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  1. May 2024
    1. a digital Nation today on a nation today is like way too big like we we don't have kinship with all the people

      for - comparison - kinship in digital vs nation state

      comparison - between - digital or network state - nation state - comparison statement - kinship is key to forming digital / network states, but are impossible in nation states - nation states are far too large for any real intimacy - The raison d'etre of network states is strong kinship, it's what defines them - Indyweb is designed to catalyze network states - @GyuriLajos

    2. for - network states - coordi-Nation - Primavera De Filippi - from - Michel Bauwens article

      from - Michel Bauwens Substack article - The Age of Trans-Local Self-Organized CoordiNations: What will it do to our Empire of Nation-States ? - https://hyp.is/wBH0tAi4Ee-xIpco8ZVZLg/4thgenerationcivilization.substack.com/p/the-age-of-trans-local-self-organized

  2. Apr 2022
    1. Kai Kupferschmidt. (2021, December 1). If you’re curious how likely #omicron is to have spread from South Africa or Botswana to different places, @DirkBrockmann and colleagues have done some interesting calculations based on the world aviation network from 08/2021 You can see that US seems a very likely destination https://t.co/OSnZ6ZNble [Tweet]. @kakape. https://twitter.com/kakape/status/1466107074585239568