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    1. Возникновение когнитивной лингвистики – это один из эпизодов общего методологического сдвига, начавшегося в лингвистике с конца в 1950-х годов и сводящегося к снятию запрета на введение в рассмотрение «далеких от поверхности», недоступных непосредственному наблюдению теоретических (модельных) конструктов


    1. A semantic treebank is a collection of natural language sentences annotated with a meaning representation. These resources use a formal representation of each sentence's semantic structure.
    1. A syntactically annotated corpus (treebank) is a part of Russian National Corpus.[2] It contains 40,000 sentences (600,000 words) which are fully syntactically and morphologically annotated. The primary annotation was made by ETAP-3 and then manually verified by competent linguists.
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    1. In English and many other languages using some form of the Latin alphabet, the space is a good approximation of a word divider (word delimiter), although this concept has limits because of the variability with which languages emically regard collocations and compounds.

      пробел -- хороший аппроксиматор разделения слов. но есть коллокации и сложносоставные слова.

    1. Since the question is about determining the morphological profile of a language, the issue of determining word boundaries is quite central.

      Так как морфологический профиль, то проблема разделения слов (word boundaries) является центральной

    1. Agglutination is a linguistic process pertaining to derivational morphology in which complex words are formed by stringing together morphemes without changing them in spelling or phonetics.