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    1. the same time such closeness may create certain kinds of blindness in the researcher. One protection we developed against this was in the ongoing process of analysis in the research group. Our analytic discussions, of necessity,

      overcoming the blindness that sensitivity can bring about.

    2. he fact that we, the in- terviewers, were women who have been married, divorced, and had children (one of us had a baby after the study began) increased the validity of our data.

      positioning the researcher within the data and its interpretation - important to account for and explain similarities between researcher and interviewee - as it enhancing the interpretation of the data through sensitivity to phenomena.



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    1. Academic research and teaching often necessitate manipulation, re-creation, breaking, rebuilding, etc. This “manipulation, re-creation, breaking, rebuilding” — in other words, hacking

      It's not self-evident to me that these activities are the same as those associated with hacking (and I'm not talking about the malevolent/negative connotations of hacking).

      I also think of a hacker as a tinkerer, which can include "manipulation, re-creation, breaking, building, etc." but need not. It feels like there's something fundamental missing here but I can't put my finger on it.

      I don't really have a conclusion here, other than to suggest that the hacker/scholar relationship might need a lot more development than I see here.

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    1. Creating a work of art will depend more and more on the ability of the artist to select, organize and present the bits of raw data we have at our disposal

      The Artist-Researcher paradigm

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    1. but the immediacy of being in a room in Krakow, from a room in Clermont Ferrand was absolute, to the extent that I was able to butt in to respond to questions from the people attending our conference..in Poland.

      Virtual Connection. Real Connecting

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    1. In order to discover the hidden principles of another way of life, the researcher must become a student.

      Researchers have to learn the insiders view of a culture. Observe from native perspective.