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  1. Apr 2020
    1. Developing in the cloud

      Well paid cloud platforms:

    2. Finding a database management system that works for you

      Well paid database technologies:

    3. Here are a few very prominent technologies that you can look into and what impact each one might have on your salary

      Other well paid frameworks, libraries and tools:

    4. What programming language should I learn next?

      Most paid programming languages:

    5. Android and iOS

      Payment for mobile OS:

    6. Frontend Devs: What should I learn after JavaScript? Explore these frameworks and libraries

      Most paid JS frameworks and libraries:

  2. Mar 2019
    1. salaries

      The Virginia DOE report [https://rga.lis.virginia.gov/Published/2018/RD42]sites $56,861as the average budgeted classroom teacher salary for the 2018 fiscal year in the Commonwealth. The debate over what is truly "adequate" continues.

  3. Feb 2018