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  1. Nov 2019
    1. CompizConfig Settings Manager's Place windows plug-in which will allow an application that isn't running to open on its particular workspace at its pre-defined X-Y coordinate,
  2. Aug 2018
    1. Cookie存储在浏览器中,对客户端是可见的,客户端的一些程序可能会窥探、复制以至修正Cookie中的内容。而Session存储在服务器上,对客户端是透明的,不存在敏感信息泄露的风险。

      cookie 是整个会话对象都放在客户端,很容易看到(base64 只是压缩,并不是加密)。 session 是整个会话对象都放在服务端,只有一个 session id 副本放在客户端的 cookie 里,所以就算有人偷到了 session id 冒充,也看不到会话信息。

  3. Feb 2014
    1. Chapter 1, The Art of Community We begin the book with a bird’s-eye view of how communities function at a social science level. We cover the underlying nuts and bolts of how people form communities, what keeps them involved, and the basis and opportunities behind these interactions. Chapter 2, Planning Your Community Next we carve out and document a blueprint and strategy for your community and its future growth. Part of this strategy includes the target objectives and goals and how the community can be structured to achieve them. PREFACE xix Chapter 3, Communicating Clearly At the heart of community is communication, and great communicators can have a tremendously positive impact. Here we lay down the communications backbone and the best practices associated with using it

      Reading the first 3 chapters of AoC for discussion in #coasespenguin on 2013-02-11.