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  1. Apr 2019
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    1. Risks Related to Our Business The personal mobility, meal delivery, and logistics industries are highly competitive, with well-established and low-cost alternatives that have been available for decades, low barriers to entry, low switching costs, and well-capitalized competitors in nearly every major geographic region. If we are unable to compete effectively in these industries, our business and financial prospects would be adversely impacted.
    2. The development of our autonomous vehicle technologies is highly dependent on internally developed software, as well as on partnerships with third parties such as OEMs and other suppliers.
    3. Our Autonomous Driving Strategy We are investing in technology to power the next generation of transportation.

      Uber wants no pesky drivers who can make demands, like, wages.

  3. Nov 2018
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  5. May 2017
  6. Feb 2017
    1. The biggest challenge in building an autonomous vehicle is giving the car the ability to see the world. It requires a thorough understanding of lidar, the radar-like system of lasers that creates the digital map each car needs to navigate the world safely and competently.

      I was thinking about this the other day...

  7. Sep 2016
    1. The Tesla accident in May, researchers say, was not a failure of computer vision. But it underscored the limitations of the science in applications like driverless cars despite remarkable progress in recent years, fueled by digital data, computer firepower and software inspired by the human brain.

      Testing annotations. Interesting statement.

  8. Jan 2014
    1. I call this new kind of bad roadway behavior vague driving. It's as if people are sort of surprised to find themselves behind the wheel of a car. They're slightly puzzled by the experience. They may even be a little intimidated by the car. I'm not sure.

      Such an awesome description... and, sadly, apt. I would much rather ride my motorcycle alongside as still-being-tested Google autonomous vehicle than these "vague drivers".