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  1. Mar 2024
  2. Jan 2024
    1. zwei klassen gesellschaft, klassenjustiz, doppeldenk, doublethink, irrational, rechte sind bürger zweiter klasse, rechte sind untermenschen, ...

      dieses "klischeehafte denken" aka "die sind alle gleich" ist ein zuverlässiges merkmal für idioten.

      diese leute reden immer nur über ihre feinde (über sekundärquellen wie "der spiegel"), aber nie mit ihren feinden (sonst müsste man kompromisse machen, sonst würde man die eigene radikale haltung verlieren, und "die guten" haben ein monopol auf radikale haltung)

      "demokratie" ist nur ein anderes wort für sozialismus, und "die nazis" von 1933 waren auch sozialisten. damals nationale sozialisten, heute globale sozialisten, die gleiche scheinheiligkeit, die gleichen lügen, die gleichen heuchler, die gleiche aggressive dummheit und zerstörung...

    1. 9:25 rhetorik, emo-sprache, "er ist angepisst", defensive, abblocken, mauer, sekte, exklusiv, feinde ausschließen, kampfbegriffe, andere als "krank" beschimpfen und ignorieren, bashing ...

      naja, ich mache das aber auch so. "mit idioten diskutieren" ist einfach nur zeitverschwendung, nicht-produktiver feindkontakt, kennste einen dann kennste alle. "if they dont listen, move on, so you can warn others." "dont argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." da kann ich genauso gut mit tauben schach spielen, oder mit blinden über farben streiten. zeitverschwendung.

      der einfachste intelligenztest ist das thema globale übervölkerung. wer die übervölkerung leugnet, der hat sich selbst disqualifiziert aus jeder ernsthaften rationalen diskussion. solche leute sollen zu ihren wohlfühl-veranstaltungen ("demos") gehen, wo sie sich gegenseitig bestätigen, wie schlau die alle sind... dummheit ist auch ein "kult", dumme wollen unter sich sein, dumm und glücklich

      aber ja, auch dumme sind allergisch gegen schlaue menschen, und sind dann "angepisst", also beleidigt, und gegen wahrheit hilft nur gewalt, also ausgrenzen, zensieren, löschen, rauswerfen, ignorieren, ...

  3. Oct 2023
    1. den Kampf gegen seine Speiseröhrenkrebserkrankung trotz (oder möglicherweise sogar wegen?) seiner Chemotherapie verloren

      also tod durch dummheit.

      stell dir vor, du willst aufklären gegen die böse pharmaindustrie,<br /> aber wenn du krebs hast, kriegst du angst,<br /> und gehst zurück zur pharmaindustrie, und heulst "bitte hilf mir"... opfer!

      gleiches gilt für den ach-so-schlauen Tim Kellner.

      wir müssen uns selber helfen. was ist so schwer daran?<br /> in der schule lernen wir nur lügen, und die meisten bleiben gefangen im system der lügen.<br /> weil sie lügen über alles (they lie about everything), deswegen ist das system "too big to fail".


      Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (2010) (Massimo Mazzucco)<br /> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5cbbdb3812d5b041df391eb3a82ef94f13713bd1


      Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer. The Story of Vitamin B17<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=Edward+Griffin+World+Without+Cancer

      Feargus O’Connor Greenwood - 180 degrees. Unlearn the Lies you've been taught to believe<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=Greenwood+180+degrees+Unlearn+the+Lies

      John Taylor Gatto - Verdummt noch mal. Dumbing Us Down. Der unsichtbare Lehrplan. Was Kinder in der Schule wirklich lernen<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=John+Taylor+Gatto+-+Verdummt+noch+mal

      ... hundertfach ausdrucken, an schulen verteilen, und sich in den knast setzen wegen "volksverhetzung".<br /> viel spaß : D

  4. Jun 2022
    1. 18. The success of the referendum orga nized by Uber and Lyft to preserve their ex-tremely precarious model in California in 2020 illustrates the limits of an idyllic visionof direct democracy, as well as the need to reconceive a salarial status that makes it pos-sible to reconcile protection and autonomy.
  5. Mar 2021
    1. Nobody is unaware of Uber and Uber’s services. Hence, considering those services, any start-up entrepreneur, before thinking of starting a similar business, may have a doubt regarding the business model of Uber and revenue model of Uber
    1. It’s the usual Silicon Valley sleight-of-hand move, very similar to Uber reps claiming drivers aren’t “core” to their business. I’m sure Substack is paying a writer right now to come up with a catchy way of saying that Substack doesn’t pay writers.
    1. 5、Uber 司机属于雇员 英国最高法院最近裁决,Uber 司机应该被视为雇员,而不是承包商。这意味着,这些司机可以享受最低工资、带薪休假、社保等待遇,这会使 Uber 的经营成本大增。法院理由如下: Uber 制定价格,决定了司机可以赚多少钱。 Uber 设定了合同条款,司机没有协商权。 Uber 限制了工作的灵活性,如果司机拒单,Uber 将对其进行处罚。 Uber 通过星级评定来监控司机的服务,如果不满意司机的表现,则可以终止司机的行车资格。 国内的网约车司机、代驾员、送餐员等等,都满足上面的标准,似乎也可以主张被当作企业员工。

      说是自由职业者但没有任何自由. 完全受到平台的控制

  6. Feb 2021
    1. Why make A snow plow App?

      The snow plow business is central in regions where heavy snowfall is a common environment situation, like Canada, Europe, Russia, North America, and others. Right when such heavy snow hinders people's regular day to day existence, there is a constant demand for snow plow. There are two sorts of business models watching out. The essential model is the contract type in which an organization would offer a contract for the entire winter or unequivocal months for their administration. In the second model, the home or business owner would contact the expert center at whatever point they need the assistance.

      The contract model's obstacle is that, if there was only a couple of long stretches of heavy snowfall in the entire winter, the whole contract transforms into a bothersome expense. The on demand model prods a spike in interest during heavy snowfall, and the expenses for the equipment or the assist would be high with canning where the customer needs it. The chances for the stuff being out of reach during the hour of need are similarly high.

      Right when you choose to make a snow plow app, you can offer an on demand model of administration with more straightforwardness and down to earth. Right when a customer look "snow plow administration near me", it gets more straightforward for them to find the administrations closer to them, at whatever point they need it. The drivers and the customers get connected by methods for a comparable stage, allowing them to recognize the work effectively without an unnecessary measure of authoritative commotion.

      Do you need the online stage to help start your online Snow Plowing startup? Or on the other hand willing to make a tremendous proportion of advantage with authentic utilization of online Snow Plowing administrations? Hence, in this context, your answer or answer is confirmed, by then our discussion and article both will go probably as accommodating along with huge resource for you, as a business visionary, which will give the absolute nuances to dispatch your online Snow Plow On Demand administrations. Therefore, the present time and place range will wind up being the advantage or appropriate time for you as a business person to create the online mechanized presence in the overall market utilizing the latest and advanced web development apparatuses.

      How our on demand organizing app functions

      Pick A Service

      Plan It


      The snow plow app mobile app development has opened up promising conditions for the businesses just as for individuals looking for low support/regular occupation during the season. If, despite everything that you look at the business express bits of knowledge,

      The snow plowing industry gets around $22.7 billion yearly;

      The total business unequivocal pay addresses 25%;

      Snow and Ice the chiefs association is creating at a speed of 3.5% consistently;

      These figures clearly depict that it justifies placing assets into an undertaking overseeing snow plowing to bring most prominent pay for your business. An on demand snow plow app development urges you to attract your customers with less drudgery

      Starting with the benefits of snow plow app development:

      By developing a snow scooping and snow plow app, you will stop a ton of regulatory work that again consumes a lot of time.;

      You can enough arrangement with the entire gathering of plow bosses and monitor their working conduct.

      Since it is the ideal chance to move to the credit only example, you can get prompt portions into your record. You can allow the customers to pay for the administrations using either a Mastercard or a check card or through some other portion section;

      Your customers can see the assistance revives continuously;

      You can connect more customers and contact them out with no issue;

      Snow plow app development licenses you to meet your customer needs promptly in addition to in an exceptional way;

      It will give an effortlessness of administrations to liberating the hail from snow with several ticks;

      By giving strong, ensured, and top notch professionals, you can win the trust of incalculable customers;

      You can take off the arrangements by offering the customers some historic feature set.

      Like Uber and Lyft, each city has snow plow drivers who connect with customers, and give on demand administration. This revolutionizes the business, allowing drivers to help customers without massive contracts or the issue of phone calls.

      How should a mobile app help your snow plow business?

      Business expansion and web business integration

      It is essential to offer a one-stop solution for your administrations, which is smartphone reasonable. Beyond your middle thing or administration, a capable app will add additional impact to your picture regard. You can in like manner arrange it with a web business stage for selling plowing and grass care stuff and additional parts. This integration will give business availability consistently. Your application will transform into a phase for certain businesses and consultants to make a reliable transaction.

      Basic administration

      It is conceivable to manage different resources and handle various tasks by using an application. You can coordinate resource allocation, following, and portion through the application. Such straightforward administration will put aside time and money and besides improves the versatility of the business. Beyond these, the application grants continuous after of consumer unwaveringness, director execution, and control of various variables.

      10,000 foot see

      Your application will be your overall viewpoint all in all business measure. You can figure out your business and resources enough. The application energizes you track the recorded background of exercises, portions, and utilization of resources. You can make a polyline on your guide and make zones for straightforward administration of your business. Such an interaction will help in improving online advantage.

      So would you say you are set up to develop a snow plow app? don't hesitate to connect with our expert for startup consulting. Next time you or a companion wish getting your carport plowed was simpler, recall, there's an app for that!

      Source: Snow plow app

  7. Dec 2020
    1. we have a uber alternative option to search-out equal thought so be free and check the alternative app like uber futures.
  8. Nov 2020
    1. Maar denk eens verder. Gaan we de wereld beter maken door verder te groeien? Dat willen ondernemers. En daar zijn neveneffecten aan verbonden. Uber is zogenaamd idealistisch. Ze willen de klant een betere en goedkopere taxirit bieden, maar hun chauffeurs worden uitgebuit. Met Airbnb kun je een leuk zakcentje verdienen, maar woonwijken worden hotels zonder sociale patronen. Facebook is één grote fake-news-show. Amazon is zo goedkoop dat ze alle kleine ondernemers van de weg drukken. Musk wil ons naar Mars brengen. Dat gaat zeker gebeuren, maar wat gaan we daar doen? Maakt het ons gelukkig? Waarom kiezen we er niet voor om elkaar en onze natuur op deze planeet vooruit te helpen?

      Alef Arendsen

  9. May 2020
  10. Apr 2020
    1. Car loan

      It probably could strengthen the argument here to also talk about how uber drivers are also put into further precarity by predatory car loans.

    2. Surely all Uber drivers were submitted to the same labor regime, but those who had to endure it as a means to survive were predominantly people of color.

      This is also true of companies like Instacart, GrubHub,etc.

  11. Mar 2020
    1. The French Court of Cassation has decided to reclassify the contractual relationship between Uber and a driver as an employment contract.
  12. Feb 2020
    1. Revenue of $4.1 billion, growing 37% year-over-year or 39% on a constant currency basis

      They forgot to add '...money that our drivers—who basically are left to their own devices where blame and poor wages are concerned—will never see.'

  13. Nov 2019
    1. Uber will not be granted a new licence to operate in London after repeated safety failures, Transport for London (TfL) has said.

      The regulator said the taxi app was not "fit and proper" as a licence holder, despite having made a number of positive changes to its operations.

  14. Sep 2019
    1. How to Start a Snow Plowing Business in 2019You are here:HomeStartupsHow to Start a Snow…

      Start your own Uber for snow removal Business by launching a snow plow app. A complete guide to digitize your snow removal business.

    1. 46% of Uber's rides are under 3 miles

      That's why it's worth considering the use of electric scooters, to save the costs and road traffic

  15. Apr 2019
  16. www.sec.gov www.sec.gov
    1. Risks Related to Our Business The personal mobility, meal delivery, and logistics industries are highly competitive, with well-established and low-cost alternatives that have been available for decades, low barriers to entry, low switching costs, and well-capitalized competitors in nearly every major geographic region. If we are unable to compete effectively in these industries, our business and financial prospects would be adversely impacted.
    2. The development of our autonomous vehicle technologies is highly dependent on internally developed software, as well as on partnerships with third parties such as OEMs and other suppliers.
    3. Our Autonomous Driving Strategy We are investing in technology to power the next generation of transportation.

      Uber wants no pesky drivers who can make demands, like, wages.

  17. Mar 2019
    1. Uber allows for real-time, location based ridesharing

      explains uber



  18. Jun 2018
    1. Recent studies have indicated that Uber’s U.S. driver churn has sharply increased this year, to rates as high as 96%. Needless to say, it’s hard (and costly) to maintain double-digit growth rates, when only 4% of mission critical, de facto employees stay on the job for more than a year.
    2. In fact, Uber has struggled to achieve market share leadership in many large foreign markets, including China, India, SE Asia and Brazil. Moreover, while network effects do exist within each metro market, the benefits are significantly weakened by extremely low switching costs, which enable drivers and riders to utilize whichever ridesharing service offers the best deal on any given trip.
    3. In historical context, Uber’s extraordinary losses are thus not just a case of growing pains of an ambitious Silicon Valley startup, but a reflection of the deep structural deficiencies in ride-hail industry economics. Prior to artificial regulatory supply caps, the unregulated taxi industry was unprofitable and subject to growing concerns over negative externalities. Uber is now facing the same relentless drag on its P&L.
  19. Jun 2017
    1. Travis’s Law,” Stone writes. “It went something like this: Our product is so superior to the status quo that if we give people the opportunity to see it or try it, in any place in the world where government has to be at least somewhat responsive to the people, they will demand it and defend its right to exist.” He was right.


    2. a techno-libertarianism that was contemptuous of most government attempts to regulate disruptive innovation.

      Turns out this has been a bad look. I wonder if it'll really cost Uber, though.

  20. Feb 2017
    1. The HR rep began the meeting by asking me if I had noticed that *I* was the common theme in all of the reports I had been making, and that if I had ever considered that I might be the problem.

      Holy shit! If people haven't quite Uber already, this has got to be the end of the line...

  21. Aug 2016
    1. Uber and Lyft both use independent contractors, instead of employees who would likely get more benefits, to staff their services

      except that a court ruling recently ruled that Uber employees were not independent contractors but actually employees

  22. Jul 2016
    1. Nhận dự án phân tích dữ liệu xe ôm, taxi, Uber trên địa bàn Hà Nội Nhờ thầy Phan Xuân Hiếu hướng dẫn

  23. Apr 2016
  24. Jun 2015
    1. You touch a button on your phone and something happens in the world.

      This is profound, but it's also obvious. Obvious as in it makes this basic aspect of technology readily apparent to the end user.

      Actually, when we press most buttons, lots of things happen in the world. One click on Amazon begins a complex process of labor and energy consumption, but this is conveniently hidden from the end user.