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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Feb 2023
    1. The results of this investigation revealed significant decreases in long-term scores were present only in our RUN sample

      This is significant because it shows that a specific school had a different outcome. This can now open the question and research to know if this is a general conclusion or if it is just for a specific program.

    2. In terms of each of the individual survey items, taking an experiential philanthropy course, on average, significantly increased a RUN student’s scores on awareness of social needs (awneeds) and awareness of nonprofit organizations (awnpo) by 9.82 and 14.38 scale points, respectively

      This is significant because it shows that this type of learning does have a benefit on the outcome of a student.

    3. indicate that experiential philanthropy does not result in positive long-term effects on any of our outcome variables.

      This is significant because it shows the outcome of the data that was being studied. It is also significant because it shows that this can impact the future of experiential philanthropy

  3. Jan 2023
    1. With safety of her innocence;

      I find that the speaker may be alluding to different ideas in this line. His daughter, who passed at only six months, will be safeguarded of her innocence as she will not experience any form of hatred or danger in the mortal world. Yet, I also believe it applies to the sacrament of baptism which ties to her innocence. Baptism is performed a few weeks after birth for purity in the eyes of God. Therefore, Mary is pure and innocent as she goes to heaven.

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    1. Even though human existence in such a bare state may seem inconceivable, it is therenevertheless: every time a baby is born, a new, not yet programmed, prepersonal human is lookinginto somebody’s eyes ([27 ]: p. 133). This undeniable prepersonal presence we already call human leadsus to logically infer that humans do happen to exist prior to their personware [ 20 ,25 ,28 ]. It is thereforeour fundamental point of departure that humans are marvellous, intelligent, living cognitive agents inthemselves that can be said to exist prior to and independently of any particularly determined socialpersona. The point of acknowledging a prior prepersonal platform is not made towards arguing that ahuman can exist without any personware.

      !- for : altricial, feral children, mOTHER as the significant OTHER * The bare state of zero culture, zero social context is what each and every neonate starts with in life * The mOTHER is the most significant OTHER that begins the process of socializing and enculturating the neonate into a social system * Altrciality forces human parent into role of strong socialization * Without culture, the neonate born into the world outside the womb can become a feral child * https://www.zmescience.com/other/feature-post/feral-children/ * The state of human ferality can tell us an enormous amount of the perspective of virtually every modern, encultured person - we have a bias towards a cultural perspective because almost noone has seen from a feral perspective * Language is the gateway into the symbolosphere, where enculturated, modern humans spend a significant portion of their lives immersed in this ubiquitous, constructed, symbolic reality

  7. Apr 2022
    1. my nose crawled like a snail on the glass

      Metaphor (simile) and personification used to describe the current feelings the speaker is experiencing

    2. dry.

      Intense imagery of extreme weather and climate.

  8. Feb 2022
  9. Jan 2022
    1. the daughter of their youth;

      The poem is about their daughter and later talks about her death, but the poem is based on her

    2. heaven’s gifts being heaven’s due,

      The writer of the poem includes many religious elements throughout the poem and references heaven quite a lot. This belief in the after-life, where they think the passed youth has been gifted, most likely provides solace to the mourning.

  10. Nov 2021
    1. In this report, we investigated performance of the omnibus test using simulated data. The hierarchical procedure is a widely used approach for comparing multiple (more than two) groups.[1] The omnibus test is intended to preserve type I errors by eliminating unnecessary post-hoc analyses under the null of no group difference. However, our simulation study shows that the hierarchical approach is not guaranteed to work all the time. The omnibus and post-hoc tests are not always in agreement. As our goal of comparing multiple groups is to find groups that have different means, a significant omnibus test gives a false alarm, if none of the post-hoc tests are significant. But, most important, we may also miss opportunities to detect group differences, if we have a non-significant omnibus test, since some or all post-hoc tests may still be significant in this case.Although we focus on the classic ANOVA model in this report, the same considerations and conclusions also apply to more complex models for comparing multiple groups, such as longitudinal data models [2]. Since for most models, post-hoc tests with significant levels adjusted to account for multiple testing do not have exactly the same type I error as the omnibus test as in the case of ANOVA, it is more difficult to evaluate performance of the hierarchical procedure. For example, the Bonferroni correction is generally conservative.Given our findings, it seems important to always perform pairwise group comparisons, regardless of the significance status of the omnibus test and report findings based on such group comparisons.

      Post hoc not significant when omnibus test is significant.

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    1. ‘power with’ (based on equity) rather than‘power over’ (based on domination and control).

      power relations young people experience will influence the type of adult they develop into, possibly related to attachment styles developed in childhood



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    1. Today that 37 year old white man with 13 years of police forcing

      I feel as though this detail of being a white male who has served in the police force is a negative connotation. Even in this situation he is seen shooting down a ten year old. I think the speaker is trying to prove something by giving the detailed information about the person.

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  21. Apr 2017
    1. invention

      Interesting point. If I'm understanding this correctly, the translation is what makes the situation significant . But, shouldn't the situation already be significant? Wouldn't the the translation just be the form of delivery?

  22. Mar 2015
    1. Now, we are discussing ideal objects here: addressability implies different levels of abstraction (character, word, phrase, line, etc) which are stipulative or nominal: such levels are not material properties of texts or Pythagorean ideals; they are, rather, conventions.

      Might be useful in thinking about what an “edition” is—must it include all items most editions currently include, or are those conventions or manifestations of values, and not necessary values themselves?

  23. Feb 2014
    1. b. Identify legally relevant facts, t hat is, those facts that tend to prove or disprove an issue before the court. The relevant facts tell what happened before the parties enter ed the judicial system. c. Identify procedurally significant facts. You should set out (1) the cause of action (C/A) (the law the plaintiff claimed was broken), (2) relief the plaintiff requested, (3) defenses, if any, the defendant raised.