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  1. Dec 2019
    1. To Trust the System

      Wow. This seems contradictory, but in a good way?

      Trust in the system (of openness) because it will help you expand your horizons.

      Openness in reflecting on roles and recognition, and connecting on recognition.

    2. To Collaborate With My Peers

      This is a very rich section: openness in developing skills, connecting materials, skills, roles, feedback and evaluation to other learners, and including other learners in the experience.

    3. Open education comes down to one word: accountability.

      Openness on surfacing and reflecting on roles and design.

    4. To Take Control of My Education

      Openness on reflecting about design.

    5. To Keep An Open Mind

      Openness on reflecting about materials.

  2. Aug 2015
    1. We need to think of 21st Century Skills as practices of pedagogy rather than of performance

      Though the next question would be is pedagogy itself a performance?