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  1. Jun 2024
    1. nobody's really pricing this in

      for - progress trap - debate - nobody is discussing the dangers of such a project!

      progress trap - debate - nobody is discussing the dangers of such a project! - Civlization's journey has to create more and more powerful tools for human beings to use - but this tool is different because it can act autonomously - It can solve problems that will dwarf our individual or even group ability to solve - Philosophically, the problem / solution paradigm becomes a central question because, - As presented in Deep Humanity praxis, - humans have never stopped producing progress traps as shadow sides of technology because - the reductionist problem solving approach always reaches conclusions based on finite amount of knowledge of the relationships of any one particular area of focus - in contrast to the infinite, fractal relationships found at every scale of nature - Supercomputing can never bridge the gap between finite and infinite - A superintelligent artifact with that autonomy of pattern recognition may recognize a pattern in which humans are not efficient and in fact, greater efficiency gains can be had by eliminating us

  2. Feb 2024
    1. american mathematician alfred bartlett 00:01:12 in his long teaching career repeatedly said the greatest weakness of the human race is its inability to understand the exponential function

      for - quote - Alfred Bartlett - exponential function

      quote - Alfred Bartlett - The greatest weakness of the human race is its inability to understand the exponential function

  3. Aug 2023
  4. Jun 2023
    1. the change is not we're not talking 20 40. we're talking 2025 2026
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        • a scary thought that our world will be radically transformed
          • not in 20 to 40 years
          • but in 2 or 3 years!
  5. Mar 2023
  6. Sep 2022
    1. The frequency factor determines the maximum rate of collisions, is a function of particle size, concentration and the rate of diffusion. The steric factor accounts for orientation, in that not all collisions have the correct orientation to result in a reaction, (see video\PageIndex{2}). The rule of thumb is that the more symmetric a molecule the larger the steric factor (a value of 1 means there is no effect, and the pre-exponential is determined by the collision frequency) and the more complicated a molecule, the smaller the steric factor (which is less than one), because only a fraction of the collisions have the correct orientation.
  7. Feb 2022
    1. Trevor Bedford. (2022, January 28). Omicron viruses can be divided into two major groups, referred to as PANGO lineages BA.1 and BA.2 or @nextstrain clades 21K and 21L. The vast majority of globally sequenced Omicron have been 21K (~630k) compared a small minority of 21L (~18k), but 21L is gaining ground. 1/15 [Tweet]. @trvrb. https://twitter.com/trvrb/status/1487105396879679488

  8. Oct 2021
  9. Sep 2021
    1. Since about 70% of water delivered from the Colorado River goes to growing crops, not to people in cities, the next step will likely be to demand large-scale reductions for farmers and ranchers across millions of acres of land, forcing wrenching choices about which crops to grow and for whom — an omen that many of America’s food-generating regions might ultimately have to shift someplace else as the climate warms.

      Deep Concept: The US Government, in the 1960's/70's provided a crystal ball glimpse into the future by defining climate change (man-made global warming) as a national security concern. Various reports warned of "exponential" growth (population) and related man-made factors (technology etc.) that would contribute to climate change and specifically discussed the possibility of irreconcilable damage to "finite" natural resources.

  10. Jul 2021
  11. Jun 2021
    1. John Burn-Murdoch. (2021, January 7). Doctors & nurses do amazing, stressful work reallocating beds to squeeze Covid patients into, but a) those beds are taken away from other patients who risk losing treatment for other illness & injury, and b) when numbers get high enough, there simply aren’t any more beds or staff [Tweet]. @jburnmurdoch. https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1347200868014297093

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  16. Dec 2019
    1. So if you create one backup per night, for example with a cronjob, then this retention policy gives you 512 days of retention. This is useful but this can require to much disk space, that is why we have included a non-linear distribution policy. In short, we keep only the oldest backup in the range 257-512, and also in the range 129-256, and so on. This exponential distribution in time of the backups retains more backups in the short term and less in the long term; it keeps only 10 or 11 backups but spans a retention of 257-512 days.
    1. the exponential distribution is the probability distribution of the time between events in a Poisson point process, i.e., a process in which events occur continuously and independently at a constant average rate.