιδιωτικές εταιρείες και τα κέρδη, αντί να πηγαίνουν στο κράτος και να τα ξαναεπενδύει στην κοινωνία (δημόσια έργα, παιδεία, υγεία, κ.λπ.), να δίνονται όλα στους ιδιώτες. Τρίτον, κατάργηση του κράτους πρόνοιας και περικοπή όλων των κοινωνικών δαπανών. Αυτά συνοδεύονται με ένα πλήθος λεπτομερειών: ιδιωτικοποίηση ιατροφαρμακευτικής περίθαλψης, ταχυδρομείων, παιδείας, συγκοινωνιών, λιμανιών, δασών κ.λπ. Ακόμα και πάρκων. Επιπλέον η εργασία δεν θα έχει καμία προστασία και δεν θα υπάρχει κατώτερος μισθός

      Σύνοψη του νεοφιλελεύθερου μοντέλο σε 3 βήματα, με τα λόγια του Κοροβέση.

  5. Jan 2021
    1. How can it be bad for things to come into the U.S. cheaply? How can it be bad to have a bargain at Wal-Mart?’ Sure, it’s held inflation down, and it’s great to have bargains,” says Dobbins. “But you can’t buy anything if you’re not employed. We are shopping ourselves out of jobs.
      • Wal-Mart can help keep inflation down and give great bargins
      • This comes at the sacrifice of having local and American business go out of business.
      • No employment due to companies going out of business will mean we are "shopping ourselves out of jobs"
  6. Dec 2020
    1. ReconfigBehSci @SciBeh (2020) For those who might think this issue isn't settled yet, the piece include below has further graphs indicating just how much "protecting the economy" is associated with "keeping the virus under control" Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1306216113722871808

  7. Nov 2020
    1. The Ideology of Hacking


      The hacker movement is a political project. Like the activity of many 'alternative' subcultures that are not directly defined by their political engagement, "the struggles are at once economic, political, and cultural - and hence they are biopolitical struggles, struggles over the form of life. They are constituent struggles, creating new public spaces and new forms of community" [46]. The chief uniting and mobilising force for the hacker underground is the common enemy of Microsoft (Bezroukov, 1999a). Opposition to Microsoft draws both from socialist anarchistic principles, and from high-tech libertarianism. The rightwing drift, dubbed as the Californian Ideology, is a recent transition, and not surprising given the hegemonic dominance of the corporate sector in the United States and the greater stakes in free software for business. However, it runs counter to the roots of hacking, which essentially is a reaction against Taylorism (Hannemyr, 1999). Basic motivations to engage in free programming are the rush of technological empowerment (Sterling, 1994), the joy of un-alienated creativity (Moglen, 1999), and the sense of belonging to a community (commonly recognised by hackers themselves as 'ego', but reputation only viable within a group of peers, i.e. a community). Those values may not seem political at first sight, but they are on collision course with the commercial agenda of turning the Internet into a marketplace. The rising tension within the hacker community are illuminated by the words of Manuel Castells: "The struggle between diverse capitalists and miscellaneous working class is subsumed into the more fundamental opposition between the bare logic of capital flows and the cultural values of human experience"


  8. Oct 2020
    1. In the past two decades, the policy concept of a knowledge economy hasincreasingly become an object of knowledge and governance



    1. The backlash from gig economy companies was immediate, and Uber and similar app-based businesses have committed nearly $200 million to support a state ballot measure — making it the costliest in state history — that would exempt them from the law.

      This is a pretty good indicator that it will save them 10x to 100x this amount to get rid of this law.

      One should ask: "Why don't they accept it and just pass this money along to their employees."