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  1. Apr 2022
    1. Troopers targeting distracted drivers

      Headline should read "Troopers report Distracted Driving down 54%"

      Or maybe "Troopers Collecting Needless Overtime".

      But the media must always mindlessly bleat the press releases they've been given by the mercenary enforcers, and only seek comment from their cheerleaders.

    2. Beginning April 7, if you text and drive, you will pay.

      Even though the data shows that people are driving more safely, Jackie Bain is still rooting for the mercenary enforcers to rob you by punishing you for good behavior.

      Seems sociopathic.

    3. nearly 96% of drivers believed it was very or extremely dangerous to read a text or email while driving, four out of 10 drivers admitted to doing so within the previous 30 days.

      Maybe they're aware of how dangerous it is, so now they're still doing it, but being more careful about it - resulting in the significant drop in incidents that OSP is reporting locally.

    4. Locally, Curry said troopers handled 275 distracted driving crashes in 2020, 322 in 2021 and 47 so far this year. He added local troopers issued 267 distracted driving citations in 2020, 299 in 202 and 51 so far this year.

      This article was published on April 9th, (Day 99 of 2022) which is 27% through the year. So based on the data provided, what can we expect?

      In terms of CRASHES, we've had 47 so far when 27% of the way through 2020 and 2021 we would have had 75 and 87 crashes by now (assuming that distracted driving crashes are generally evenly distributed through the year) - so we're on track for 173 distracted driving crashes this year; that's only a little over half (54% of last year's numbers).

      As they said in the first paragraph:

      The Delaware Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is stepping up enforcement this month in an effort to curb distracted driving, which the agency reports is leading to increased traffic crashes and deaths statewide.

      ...so they're doing this on a PR schedule - not because the numbers are up - in fact, the numbers are down locally by a huge margin.

      With Troopers focusing on this, it means they're not focusing on safety problems that are increasing.